Romance Stories

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Don't you want to read a sexy romantic tale before the bed? After a sweet orgasm first, of course. Romance sex stories give you all the erotic drama, the sexual tension, the happily-ever-after eternal love.

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3.375 (8 votes)
A World Away by this guy — last modified 2020-02-22T00:36:34-05:00

A male high school student walking in a park falls through ahole in a cliff, into dense forest where he encounters astunning female. She takes him prisoner, feeds him, and fucks him...

3.66666666667 (3 votes)
Gloryhole Surprise by this guy — last modified 2019-10-22T21:38:01-04:00
Story Codes: , , ,

A man gets a series of surprises when he stumbles across a gloryhole in an abandoned restroom in an old mall...

3.5 (4 votes)
Second Chances by GreyParrot — last modified 2019-12-03T09:45:37-05:00
Story Codes: , , ,

Brian, a recent widower, is pushed into an unwanted vacation--which becomes an opportunity for sexual rejuvenation with the attentions of Renae, a young student, and her friends.

3.66666666667 (3 votes)
The Challenge by sfmaster — last modified 2019-07-28T20:59:38-04:00

Mistress Janet is confronted by a strange woman who wants to be trained as her sex slave; and she learns the truth about her beloved Mistress Erica who trained her for her new life.

3.66666666667 (3 votes)
Janet in Training by sfmaster — last modified 2019-07-25T19:55:32-04:00
Story Codes: , , , , ,

Janet is a sexually bored secretary when her girlfriend suggests she see a Dominatrix to enliven her sex life; but the Domme has an ulterior motive as well.

3.66666666667 (3 votes)
Double Docking by this guy — last modified 2019-06-10T20:44:59-04:00
Story Codes: , ,

Two young guys cum in each other's foreskins, like they saw onthe internet...