At the Park

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At the Park

My name is Susana. I am in my early thirties, I am a natural blonde. I shave my cunt and never wear knickers. Mostly I don’t wear a bra, unless I have to go to the school where I teach. Children don’t notice that I don’t wear knickers – at least most of the time. Anyway, who would believe them?

It was our first home together. A small terraced house in Hampshire. We had moved in 3 months ago in the winter. Now it was spring and getting warmer. This pleasant Sunday afternoon we had been gardening and were hot and sweaty. We decided to shower to cool down and clean off the sweat.

When I came out of the shower he was lying on the bed stroking an impressive erection. I rubbed the towel over my hair so it wasn’t dripping and went to the bed. I climbed on next to him and took his hand away from his cock and replaced it with my mouth. I sucked him for a few minutes before he grabbed me by the waist and swung me over him so that he could lick my cunt. His tongue was so good on my clitoris. He licked and sucked my clitoris as he gently slid a finger in and out of my pussy. I was in ecstasy. Then he started to rub his finger across my clitoris, from side to side, then up and down. I was soaking wet and my thighs were coated with my vaginal juices. I had a fantastic orgasm and collapsed on him. My cunt was throbbing so much, I just had to have his cock inside me.

I quickly swung my leg over and scooted around to present my big pussy lips towards him and begged him to fuck me. He sat up and got to his knees behind me. I felt him spreading my pussy lips and felt the head of his cock resting against the entrance to my vagina. He didn’t move. I turned to look at him and begged him to stuff it in me. He smiled at me and without warning rammed his cock all the way inside me. I was so hot I kept asking him to fuck me harder. He was ramming his cock in and out of me so hard I could feel his pubic bone slamming into my pussy lips and clitoris. I came again, a vaginal orgasm this time and a hard one. I needed to squeeze. I asked him if I could squeeze, I told him I had to squeeze. He told me to be a good girl and that I could squeeze as much as I liked – once he had taken his cock out of my cunt. It was so hard trying not to squeeze as he continued to fuck me as hard as he could. I had another orgasm and nearly screamed with the need to squeeze his hard cock. But I managed to control myself. Then he rammed his cock in and left it.

I could feel his cock starting to throb from the very base as it crushed my pussy lips. I could actually feel the sperm rising from his balls into his cock and bursting out filling my sensitive cunt. He kept still until his cock stopped throbbing then gently pulled his cock out. He slapped me on the bottom and told me that I could squeeze now. Of course I didn’t need to now!

I collapsed onto my back, my cunt still throbbing. I laid there gently stroking my pussy lips, rubbing and pulling them, then running my hands up my body to stroke my huge tits and squeeze my nipples. My tits are 36DD and very sensitive. I waited a few minutes until the throbbing subsided then got up. I went to the wardrobe and took out a button-through summer dress.

It was still very warm so I skipped the bra and just put the dress on over my naked body. My thighs were a bit sticky with the spunk that was just starting to seep out of my cunt so I went into the toilet and wiped between my pussy lips with toilet paper.

I went downstairs to find him sitting in a chair on the patio reading a newspaper and sipping a beer. I was too restless to sit so I walked through the house to the kitchen to start thinking about what to cook for dinner. As I stood in front of the fridge scanning the contents for inspiration our dog came up behind me and stuck his nose up my dress and pushed his wet nose between my legs. I pushed him away and told him to lay down. He walked over to his basket and plonked himself down looking at me balefully.

I felt a bit guilty because he was only sniffing around my cunt because he could smell the sex. I went over and petted him for a while until his wagging tail told me I was forgiven. I decided that I would take him out for a walk, so I grabbed the lead and the dog jumped up and followed me out to the patio. I told my husband that I was going to walk the dog to the park and I would be back before it was dark. He barely looked up, just said OK and went back to his paper.

The dog and I left through the side gate and walked up the street. It was a lovely afternoon, bright sunshine. I could feel my huge tits swaying inside my dress and my thighs rubbing together against my big pussy lips, the occasional throb inside my recently fucked cunt, and the occasional waft of the breeze coming up under my dress to my naked wet pussy. I felt fabulous.

Down the end of our road I turned left into the alley that leads to the park. Once in the alley I slipped his lead off and I walked along humming happily with the dog running in front of me. There were two boys of about 18 or so walking towards me, one holding the lead of a big dog, the other with his hands in the pockets of his hoodie. I couldn’t understand why someone would wear a hoodie with the hood up on such a nice day. I called my dog over to put the lead on him in case he ran to their dog and started a fight. I stood still bent over my dog, holding his collar as they passed. As they walked passed I stood up to see they were both staring at my chest. I heard one say something about “stacked” or something before I turned away to continue my walk up the alley to the park.

Suddenly an arm was round my neck pulling me back and another arm was under my tits lifting me up and swinging me round and putting me down. He kept one arm tight around my neck and grabbed an arm with the other and put it up my back so that I couldn’t twist around. I was now facing the way I had come and the other boy. He reached out and grabbed the top of my dress and ripped it open exposing my naked tits. He grabbed my tits and squeezed them hard. He was having a great time I could see him taking in what were probably the biggest naked tits he had ever seen. I was terrified, too terrified to scream if the arm that was strangling me would allow any sound. I was trying to wriggle myself free but the grip was too tight. I looked down at my wobbling tits and the two big hands mauling them. I thought that was going to be it, they wanted to maul my tits a bit then they’d run off. Unfortunately with the number of buttons the boy had ripped open exposed my flesh below my belly button. The boy looked down and I followed his eyes as he spotted my little blonde landing strip of pubic hair.

“Look!” he said, “the cunt’s got no knickers on!” I was shocked and didn’t know what to do. What he didn’t know was that I never have any knickers on – because I don’t have any knickers, I hate the feel of them constraining my pussy lips. The grip around my neck was so tight I couldn’t speak and I was held there as the boy ripped open the rest of my dress. The boy behind me pulled me up so I was on tip-toe while the other boy forced my legs apart, put his hand between my legs and grabbed my pussy and squeezed it hard. I could see the lust in his eyes as he moved his hand around my pussy before sticking two fat fingers into my vagina. He rammed them in so hard he actually lifted me off my feet. “She’s soaking wet!” he told his mate and took his fingers out of my pussy to inspect them. ”It’s spunk!” he said, “she’s just been fucked!” He grabbed my nipple with his sticky finger and squeezed. “Have you just been fucked, you cunt?” He said. I nodded. “Well I think you are going to get some more you horny cunt, walking around half naked with your big tits swaying around saying ’look at me’!”

I was mortified. I thought I was going to get away with having my tits mauled. Then thought I was going to have my pussy groped but it was clear they intended to fuck me too. The big boy behind me told me he would release me if I promised not to scream or run. I nodded my agreement. He let me go and moved around in front of me. He looked me up and down before squeezing my tits and groping my cunt like his mate had.

The two dogs were sitting as good as gold in the alley watching what was going on. The boys took a dog lead each and walked either side of me and began to walk with me up the alley towards the park. My dress was wide open, hanging down either side of my huge tits. The boys couldn’t stop touching my exposed tits and squeezing my nipples as we walked, my tits were swaying madly, and as well as showing my tits off, my mostly shaved cunt was on full display too. I was too scared to try to pull my dress over my nakedness. As we got to the top of the alley a woman came out of the park with a dog on a lead and began to walk towards us. I looked at her as she walked towards us, willing her to interject and give me a chance of escaping the boys. She looked me up and down taking in my lack of underwear and my big tits swaying. As she walked past she sniffed and said “Huh, you disgusting creature, showing off your body like that to young men, you are a disgrace”. I was mortified, I looked at her, willing her to see my fear, but she just walked on with her nose in the air. Now we were in the park.

All around the edge of the park were rows of rhododendrons that formed a hedge. The boys dragged me through a gap between two of the big shrubs and there was a grassy clearing behind them. Did they know that? They looped the dog’s leads over an old tree stump and then turned to me. The look on their faces! They were drooling just looking at me. The boy that had first touched me came and pushed the dress back over my shoulders and it fell to the floor. He put his foot between mine and kicked my feet apart about 12”. I stood there as he felt around my cunt with his big fat fingers and then slid a finger inside it. He then knelt down and rammed a second finger inside and began to pump them in and out very quickly. My cunt betrayed me. I didn’t want to show them any encouragement but the physical reaction was impossible to ignore and I was soon panting and my chest was getting flushed. “Look, the cunt is enjoying it!” laughed the boy on his knees in front of me. Having got me hot and flustered I stood there and watched as they both stripped their clothes off. They were big boys in more ways than one. They were both extremely well hung and their cocks were only semi-erect.

I was pushed onto my knees and the other boy stood in front of me and just said “suck it cunt”. I opened my mouth and he put his soft cock in and I began to lick around his bell end, feeling his cock getting harder as I did so. The other boy was behind me, he kicked my knees apart and he knelt down and put his left arm around me and started to squeeze and toy with my nipples. Despite not wanting to be excited my nipples were rock hard and throbbing with all the attention they had been getting. The boy knew what was going on and slid his other hand down my back under my arse and began to pull my ample pussy lips and gently stroked between my soggy lips with his middle finger.

The guy with his cock in my mouth was rock hard now and I could feel that his cock was quite huge, probably 9” long and 4 or 5” around. It was a stretch to get my mouth around it now. Unfortunately he wanted to stick his cock all the way in, meaning down my throat, and I was gagging as he forced his cock right to the back of my mouth.

My plight was worsened by the fact that the other boy had slid his hand further under my arse and was now stroking my rock hard clitoris. I thought he had had enough when he stopped briefly, but he just put his right hand around my chest to torture my other nipple and dropped his left hand down. It slid down my flat tummy, stroked my shaved naked pudenda and stopped at my clitoris again. He dipped his forefinger into my gushing cunt to make it wet then started to rub my clitoris vigorously.

I was trying to concentrate on not choking to death on the cock being rammed into my mouth but the attention to my clitoris was too much and I could feel myself rising towards an orgasm. An orgasm I definitely didn’t want to share with these yobs.

It was at that point that the guy in my mouth grabbed my head with both hands and forced his cock down my throat. Somehow I didn’t choke or bite as he began to fuck my face with his monster cock. The boy rubbing my clitoris didn’t stop either and it was only minutes before I couldn’t stop myself from coming.

My cunt betrayed me as the orgasmic tremors took over my whole body; I really wanted to scream with pleasure. The boy in my mouth must have realised what was happening as he held my head fast while keeping his cock still in my mouth. I realised from the pulsing in his cock that he was starting to come. He slowly pulled his cock out of my throat and left it in my mouth and told me not to swallow. When he had finished spurting in me he told me to open my mouth and show him his spunk on my tongue. I did so and he told me stay like that.

He went to his hoodie jacket and took out a phone and took several pictures of me. One of the spunk in my mouth which I was then told to swallow, one picture of my nipple being squeezed and stretched out, then him hoisting my tit meat up to show how big they were. Then he noticed that his mate was pulling my pussy lips down, almost to my knees, so he got a picture of that too. I felt so humiliated knowing they would be sharing these shocking images with all their mates.

The boy that had given me the manual clitoral orgasm stood up and came around and stuck his cock into my mouth to get him hard. This didn’t take long at all, but his cock was even bigger than his mate’s and I struggled to get my lips around it, I didn’t think there was any way I was going to deep-throat him even when he grabbed me by the hair and rammed it into my mouth.

He seemed Ok with me just licking and sucking it though. Then he pulled out and turned me around and forced me onto my knees. He pushed my shoulders down to the grass so my arse was high in the air. He spread my pussy lips apart and fed his hard wet cock into my cunt an inch at a time until I could feel his cock pushing against my cervix and his balls resting against my clitoris. He began to pump his cock in and out of my cunt. Having just had the clitoral orgasm my cunt was more than ready to be fucked, regardless of whether I wanted to or not and soon I was unconsciously joining in by pushing my arse back as he fucked me. “Hey, the cunt likes it hard” he said. How did he know that? But he was right and he began to fuck me even harder and faster. I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t stop it. I came – hard and several times more before he finally dumped his spunk deep inside me.

He pulled out and came round in front of me and told me to lick his cock clean. I got up onto my hands and knees and opened my mouth to accommodate his giant cock. I cleaned his cock completely and to his obvious satisfaction as he turned away and went and sat down. I was left on my hands and knees with the spunk beginning to seep out of my poor stretched vagina onto my thighs and down my legs to my knees, forming two little puddles on the inside of my knees on the grass.

The other boy came and lay down in front of me and told me to get his cock hard again with my mouth. I started to lick around the end of his flaccid knob as he just laid there watching me.

He even made me deep-throat myself on his massive cock by telling me to push harder, push harder until his cock was down my throat. I continued to work on the huge knob in my mouth as I felt the spunk still running down my thighs. The boy came in my mouth very quickly, I must have been getting better at it. I didn’t even need to be told not to swallow. He took a picture of his spunk in my mouth but didn’t let me swallow. He made me stand up and squat down. This opened my stretched vagina and I could feel the larger globules of spunk starting to slide out. He told me to catch the spunk in my hand and lick it off, keeping the spunk all in my mouth. I had to keep going until I was having to reach my fingers deep inside my vagina to scrape out the remaining spunk. Several more pictures were taken of my humiliation. There was so much spunk in my mouth that it was dribbling down my chin. The other boy had been jacking off and came and sprayed his spunk all over my chest. They took more photographs before making me rub it in.

I thought my ordeal was finally over. It was near to dusk and the park would be locked at dusk. I was hoping they wouldn’t keep me there all night, although I am sure they thought about it. There was one final torture though. I once again had to get both cocks hard with my hand and mouth, using my mouth alternately on each cock so they remained wet as I pumped them with my hand. Eventually they seemed to think their massive members were sufficiently hard. I was surprised when one of the boys sat down. The other boy came and moved me in front of him and began to push me down. I thought I was to sit on his cock while the other one fucked my mouth again. I felt the cock go deep inside my cunt as I was crouched down. The two boys worked me up and down, getting the cock as deep as it could go into my cunt. Then the boy in front of me lifted me off his mate’s cock and the sitting boy adjusted my position so his cock was hard against my anus. Now, I wasn’t an arse virgin, I had been fucked in the arse a few times but never with a cock the size of this monster, and never without some lube. I didn’t get any; the only lube available was my own vaginal juices. It was incredibly painful as he forced his monster cock into my bowels until he couldn’t get any more in as I was sitting at the base of his cock. I still didn’t understand, until he laid back and pulled me back with him holding a tit in each hand. The other boy stepped forward and knelt down and I finally twigged. He lifted my knees and pushed my legs open, spreading my cunt wide. He stood up and took a picture so that it was patently obvious my cunt was empty and my arse was full. Completely full as it happened. Satisfied with his photograph the other boy knelt in front of me and presented his cock at my vagina. Although he was bigger than his mate, his mate’s cock had just come out of my cunt so his cock slid in real easy. Then he started to fuck me. It was the weirdest sensation I have ever had in my life. I could feel both monster cocks rubbing together as the fucking movement made the cock move in and out of my arse, just a few inches, while the other monster cock pistoned in and out, taking nearly all of 9” out of my cunt then ramming it back in. The boys even remarked how good it felt feeling each other’s cocks through the thin membrane separating my vagina from my arse.

My body betrayed me again. I came like a train, over and over again as they fucked me. The two of them were deliriously happy and several photographs were taken at arms length during the long fuck. Eventually though the boy in my tight arse couldn’t hold it back any more and I felt his cock starting to throb as his sperm began to rise from his balls. It exploded into my arse and I could feel the heat and wetness of it inside me. He then just laid there holding my tits as his mate finished fucking me. He rammed his cock inside me so hard that I just couldn’t control myself and came again. His pubic bone was mashing my clitoris so hard I even had another clitoral orgasm. I lost control then and squeezed his cock hard enough to cause him to come. He gradually pulled his big cock out and lifted me off his mate. I was once more forced to crouch down and fill my mouth with their spunk as it dripped out of my cunt and arse. They took another photograph of it in my mouth, told me to swallow it, then made me lick their cocks clean.

They just dressed and left. I was crouching down as they had told me while I licked them and then they were gone. I stood up and looked around and soon found my wrecked dress. I put it on over my naked, sperm covered, body. There were no buttons left intact on the dress but I was able to hold it together at the waist so I was more or less decent as I walked home. I walked through the back gate and he was still sitting reading. He looked up briefly and said “That was a long walk!” before I let my dress fall open and he noticed my bruised tits and cum-stained body.

I told him bits of it. I couldn’t bring myself to tell him that I was roasted by two teens, or that I had been arse-fucked by a boy with a tree trunk-sized cock. I made it sound a lot less of an ordeal than it really was. My husband took me to the shower and washed me off, then cuddled me. I knew he really wanted to fuck me because I could feel and see his erection in his trousers. But I had had enough, more than enough cock for one day and I ignored it and went straight to bed. I woke up in the night sweating profusely and with my cunt throbbing. I had been dreaming about the rape, replaying it in fine detail in my head. I laid there stroking my pussy lips and pulling them gently until I fell asleep again.

The memories faded and our sex life did get back on track after a few days. I still felt vulnerable, but not enough to think about buying knickers or having to wear a bra. I still wore short skirts and dresses that accentuated my legs and tight tops that showed off my massive tits.

Two weeks after my ordeal an A4 size envelope arrived through the letter box. It wasn’t addressed. I opened it and 6 10x8 photographs spilled out. I was gobsmacked. Me naked and sucking a huge cock, with it down my throat,. Me sitting down with a huge cock up my arse, my legs open wide showing my clearly aroused, wet, open and shaved pussy with a pair of hands holding my tits. Me with the boys in my arse and cunt. Then me with cum all over my tits. The photographs showed my face clearly, yet not one picture of the face of either of my attackers. There was a note attached to the picture of me with the one cock deep in my arse and the other huge cock deep in my cunt; it said “Be in the park at 4pm Sunday, wear a raincoat and nothing else, you can fasten one button, or tie the belt, we might meet you on the way and if we can’t see your tits and your cunt you will be in trouble. Bring some lube – you don’t want to get a sore arse do you? Go behind the same bushes, let go of the dog lead, take off the coat and wait with you hands behind you and your legs wide open”. Oh no! I thought. It was two weeks since they had assaulted me and they wanted a repeat. I couldn’t tell my husband because I had lied about their previous assault. I couldn’t show him the note because the reference to lube made it obvious that they had fucked my arse and I hadn’t told him.

After lunch on Sunday I made a point of kissing and cuddling my husband. He slid his hand up my skirt and pulled my pussy lips, pushing a finger inside my wet cunt. My cunt is mostly wet all the time. I told him I was going to shower and he said “OK”. I went up and showered and washed my hair and shaved my cunt. Why did I do that? When I came out of the shower my man was laying on the bed waiting for me. I jumped on him, sucked his cock a couple of times to get him hard before standing over his erection and lowering my cunt onto his cock. I know he loves that because he can play with my tits as I fuck him. He let me do all the work. My thigh muscles were killing me but the penetration is just so superb I make myself do it from time to time and I wanted him to know that I was going out with a cunt full of spunk so that if I came home with a cunt full of spunk he wouldn’t be surprised. How devious am I?

At 3:50, I went upstairs and stripped naked, not difficult as I only had a summer dress on anyway. I grabbed my raincoat; I had already secretly put the lube in its pocket. I was naked underneath the raincoat of course. I picked up the dog’s lead and he wagged his tail and ran around me. My husband was sitting in the kitchen. “Just taking the dog to the park for a run around” I said calmly although my stomach was churning with the thought of what I was going to be doing in ten minutes time. “OK” he said “I’ll see you in a bit then” and went back to his newspaper. He didn’t ask why I had a buttoned up raincoat on, and had no idea I was naked underneath.

I left the house through the side gate; I undid the buttons on my raincoat before I went through the gate and tied the belt instead. I looked down and I could see most of my impressive cleavage. I bent forward with one leg in front of the other and I could clearly see the bottom of my landing strip and all of my pussy lips. As I walked along to the alley I could feel the hotness in my cunt. I could feel myself getting wet from the thought of being raped and assaulted again, and probably dog-fucked again. I guessed from the instruction to bring the dog. My fingers toyed with the lube tube in my pocket. I walked faster my swollen pussy lips were stuck fast to my thighs and the feel of the movement of the inside of my pussy, as my outer lips were stuck to my thighs, just increased my arousal.

I arrived at the clearing in the park without meeting the hoodies on the way. In case they were furtively watching I carried out their instructions to the letter. I took off my raincoat and hung it on a branch of the rhododendron. I walked to the middle of the space, facing the entrance. I stood still, put my arms behind my back, the backs of my hands against my naked arse. I spread my legs so they were shoulder width apart, and waited. My cunt was throbbing with anticipation, I knew my pussy lips were huge and could be seen from a distance. Unfortunately I was also secreting bodily fluids and with my legs wide apart they were running down my thighs. This was the first photo opportunity of the day.

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