A New Beginning

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The final few hours during which a submissive woman binds herself in submission to a dominant lesbian couple.
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by CrossWriter

(posted with author's permission)

A cold shiver ran through Cecilia as she waited for the call. Thoughts about her future assailed her mind. Over a year of chatting and meetings had gone by, which had culminated towards this very moment. Cecilia waited to see whether she would be stood up again or whether this would be the start of a new life.

Earlier in the week, Cecilia had received an email with instructions.

Dear Cecilia,

We are very excited about adding you to our lovely family. We hope you share the excitement. Follow the instructions enclosed in this email to the letter and we will proceed from there. If you are present at the designated location and you have followed all the instructions, you will be welcome to our family. Should you not show up, we will consider this as denial on your part and you will stop receiving any communications from us. We hope that will not be the case with you.


    • You will purchase the following items and carry them in a duffel bag with you.

  --  1 extra large Ring gag
  --  1 Hand cuff and 1 ankle cuff
  -- 1 leather collar with multiple d-rings
-- 1 Blindfold
-- 2 padlocks

  • You will seal the keys to your handcuffs and anklecuffs along with the padlock keys into an envelope.
  • You have a week to collect the mentioned items and think about this carefully. There is no going back after you commit yourself to this and we expect complete obedience after you commit yourself.
  • At the end of the week, after midnight, you will drive to Clermont avenue at the outskirts of the city. You will enter the industrial estate which has been abandoned for a long time. It is out of use, so no one will be there.
  • You will leave the envelope with the keys inside the car, get the duffel bag, your cell phone and then lock the car. Then you will drop the car keys wherever you stand and wait.
  • Rest of the instructions will be relayed over phone when you are at the location.


Cecilia had utilized the past week to go over her decision hundreds of time. By the end of the week Cecilia was certain that she wanted to do this. And so here she was. At the Clermont Avenue dressed in a modest blouse and skirt with sandals. Her blond hair was untied and she did not have any other ornament on her. The duffel bag with the toys was lying besides her and she held the car keys in her hand. The envelope had been left in the car. The keys to her freedom just inches away from her, yet so far out of her reach. Taking a deep breath, Cecilia followed the final instructions. She dropped the car keys from her hand.

As soon as the keys hit the ground, her cell phone rang. With trembling fingers, Cecilia picked up the call.

‘Hello’, Cecilia said.

‘Hello Cecilia, good work so far. Now, start walking down the road and carry the duffel bag with you. After about fifteen minutes of walk, you will find a gas station. Stand at the entrance of the women’s wash-room and wait for our call.’ The call ended abruptly.

The caller’s voice, which haunted Cecilia for the past year seemed all too close today. Cecilia had heard that voice many a times during her online sessions. She had only one name for the voice, M. Picking up the duffel bag, Cecilia made her way towards the gas station. A walk of fifteen minutes felt like fifteen hours to Cecilia. She kept looking up and down the road expecting to see a somebody drive down and stop by her. Not even one car went over the road. When the gas station became visible, Cecilia shivered.

The scene was really eerie. The station was closed. No lights shined from inside the store. A ‘FOR SALE’ sign hung from the door.

‘That’s the reason it is abandoned.’ Cecilia thought to herself.

She found the women’s wash-room behind the store surrounded by shadows. Gingerly, she made her way towards the door and pushed it. It made a screeching sound, as if it had not been oiled for a long time and opened to a dark place.

‘No lights, this is becoming creepy minute by minute.’ Cecilia said to herself.

Her phone rang. When Cecilia picked it up, there was that voice again.

‘Good, you will find a switch to your left on the wall. Flip it.’ the voice said.

A small fluorescent tube ignited near the mirror in front of the sink. The illumination was basic but enough to allow Cecilia to see through. Many days of dirt was accumulated on the floors. Spiderwebs were in abundance near the mirrors. The mirrors themselves looked none too clean. Remembering that the phone was still on, Cecilia put it to her ear.

‘Now, you will go inside and close the door to the wash-room. Before you enter, you will drop the cell phone outside the wash-room. Inside the wash-room you will find further instructions.’ the voice instructed and cut the call.

Cecilia stared at the cell for some time. Her mind was conjuring images of her being raped or worse killed at this remote dingy wash-room and she couldn’t call for help because she had left her cell outside. Cecilia steeled herself. She had talked this over with M. M had wanted complete secrecy. No one should ever link Cecilia’s disappearance with them. As such, these drastic measures were necessary.

Cecilia steeled herself and dropped the cell. Before she could retract her steps, Cecilia entered the wash-room with the duffel bag in tow and pushed the door. With an ominous thud, the door closed. Cecilia could feel her old life slipping away with the bang. When Cecilia thought of the instructions, she had not asked where exactly in the wash-room she would find the instructions. Cecilia put the duffel bag on the floor and started looking all over the wash-room. She found a number of stray papers but none of them were fresh or had any legible writing on them.

Cecilia was becoming frustrated and decided she would try to see if her phone was still outside the wash-room. To her surprise, the wash-room door had been locked from the outside. Cecilia started banging the door and shouting for help. After shouting for ten minutes, Cecilia felt her throat dry up and her voice become hoarse. She abandoned shouting and banging. Panic was starting to well up inside her mind at the prospect of being trapped inside the wash-room. With no living soul in the nearby area, her chances of getting rescued were looking bleak.


Cecilia had no way of knowing what time it was as the wash-room had no windows. The dim light from the fluorescent tube was just uniform. Cecilia was starting to feel thirsty. She got up and tried to turn on the taps near the sink. Thankfully, the water supply to the wash-room was still intact.

‘If I didn’t die of starvation, I would have definitely died of thirst’, thought Cecilia, thankful for the water supply. She drank some mouthfuls of water.

‘Atleast, if the cops find my abandoned car they may try to find me here. But, who would file my missing complaint? I told all my friends and family that I was going out of country for a holiday trip.’ Cecilia thought to herself in dismay.

‘Now let’s be practical. M would not ask me to drop my cell outside and then lock the door if she did not actually leave a note somewhere. I have still not checked out the stalls, may be the note would be there.’ the thought gave Cecilia encouragement.

With a renewed vigour, Cecilia started searching the wash-room. She looked into every stall and near the sink again. At last, inside the last stall she found something interesting. Inside the commode in the last stall, there was a plastic packet. It was inside the murky water. With rising nausea, Cecilia put her hand inside the commode and retrieved the package. It was smelling so badly that Cecilia threw up inside the same commode.

When at last she settled down, she dried her hands against her skirt. She extracted an envelope from the plastic and threw the plastic away. There was a note which said,

Good work Cecilia,

Now, this is the final part.

  • Strip yourself naked outside the stall. You will then put all your clothes inside the commode of the last stall. And flush them.
  • Then you will drink as much water as you can from the sink. We want you hydrated.
    Then carry the duffel bag and go to the third stall from right. You will find an iron chain locked to the base of the commode.
  • Kneel besides the commode on the floor. Do not wipe away the dirt or any thing. The place should be undisturbed except for when you kneel there.
  • Put the collar on. Use one padlock to lock the collar in place. Once in place only the key that we have can unlock it. You will then take the iron chain and lock it to your collar’s d-ring with another padlock. You will then proceed to cuff your ankles.
  • Next you will gag yourself with the ring gag. Put on the blindfold and then handcuff yourself behind your back. Then wait for us to pick you up.

See you soon slave!

Cecilia felt her pussy become wet just by reading the instructions. To be able to completely give herself to a woman had been her fantasy since her teens. However, this was the real thing. Over the past year, she had roleplayed as a slave to M. Cecilia did not know the identity of M, but she knew that there were two of them. Both women, both with different tastes and demands. And Cecilia had felt overwhelmed by the acts she committed in front of her webcam for them. No fetish was out of limits. No safe words ever discussed.

The only dissatisfaction Cecilia had was that all that was in a controlled environment of her home. Not in real. Not in flesh. For the past year, Cecilia had slowly opened up about her fantasy of complete domination, complete subjugation to women. Cecilia wanted to serve them any way possible, without any chance of going back.

M had slowly but surely helped Cecilia open up and discussed at length what it would mean to be dominated as such. What challenges would be there for Cecilia and for M to be able to fulfil such a fantasy. And a plan had come up. Most of the thinking was done by M, Cecilia had only followed the instructions. As she was doing now.

Cecilia had stripped naked and carried her clothes to the last stall. The air in the wash-room was still. Even then, Cecilia felt a shiver in her nakedness. Cecilia dumped her clothes in the commode and hit the flush button. Even though the clothes did not flush, they still mixed with the murky commode water and human waste. Now, even if Cecilia was to retrieve the clothes from there, she would stink all the way.

Cecilia emptied the duffel bag in front of the stall number three. As instructed, she locked on the leather collar on her neck. The click of the padlock sent tremors through her body. Her pussy was dripping and had she not controlled herself, she would have cum right there. Once the collar was secured, Cecilia knelt besides the commode as instructed. The foul smell of human waste assaulted her nose.

M had not instructed Cecilia to flush the commode. Neither had she instructed her to drop the lid on the commode. As such, Cecilia left the commode intact and reached for the iron chain. Taking the end of the chain, she placed it over the d-ring in front of the collar and padlocked it in place. Another click and another wave of arousal coursed through her. Cecilia took her time to get her ragged breathing in line. Now that she was secured to the chain, Cecilia found that her reach was limited to the door of the stall.

Cecilia had to stretch herself to reach for the remaining things. The ankle cuffs, handcuffs, the gag and the blindfold. She locked the ankle cuffs in place. The cuffs were separated by a very short chain. She then picked up the ring gag. This was a special gag, as the size of this gag was extra large. Cecilia had to struggle a lot to get the ring behind her teeth. As she strapped the gag behind her head, her jaws started aching. It was a slow burning ache that would multiply as the time went by.

Drool running from her mouth, Cecilia took the handcuffs. She put on the cuff for her left wrist and tightened it. Before cuffing the other wrist, she retrieved the blindfold and secured it over her eyes. The entire world became black. With little struggle, Cecilia cuffed her right wrist as well. The final click of the cuff did it for Cecilia. A shattering orgasm coursed through her body. Her breathing became difficult with her mouth wide open. She had to thrash quite some time to get down from the orgasm.

With her senses limited, Cecilia started noticing her surroundings in a different way. The faint buzz of the fluorescent tube, the tip-tap of water from the sink. The nauseating smell of human waste from the commode. The dirt and detritus sticking to her sweating body and scattered around the stall floor. There was no other human sound except for Cecilia’s breathing. The entire time she was here, from the drive to this very moment, Cecilia had been functioning on adrenaline. Now, she felt the exhaustion of the day and at last gave in to sleep.


The sound of the door unlocking woke Cecilia. She immediately noticed the pain in her legs. They had cramped from being kneeling for so long. Her throat had dried up and her mouth was not drooling any more.

Click-Clack ... Click-Clack

The sound of heels on the wash-room floor awakened her completely. Cecilia felt a hand caressing her cheeks. Another hand pinched her right nipple.

‘Unhh .. Augghh ... ‘ Cecilia moaned.

‘Slave, my lovely slave.’ the voice said.

This was the same voice as on the phone. The voice that had haunted her for the past year. Cecilia was overwhelmed to hear it in person. Cecilia tried to lean into the hand petting her head.

‘Not now, pet.’ the voice admonished her.

‘It’s time to go’ a new voice said.

This voice was equally beautiful. To Cecilia’s ears, it felt as if the most beautiful voice had spoken up.

‘Yes, but first let us introduce ourselves to the newest member of our family. Slave, my name is Miranda and the other lady is my partner Samantha. Welcome to our family.’ Miranda said softly.

‘Aak Eew, Iiissas’, Cecilia said, as she tried to say thank you.

‘It’s alright slave, you don’t speak unless you are explicitly asked to. Come on, let’s get you out of here’ Miranda said.

‘Samantha, dear, will you get the car ready? I will bring the slave to the door.’ Miranda said to Samantha.

‘Sure thing. See you outside.’ Samantha replied and there was a sound of the door opening and closing.

With some effort, Miranda got Cecilia to her feet. Their progress was slow due to the cuffs Cecilia was wearing, but eventually they exited the wash-room. The cold morning air hit Cecilia and sent chills down her body. Unable to see or do anything with her hands cuffed, Cecilia was unable to protect herself from nature’s onslaught.

With Samantha’s help, Miranda got Cecilia’s bound form inside the rear of the van. Cecilia felt herself being situated on the van floor. A blanket was draped over her and the van’s door were shut. The car started and Cecilia was on her way to a new life and a new beginning.

The End (for now)

Note: Please provide feedback or reviews for the story. English is not my native language, so there might be some grammatical mistakes in the story. I apologize for that. Your feedback would help me get necessary input to improve my writing and would be a big encouragement as well. Thank you.

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Patrizia says:
Sep 25, 2020 01:36 PM
This is an amazing story and I hope that it will be continued one day. Really enjoyed reading it!
Paul Wilson
Paul Wilson says:
Nov 06, 2020 04:22 PM
I hope that this is just the beginning. Looking forward to more adventures. Story is well written and very well detailed.
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