Secure https connection

by Librarian last modified 2020-05-28T14:15:48-04:00

I just enabled the secure connection for this site. You can see that the site URL starts with https, instead of http. You should also see a lock symbol in front the URL field of your browser. You may also notice that the browser stops complaining about insecure connection when you try to login.

The secure protocol provides more protection against password stealing. Since this site doesn't store any sensitive personal data besides your email address, the damage may be limited even if some hacker obtains your password through an insecure connection. But one of significant dangers comes from password reuse, that is, you may use the same password for other websites, like your bank or credit card accounts.

All traffic to this site is routed / redirected to the https connection. Please let me know if you notice any issue or encounter any problem.