Amanda Pimped

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It all started three years ago with the usual sales office party, this time at our place. It usually starts after lunch and takes until the wee hours to finish, with a lot of food, dope and booze to wash it all down.

The sales manager was too sick to join us, so the COO came instead. This COO wasn't like the Sales Manager (who was nearly dead, err I mean, to retirement.) He was young, handsome and a little bit too charismatic for my taste! But I learn the hard way that he had a dark side; he always got his way. He didn't flaunt it, but he had big cock. Tough to hide it in a pair of shorts! And, of course, every women noticed this the moment he stepped inside the place. Even though we say we don't look, we do and we usually end up disappointed.

Jake was just self assured. Confident. Nothing overly excessive. They know they'll fuck someone tonight, even if she thinks she is happily married and beyond all that. And then there was always the twin. Always trying.

But, come on guys, I'm married. Except for George, I'm off limits, understand? It did register with me that Jake was paying me more than necessary attention, and I shouldn't have, but I did like it and didn't go out of my way to avoid them.

Whenever I was near Jake, serving food, dope, drinks, or just chatting with the crowd or him, I would always feel one of his hand's on some part of my body. If he was sitting, it was my legs.

Started off on the outside of my legs, but after a few feels, it progressed to my inner thighs. If he was standing, it was my lower back. Sometimes higher, up around my bra strap, or lower to the top of my butt. If I was sitting, it would be my hair and neck. Twisting and curling my hair in his hand and briefly, just for a second, sometimes it felt like my head was a puppet and he was my puppeteer.

And I let it happen. It all seemed so innocent. It wasn't enough to demand a slap, but enough to make it noticeable to my body; my heart rate would go up 5bpm, and I thought my pussy was getting damp. After one bathroom visit, I didn't tuck my top into my shorts; he noticed and was soon running his hand under my top and touching my bare back. I did nothing, again. I was assured by then my pussy was damp, maybe even wet. Hubby and I were going to fuck like rabbit tonight if we stays awake that long.

I tried not to; I couldn't help it but I had to peek at his shorts, even if it was only a millisecond. I would think of that cock every time I made a joint for the guys. Stuffing the paper with dope to make a thick toke, licking the length of the toke, and then specially the final inserting it into my mouth to seal the end. Bill wondered what I was giggling about! I couldn't tell him; it would spoil my fantasy.

He wasn't as rowdy as the others; in fact, he was a calming influence on the party and by 10pm most of the couples had left and the few remaining were playing cards around the kitchen table.

The others got interested in some game on the TV and they left us at the table, where Jake started showing me his few card tricks that he knew. This seems to require him getting very close to me, so close I could small his cologne even after all this time (or was that his pre-cum); he was that close. It was fun and he soon had me laughing at his silly tricks. But I still looked. I think it was bigger than before. I knew I was turning him on, and I should have stopped it right there and then, but, I took another peek.

Finally, he did one in slow motion and I saw how it was done. So I spent some time running it past him until I could do it without dropping the cards! He was impressed. Then he wanted to teach me how to read a hand of cards. I would pick up 8 cards and he help me read them. It was all going well, then I realized his hand was playing with my hair and rubbing my neck. His other hand was drawing circles on my thigh. I tried folding my legs the other way, but his hand dropped between my thighs. So I was his target for the night. I told myself he won't get far with me. I'm MARRIED, with a capital "M".

Don't know why but I dropped my hand and it landed on the outline of his cock. I kinda held it for awhile before it registered, but it was his cock. No doubt about it. It was WAY bigger than any I've felt before.

What am I doing. I'm happily married. I don't fool around on my hubby.

Maybe I had already lost it and what happened was now inevitable. Not even if my husband came upon us, would it stop what was about to occur! He just grabbed my hair and turned my face towards him and started kissing me. I pleaded with him to stop, but after a while, I started to respond. He was a good kisser and and my clit was giving me a host of signals that I couldn't ignore, no matter how much I wanted them to go away.

His cock was soon peeking out of his shorts and I started caressing its' head with my fingers. He would repeatedly push my legs wider apart and continue his finger march until his fingers found their way under my shorts and were rubbing my clit. I could feel is cock was growing by leaps and bounds in my hand. It was a monster! This was getting completely out of control. I wanted it to stop but was unable to move or defend myself. He continued kissing and rubbing my clit for what seems like ages, to the point I wanted release from all this built up sexual tension, otherwise I would be soaking his hand in my cum juice. My husband was only 3 metres away, behind a wall divider, and I should have called for his help, but then I felt the initial turmoil of an orgasm coming and there was nothing I could, or wanted to do, about it.

He was still kissing me when I came over his fingers. Six hours of teasing me and touching me and it took less than a minute for me to orgasm. What a slut I am.

When I had calmed down a bit, he got me out of the chair, leaned me over the breakfast bar and pulled my shorts and panties down. I knew the next step was; It was his monster cock and I wasn't disappointed. He stuffed something my my mouth to stifle my cries as his cock pushed it's way into me, inch by glorious inch, extending my pussy lips to breaking point, filling my pussy completely until it hit my cervix. OMG, it was big, stretching my pussy every way possible. I had to reach down to feel it entering me. It was enormous and amazing to feel it slide between my fingers as it filled my pussy. In, out, OMG, what a turn on but it seems I was blocking his cock from filling me completely and he removed my hand from his cock and pushed his cock all the way in so I could feel his balls slapping my clit.

He unclipped my bra and pushed it away from my tits before attacking my nipples with his thumbs and index fingers. Then the pumping started. I've never been so filled with so much cock before. It seems he was getting bigger and longer all the time, and soon was banging away at my cervix. I looked up and there was George watching us and I started cum'ing, this time all over Jake's cock with George watching me spasm'ing. I wanted George to look away. It was like I was cheating on him.

I was.

Don't know why but having George watch me orgasm made my orgasm twice as hard. I could only stare at George as I lost complete control. I wished it was George making me come so hard. My legs started wobbling and banging the cupboards but it was all muffled by something loud on the TV. Jake told George to "fuck off" and he understood. He wasn't going to anger his boss. He knew he'll get his turn later. I liked George too much that I would never refuse him. If my pussy was out of commission, it was a BJ or anal. We've even done a couple of deepthroating sessions.

Jake pumped me for another 2 minutes before he pushed his cock as far as it could go inside me and flooded my pussy and womb with his gooey cum.

He was still inside as he removed my gag, pulled my head back and gave a deep long french kiss.

Then he pop'd out of me and all of a sudden my pussy felt totally empty.

He grabbed a bounty and did some preliminary cleanup of my dripping pussy and then he pulled up my panties and shorts.


We made the boys plenty of joints, food and enough drinks to last them awhile and then he dragged me into the bedroom.

Jake stripped me quickly and I got on the bed and automatically spread my legs, waiting for his body to fill the void and to cover me with his body and him manly smells. I didn't have to wait long and soon his cock was at my labia and continued it's journey into the depth of my pussy, sinking inch by wonderful inch into me and stretching my pussy to overflow. I'm sure I couldn't fit any more inside me. I was totally engulfed by his cock inside me and his body on top of me, swashing me into my bed and his hand under my shoulders, pulling him up on every stroke, pushing his cock that extra inch inside me.

He started with long slow strokes, nearly popping out of me to banging on my cervix, rubbing every nerve ending my pussy had. That had me panting, then coming again. He alternated between fast and slow and had me climbing the wall and flooding the bedsheets with my juices as I came numerous times. He filled my womb up with his cum as he pumped into me, every time he came.

I could see, now and then, his majestic cock pumping into me. It look so turgid, disappearing on me with every stroke.

The second orgasm lasted over a minute and left me lightheaded and disoriented for awhile. He turned me over with him still inside me and started really pounding my pussy. All the way out and then ramming his nine inches all the way in and started filling my womb to overflowing with his cum.

I was exhausted and just curled up to sleep. Jake found his way out.

But the night wasn't over by a long shot.


I woke up with fingers in my pussy, rubbing my g-spot. Oh god, waking up orgasming is a new experience for me. And it was George, naked beside me. I returned his kisses and tried to explain about Jake, but he just continued kissing me saying it was ok. He understood. He reassured me Bill was dead to the world in the spare room.

And then he rolled on top on me and started kissing me passionately while his cock started entering me. He wasn't in any hurry and was kissing my lips, neck, nipples, all the while fucking me. His cock was much easier on my than Jake's monster, but I still came with him spurting his jism inside me. We're getting better every time we fuck. Six months ago when we started, I was so petrified of getting caught that I couldn't come. Now, at least with George, it's easy. And totally out-of-this-world with Jake! We stopped after a while and chatted and played with each other's body.

He loves my nipples, and oh god, they love being played with. We did a 69. Well, started off as a 69 but ended up as another deepthroat session, with George coming in my mouth and throat. It was utterly amazing having him pump his cock into my throat, just like he was pumping my pussy earlier.

In, Out, In, Out. I gave my body completely to him; every part of me was his for the taking.

Then we fucked again after he checked on sleeping Bill, and I came again just as the sun rose in the morning sky.

My relationship with Bill had grown stale after being together for four years. Maybe even cold. We did what we thought every one else did, but the passion just wasn't there. At least George awoke that in me. And Jake proved that all my internal systems were in perfect working order!


I woke later that morning, somehow I was in my bed but completely naked, and Bill snoring beside me.

My pussy was so sore; my pubes were a matted mess and I could still taste cum in my mouth and had two hickies on my breasts. I couldn't remember who gave me those hickies! Couldn't think how I'm going to explain these hickies! I could hardly pee, but I knew I want more big fat cock! OMG! I was still stoned! Luckily for us, Bill said had no recollection of much of last evening. Maybe it was all the dope! Everyone had fun, me especially. I couldn't stop thinking about those cocks. All that fucking. I wanted to do it again, to suck, lick, and feel cock, big cock, inside me again.

But what to do about George? Seems he seriously interested in me, not just fucking me or being my lover! Now Jake. I think Jake will be simple. He just wants someone to fuck. I don't mind that.


Next week was a pool party at a colleague house and everything was flowing again. Only the twins wanted me to go on a beer run with them! I could see that they will be a problem by the end of the summer. Luckily no Jake, but George was there and after a few hours he dragged me into one of the bedrooms and after some kissing and foreplay, his cock was bringing me to a couple of orgasms before he came flooding inside me. He was so easy on my body and my pussy was getting used to him being inside me.

We did it again later in the night. We were gone an hour, but no one seemed to noticed, except the twins.

My pussy was happy, BUT I was beginning to like George too much. Falling for him too much. I liked how he treated me and we were getting along well. But now I had hubby, George and Jake all wanting a part of me.


Things got back to normal routine, then Bill was started going out of state on business and would be away for a night at a time. I was thinking of calling George, but Jake was at my door before I could hit George's speed number. My stomach went in a tailspin. And of course my clit tingled and I knew soon my pussy would be twitching.

I didn't want to be alone with him but he's Bill's boss, so I had to let him in and offered him a drink.

I was hoping that Saturday was just a one time incident with Jake, but with Jake here with me, I think it's going to happen again. But still, I didn't want to be alone with Jake. I was feeling it was getting harder to resist him. I couldn't trust myself being alone with Jake here in my condo.

I was sure he wasn't here to pass the time of day; he wanted my pussy; To pound it with his meat.

That Saturday was one fucking amazing night and I came so many times, but do I want to do it again? Definitely not, but, my eyes kept wandering to his shorts. My body is betraying me again. So unfair.

Two against me. My body and Jake.

I was telling how wonderful he was last week, but I'm MARRIED. It can't happen again. That he should leave before any harm was done. I'm faithful to my husband (What a fucking lair I am.) I wouldn't be saying that if it was George at the door.

He followed me in the kitchen and was always in my personal space, breaking down any barriers/resolves I had. I poured us a drink and Jake lit up a joint.

Rather than passing me the joint, he held it to my lips and I sucked it in. He started working on me, first my hair and ears and a gently touching of my cheeks. Then brushing his fingers over my lips. How could I resist? He would dip his finger in my drink and had me suck his finger. Now my panties were surely wet.

His other hand was unbuttoning the first few buttons of my blouse and his fingers started circling.

I tried pushing his hand away a couple of times and then his finger was in my mouth was diverting my attention away.

Then he was kissing me. I responded. Maybe too eagerly, but it wasn't me, just my pussy talking.

Same as last time, my pussy started tingling and my breathing changed. I gotta stop him and get him out of the house. I'm a MARRIED woman. Gotta do it before my resolve escapes me. But it was way too late.

It wasn't like the rushed, secretive kiss of that Saturday. He knew my husband wouldn't be home tonight and he had all the time in the world to seduce me. And he did. My resolve completely vanished and I was soon putty in his hands. We kissed a long time before he started on my blouse.

He pulled me forward and slipped my blouse off and unclasping my bra and letting that fall. And I did nothing to stop him. My 36B breasts were there for the taking and his fingers started twirling my nipples in all directions.

I had no where to put my hand so I let it drop and it landed on his shorts just where his cock was.

That sent my heart rate into overdrive. All the memories of that night came back to me and how good it all felt. I started absentmindedly playing with it through his shorts as he started on my tits.

Rubbing them. Sucking them. Then on to my nipples and making them super hard so they pointed straight out. I surrendered. Oh fuck me NOW! I felt my pussy juices leaking out; I was so ready. 20 minutes of foreplay and I was literally begging.

Jake got in front of me and started on my shorts and panties. I even helped get them off me. I was then completely naked for him.

His cock felt so good that I had to get it out of his pants and play with it. It was as beautiful as I remembered, then his hands were on my head, pushing me down so the tip of his cock was at my lips. It wasn't wasted and soon his cock was filling my mouth. Within 30 minutes of his arriving, I was giving him a BJ! First thing at every fuck session, He got a BJ. It was his rule. He said it made fucking so much better. And so my mouth was again filled with his cum and some was dribbling down my chin, I couldn't swallow fast enough.

I was his for the taking. He lifted me up and rested my bum on the counter edge and spread my legs and started licking all around my clit and fingering my pussy, and finally, sucking my clit. I came all over his face. God, I was hyperventilating from coming so hard, and he was far from finish with my clit and pussy. He made me come two more times before he undressed himself, and his cock was sticking straight up, it was that hard.

I wanted that cock so badly, it was embarrassing. I was at that point, I would do anything to get that cock inside me. I wanted it to push me into la la land, where I'm constantly coming. Like last time.


Finally I was rewarded for the wait and he slammed it inside me and started pumping away and within 20 seconds I had another orgasm. I was losing my mind. The orgasm racked my body completely; my toes were curling, my thighs were contracting 30 times a second and my tummy was a heaving mess.

And my pussy was in heaven. I never knew such fucking existed.

He told me to hold him around his neck and he grabbed me under my legs and raised my up so that I was impaled on his cock and he carried me to my bed. I was too far gone to worry about it being my matrimonial bed. It was now my fuck bed.

He started slowly. All the way in, to my cervix, then nearly all the way out, just leaving the head inside me, and then he would plough his fuck monster all through my pussy until it hit my cervix again. He knew I couldn't take much of that.

And Jade fucked me through two more orgasms before he flooded my pussy with his cum. We continued fucking for a few more hours and then collapsed from total exhaustion. I awoke with the alarm, holding Jake's cock, which was hard, so I climbed on top and I pumped him until he filled my pussy to overflowing once more.

Oh god. Hope I don't ever have to explain things to Bill. How do you explain this wanton craving for big cock? I like cock, but I never craved it like I do now. Maybe his monster reaches places other cocks failed, and it's girth expanded my pussy so every never ending was stimulated.


The same sort of thing happened the next time Bill was out of town for a night. Jake was around at 9pm, and was fucking me good by 9:30pm. I knew he was going to visit me that night, by Bill being away, and the phone call from Jake earlier that day. That I should be ready for his cock! I could hardly work that day, thinking about his cock. Should I phone him back and cancel. Lock my door and refuse him entry. I was still puzzling over it when I got home. I thought a quick masturbate would fix my craving and I could then cancel with an authoritative voice. But that only made my craving for cock worse, and before I knew it, he was at the door.

I had come home, masturbated, then taken a shower and dress very casually; no bra or panties and just a very long t-shirt. The plan was to curl up on the sofa and watch a movie. I was going to call Jake an cancel. So when Jake entered the room, I was caught nearly naked and couldn't retire to change into more respectable clothing. I could, if I could only break away from his kiss and his wandering hands.

They wandered up my thighs, and glided over my hips, always making sure I knew where his hands were.

And before I knew it, they were on my breasts. Any fight I had was gone as I started returning his kissing with passion. Why was I so easy? All through my teens, I kept myself a virgin and it took Bill a long time, and an engagement ring, to get me to lose it to him. Bill was the only one I ever had until George, and now there is Jake.

And it wasn't long before he had me naked on my bed, with my legs spread wide open and my pussy screaming for his cock. Like a bastard, he kept me waiting. Licking my clit and fingering my pussy until I orgasmed twice. I was going up the wall. This wantoness was madness. I was a happily married women, who just happened to be lying on her bed begging for this stranger's big cock to pump her silly.

And he did. I felt every inch of his cock slide into me a dozen times before my pussy twiched and I started on my fast road to an intense orgasm. He made me come another few times before he pushed himself all the way in and unleashed his gallons of cum inside me. I could feel his cock pumping and squirting his cum into my pussy a good ten times before subsiding. Even half hard, his cock filled my pussy.

He dumped another three loads into me that night before we finally crashed.


The next time Bill was away for the night, George had me over to his place. He even cooked me a meal. And as always, we ended up in bed with lots of kisses all over my body. He even went down on me, licking my clit until I orgasmed over his face. Then an hour of fucking and we then collapsed into each others' arms. in the morning, we did a quick 69 before we heading our separate way. I caught myself before saying that dirty word to George. Love. I had to admit it, I did love him but I wasn't going to tell him just yet.


I was really looking forward to the next time. Jake wanted me to shave my pubes, and wow, what a difference it made when I looked at myself in the mirror. Amazingly H-O-T in my teddy bear nightie that Jake bought me a few days ago. I smoked a joint to relax, otherwise I would have to go and masturbate again! So when the doorbell rang, I was ready. My pussy knew what's going to come and it was all anticipating that cock and it was dripping all down my leg. It was only too ready for that cock, but to my surprise, there was this black guy. Said he was Mark and Jake told him to meet him here.

It took a while to register. I was still in a sexual daze. So he let himself in and closed the door.

I had forgotten I was nearly naked, standing in front of this complete stranger. Only my thinly disguised teddy bear nightie hiding everything.

All I could muster was a "Hi."

I wanted to go and change but he grabbed my hand and raised it over my head and told me to do a twirl for him. Oh fuck. My heart started beat double time. I'm losing it. I could tell he was carrying a big weapon in his pants, just like Jake.

Slowly. I twirled for him. Just like that. Just like a slut.

I wanted to run but my body continued to do the twirl for him. In 3 minutes my body had sold me out.

Five times, each time his other hand was brushing ever so lightly a part of me; nipples; face; waist, and finally over my hips and clit. My nipples were so hard now, that every touch of his fingers sent waves of pulses down to my pussy. It was on fire and it needed quenching badly.

And I think that was Mark's plan all along. I wanted to change and get decent and slow everything down and regain my composure, but he dragged me into the living room. He stripped right in front of me and I saw that cock. It was even bigger than Jake's, and he told me to strip, but strip slowly, for him. I had no where to run as he was blocking the living room exit. He started playing with his cock and I then knew I had completely lost it. Then my ass started swaying. It had sold me out to this black guy.

No stopping me now. I was going to a strip for him and sooner or later, that black cock will be pumping me. There wasn't any doubt it now, I was going to get naked for him.

First a few wiggles of my bum, a 360, then untying the bow at my neck and slowly sliding my teddy bear top off my shoulders, exposing my breasts. Then I slowly wiggled and the tiny panties were soon joining it on the floor.


Naked as a Jaybird.

Naked as a Jaybird, just for Mark.

I had never felt so naked as I did now. Every bit of me under the microscope, but somehow, loving it. I do remember thinking how hot I looked and it seems Mark agreed!! I twirled slowly another ten times for Mark, with his eye consume every part of me at every step I took. And he kept rubbing his cock and his cock continued to grow and pointing skywards. Waiting for me to climb on to his monster.

My breast, nipples, clit, ass, face and lips were ogled, sized, weighed, memorized; all from six feet away.

He took me by my hand and lead me to my bedroom, threw the covers off and laid me down on the bed and spread my legs, and ever so slowly pushed his big, fat black cock into my tight little white pussy.

I had only met Mark for the very first time 30 minutes ago and here he was pumping me. And I was coming like a mad dog in heat all over that cock. Loving every stroke. Knowing this is going to be another all nighter and wanting it to last forever.

Oh, Bill, you would go crazy if you only knew who was fucking your lovely wife. And fucking her every time you were out of town or too stoned to care. But it seems I can't stop. Years of being a good girl; gone. Your loving wife; a whore. My parents worse nightmare; a cock hungry slut.

Cheating on you at every chance.

Oh god, I feel another orgasm approaching; and this time it feels like it's going to explode inside me. Come on Mark, a couple more pumps; come on, pump me; yes; yes; pump me; harder; pump me; pump me; slam it into me.

Oh fuck. Oh shit, oh god. Squeezing his cock to hold it inside me, the wave starts in my clit, spreading up and down my body. Every part of me starting to shake; thighs spasming, toes curling up, stomach heaving, nipples exploding, arms, fingers curling upwards, and then the orgasm finally reaching my mind .. and ... then .... I ..... was ...... gone.


Next time Bill was away, I was in the middle of my period, so George and I took in a movie and drinks and afterwards ended up in his bed. Even though my pussy was out-of-service, George wanted us to try anal. He had the lube all ready and worked me by sliding one, then two fingers into my ass to prime me for his cock. It felt strange at first, like I pooping, but finally we got comfortable. We tried a number of positions until one hit the spot and had me coming. My first. But not last. George did me a couple more times that night, but he had to wash his cock three times with soap before I would even consider giving him his morning BJ.

But I did, and took his cock deep into my throat. He loved that! He loved pumping his cock in any or all of my holes. Turned out to be a 69 and my clit got a good licking. Oh he loved pumping his cock into my mouth and then another push to get in down my throat. Made him you come buckets in my mouth when he did finally unload.


A week later I got a package at work. Inside it was another package with a note "Don't open it until you're home lone." It was from Jake and tonight was another night Bill was out of town.

Guess he's going to be visiting me tonight.

It was a skimpy halter-top dress and matching c-string with a note "Picking you up 9pm." Guess he meant me to wear this dress and the c-string. On closer inspection, I was totally shocked by the skimpy covering for my clit. It was a modified c-string. Rather than wires holding it all up, it had a couple of plugs. It didn't take me long to realize where those plugs fitted! I was mortified at the thought of walking around, maybe even dancing, with these plugs in my ass and pussy.

But I did. I shaved my pubes again and inserted the c-string. First time ever something up my ass.

It fitted snugly and it wasn't until I started walking around with it fitted that I felt the roughness over my clit. Fuck. Jake had thought of everything. Pussy plug, ass plug and clit stimulator. Would I make it out of the door without coming all over the floor? He arrived on time and told me I looked amazing. My breasts don't sag (much) and knew I would be the hottest thing wherever we went.

Just hoped it didn't involve much walking.

We did some heavy petting, just to get me focused on what's to come and I didn't realize until now that my clit and pussy were already on fire and I was on the brink of orgasming. He twisted my nipples once more and I was over the edge and coming in his arms.

We arrived at the restaurant and sat the in a cosy booth and he ordered for the both of us. Guess I knew who was taking care of me tonight. After our meal, the band started and he dragged me onto the floor. The dress didn't do much to hide my body and I could see every male looking at me. I never felt so naked on a dance floor before. Twenty eye stripping me naked as I danced. A few twirls and the clit stimulator was working overdrive.

We finally sat down and he pulled out a small remote control. I suddenly felt what it was controlling. The two plugs. I wanted to rip it out me but not in front of all the men in the restaurant. Jake controlled it so I never came but was always soaking wet. He even had me on the dance floor again. I could only hang on to him. No twirls. Nothing, except the undeniable urge to orgasm.

Luckily he turned it off before we left the restaurant to head back to my place.

As we entered my place, her got me against a wall and started kissing me and then I felt the plugs rev up, working me into a writhing mess. It was the biggest orgasm I has ever. I dropped into his arms and was his bouncing doll for a good 3 minutes. Shaking all over, from head to toe, I was one quivering mess.

He took my dress off but my left the c-string in, humming softly to its' self and keeping me on edge. He slowly undressed and presented me with his monster. In a flash, I had it in my mouth with my tongue running all over its' head, even trying to dig into its one-eye. And then I couldn't wait any longer and forced it down my throat. I wanted it so bad. In every orifice. He was in and out of my throat a few times and I knew he was about to dump a big load into me, and he knew it too, and just before he let it rip, he turned the plugs up full.

Oh what a feeling. His cock coming in my throat and me coming all over the place. I didn't let go of his cock for a good 5 minutes, I wanted it that bad.

But now playtime was over and the real fucking started. Out came the c-string (finally) and I collapsed into a heap. All of a sudden I had this empty void in pussy, ass and my clit wanted attention. He carried me to the bedroom and laid me spread eagle in the centre of the bed. And the licking started. First my ears, eyes, nose, lips, neck, breasts, navel, then he started upwards.

Toes, calves, knees, then slowly, my inner thighs. My clits wanted desperately his tongue and he complied. His tongue on my clit and his finger in my pussy. But he didn't let me orgasm. He would stop whenever I was getting close. He was saving me for his cock.

And it was everything I expected and more. He slowly rubbed its head over my labia and eased its way inside me. Slowly it filled my pussy and kept on going to my cervix and it really felt it wanted inside that too! Then the pumping started and I didn't last too long. 30 seconds, tops and I was thrashing around underneath him, pivoting on his monster cock.

His cock was the centre of my sexual universe tonight. Nothing else mattered. I had this engraved image of his cock implanted in my mind. It was the only thing I wanted or needed.

He stopped for me to calm down and then he was back at it, driving me up and down the wall for the next 30 minutes. Then it was his turn to cum. Her turned me over and we continued fucking like dogs and he kept pushing and growing bigger and bigger until finally I felt his hot jism fill my pussy.

Lots of it leaked into my uterus but most leaked out around his cock and down my legs. He stayed inside me and remained hard. And so my next three orgasms came, came and came, leaving my pussy juice everywhere. He pulled out and we got into a 69, with me under him, with his cock down my throat and his tongue working its magic on my clit. As soon as I felt him start to cum and his cock started to expand in my throat, it was enough to push me over the edge too and I orgasmed yet again.

It was too powerful for me and I fainted for 60 seconds, all the while my body was shaking from the orgasm's intensity.

I awoke with the alarm and found my hand holding his cock. I must have slept holding it, not wanting to lose it. So I gave him his morning blowjob and my morning protein shake.

It must be true, sperm, whether in the pussy or mouth, makes a girl happy and contented. I sure was.


2 weeks later, After fucking me for an hour, Jake took me to chinatown to give me a couple of roses.

They were only a inch high, but tattooed in the inside of my thighs just beneath my pussy. One on each thigh. Bill never goes down there, so they were only for Jake and Mark. I'll let George kiss them too.

Took a week to heal, but luckily it was when I was menstruating, and Bill left me alone, but Mark was fucking me on day six. He would drop around my office during my lunch hour and we would go up a few flights where there were some empty offices undergoing renovation.

Just a 30 minute quickie.


At one private club, he let a guy he knew dance with me. It was ok until I felt sandwiched between two guys. I couldn't believe it. It was the twins. I was all hot and bothered, on a dance floor where nothing is barred, and these guys intentions are to fuck me. They were finally getting their desire fulfilled.

Then their hands were all over my body, pulling my dress up and unclasping my neck strap, which eventually lead to the exposing my tits and ass for all the patrons. Jake just looked on and smiled and nodded to them to continue. Then I was naked, sandwiched between the two.

And then a cock was between my legs, rubbing my labia, and then he was slipped inside me. And then I was on all fours with this cock pumping me. And then I had a cock in my mouth.

There were only two or three other couples on the dance floor but they soon cleared the floor leaving us as the focus of everybody's attention. the lights dimmed except for the flood lights on me. Seems I was the star attraction tonight. Everybody was looking at me. I'm sure some of the guys were masturbating at the site of me getting fucked on the dance floor. I think that made me orgasm, seeing the lust in their faces. Coming on a cock in front of 20 people. I was their fantasy fuck.

Then the guy was unloading in me.

The first guy hadn't fucked me yet and I knew I wasn't going escape him fucking me. I was soon on my hands and knees with him pounding away and I could only focus on this guy in front of me getting a handjob from his woman and quickly shooting his cum all over the place. Then my guy was coming and some of the guys in the audience were getting out of their chairs to be the next in line. Oh fuck, they all want to fuck me, but Jake grabbed me and we quickly exited the place.

First time ever people were watching me get fucked. I was thinking about that later as Jake was pounding the shit out of me and, wow, did it make me come! I just loved it. Jake was amazed at the number of times I came that night. Seems he's turning me into a sexual extravert!


There was another office party and Bill dragged me along, and I recognized a few faces of some of the guys Jake had me fuck. The twins were there too. I kept close Bill and George the whole night.

The last thing I wanted was this party to end up as a 'fuck Amanda again' night. Excluding Bill and George, there were 4 guys who Jake pimped me to fuck at this party and all of them thought I owed them another fuck, even if my husband was sitting right next to them.


Over the next six of months, Jake, Mark, and George were regular visitors when Bill was out of town.

Also, guys that Jake had pimped me to. I didn't like that part. Once, Bill was away for three nights and I moved in with George for the stay. That was wonderful. Not only did we make love, but George was an excellent cook. I didn't want to return, but Mark called. I was wanted.


Another time, Jake said he was coming over and for me to wear my lovely teddy bear outfit. I did as I was told and was smoking a tote when the doorbell rang. It was the twins. Oh god. Jake, you bastard. They won the monthly sales contest and I was the prize and they were here to collect.

They each grabbed one of my hands and opened me up to their inspection. I felt their eyes burning into my breasts then their gaze was all over me before they started pawing me and playing with my nipples. I'm not very strong and couldn't stop them doing whatever they wanted to me. Then a finger was in my pussy, rubbing my g-spot and my wanton craving for cock surfaced. Fuck you Jake. You knew this would happen.

As my resistance evaporated, they started playing with me. I had already orgasmed by the time we exited from the entrance hall to the living room. Then a couple of BJ's, all the while a finger was in my ass, playing me to the point I wanted to be fucked in my ass. Their game tonight was to fuck me and make me orgasm in every room in the place, starting with the living room.

And I didn't blink.

So they laid me on the coffee table and I felt so completely helpless and open to them. I couldn't move even if I wanted to. I was their fuck toy to do as they wished. My legs were dangling down one end of the table and my head the other. One at each end of me and then they started. Started with deepthroating and licking my clit. After he came in my throat, it was the turn for my pussy to be pumped. I came a couple of times just from that.

Then the bathroom for a cowgirl with a finger in my ass again. That was three rooms done. Then the kitchen, exactly where Jake did me the first time. Second bedroom, your standard upright double penetration. I could feel the two cocks rubbing each other inside me. You guess it. I didn't last long before I was coming again.

That left the bedroom for the best. Started off with one at each end, but it soon progressed to a DP with me sandwiched in the middle. They took turns pounding my ass real good for the next hour.

Then a couple of 69's with plenty of deepthroating.

They were insatiable. They had wanted to fuck me the moment they saw me two years ago and it was them that got Jake to do these crazy things, like the club. I now remember all the times they tried to corner me or to get me away from Bill into some quiet spot. They finally succeeded and weren't they happy boys. Fucking me straight for five hours. Bet next week will be the same if they had their way.

By 2am, I just fell asleep with them still pounding me.

I called in sick, just to give myself time to recoup. Bill knew something happened but kept the peace and said nothing.


A few weeks later, Jake got me a present. A clit ring. I was any a lost how I would explain it to Bill, but I would think of something. Just like I did when I started shaving my pubes. I did draw the line at nipple rings. Bill and George would really flip.

I didn't really need the clit ring as I had no problem orgasming off Jake's or Mark's cocks.


But after six months, I got studs. Blamed it on Susie. George wanted me to quit this craziness.

Thought Jake was just pimping me. I refused. I was having too good a time. We had a real big blowup.

I wouldn't budge. It was my body, etc, etc. So George walked.

I didn't listen to George. I was too high to care.

But Bill listened to George.

Seems George wanted me really badly, even to the point of wanting to marry me. I didn't listen, but Bill did. Jake fired George.

Seems George pleaded with Bill and he finally understood how much George loved me, and Bill was willing to give me to George. To give up his marriage so that I could have a better life with George.

But then Jake and Mark's names surfaced (and some of the others guys too). About Jake pimping me.

Seems he was pimping me to all the other sales guys. The best salesman of the month got to fuck me.

That what all those orgies were really about. Rewarding his salesmen. Fucking another's salesmans' wife.

Bill had known from day one about George. He even saw us doing the deepthroat that night. That was the lowest point in our relationship up to now. He knew then I was George's. He didn't know about Jake.

Thought all those nights I was with George, not Jake, or Mark, the twins, or whoever.

And the shit hit the fan.

George was fired. Bill was fired. They went to the Board. Jake was fired, plus a few of his top salesmen (Jake wasn't going to take the fall alone).

George had dumped me. Bill now dumped me. Jake dumped me (after he and Mark DP'd me one last time).

I was fired from my job and was soon sleeping in my car.


So now I'm living on the other side of the country. No studs or rings and my pubes have grown back. And I haven't had a fuck in six months, but I still have those two beautiful roses, though.

I wonder what it would have been like being married to George. I know it would have been good, much better than with Bill, but I screwed it up big time. He is my biggest regret.

Every single day, every time I pray, I miss you George. Hope you hear me.

In the mean time, it's time for me to rejoin the world, and go out and get fucked. I've done my penance. Maybe two (or more) guys with fat cocks to sate my thirst for cock. I'm back on the market.

Tinder, here I come.


So, swipe right if your cock can make me scream like a banshee. I won't disappoint.


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