Site upgrade

by Librarian last modified 2020-02-17T21:52:14-04:00

Feb. 17: The anonymous voting is working now. The site is expected to be fully functional (except that some of the support pages need update to reflect the new user interface). Please report any problems and issues. Thanks!

Feb. 12: The upgrade is done, but with some issue remaining (anonymous voting is not working, yet). Please let me know if you see other problems.

You may encounter "page doesn't exist" error. Please hit reload button of your browser (or Ctrl-R, or Ctrl-F5) to reload the page.

Feb. 10: I gave it another shot for the site upgrade. It's almost there. There is some inconsistency between this production server and my test server. Right now, the site is rolled back to the original version. I will update the code and do another trial.

Feb. 6: I am working on upgrading the site to keep it current with new web tech development. After the first trial tonight, I found yet a couple more things to fix. The site is rolled back to the original version and it should function as usual. I will give it another try later. Stay tune.