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Gloryhole Surprise by this guy — last modified 2019-10-22T21:38:01-04:00
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A man gets a series of surprises when he stumbles across a gloryhole in an abandoned restroom in an old mall...

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Something Neat by this guy — last modified 2019-10-02T19:19:52-04:00
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A girl receives her first facial cumshot thanks to her cousin and her boyfriend...

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Real Frat Girl by this guy — last modified 2019-05-11T10:56:40-04:00
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A male college student who isn't getting any joins a fraternity and meets a party girl. They have lots of fun after the frat party...

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Redfeather by Big Cock — last modified 2019-12-03T04:17:43-05:00

Redfeather was broke and unless she could raise some money, she'll have to go back to the 'Res'. But 'The Pit' was holding their monthly fuck orgy that very night, where the girls could earn '000's in one night. She had to go....It was her last chance.

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The Test by Rich Humus — last modified 2019-12-13T22:00:07-05:00
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An experiment. A detailed, up-close and personal examination of a woman experiencing the extreme. Punishment or pleasure? You decide.