Part 1

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As I lay in bed listening for the umpteenth time her sister and her boyfriend fucking in the next cabin over, I thought about how I had gottento this point in my life. After all, here I was on a boat in the south Pacific, a yacht actually, living the good life...and at age 18 too. Of course I knew the good life had an expiration 6 days when Iflew back to the small town in Iowa I grew up in. And the only reason I was here was because my mother made my sister take me. My sister, Miss Goody Two Shoes, was the apple of my father's eye. Our father who worked three jobs to pay the tuition at that California university she attended. That California university where she met Mr. Rich Hunk who was now fucking her for like the 5th time today. I wondered whether the Captain (also the cook, the butler, the janitor, the engineer, etc.) could hear them up in his small room off the bridge. And I wondered whether my sister cared. Anyway, when my sister begged our parents to let her go with rich guy on a yacht in the south Pacific, they agreed only if I could go too. Wow! Sometimes I love my parents. It doesn't seem to have stifled their sex life, my being there. I even masturbated a couple of times listening to them wondering what being fucked felt like.

The next morning began like every morning...get some sun in, eat some breakfast, go for a swim in the ocean, get some more sun, eat some lunch, take a nap. Life was good! I went off to take a nap and woke to some very strange sounds. I slipped on shorts and a tshirt over my bikini and started to go up on deck. I stopped when I heard strange voices and then a scream from my sister. I turned to go back and hide in my cabin when a huge black man came down the steps. He grabbed me and dragged me up on deck. There, my sister, her boyfriend and the Captain were kneeling with their hands behind their heads. Three men were holding guns on them. I was made to join the kneeling bunch. One of the men started questioning my sister's boyfriend about where all of the money was. He denied having any at first then started blabbing the first time he got hit in the face. The big black guy took him downstairs to where I guess the safe was. After a few moments of being openly goggled by the men, the guy in charge told one of the others to take the Captain downstairs too. A few moments later we heard two shots and my sister started crying. I did not understand right away and then I did. There were a couple of loud thuds and the boat started shaking. Both crewmen came back on desk carrying two big bags each.

My sister and I were dragged to the rail and made to climb down the ladder to their small boat. We were tossed in the back while the others dropped the loot and climbed down too. The yacht looked odd in the water and I figured out that it was sinking. By the time we pulled away, it was nearly underwater. Then Istarted to get really scared. I yelled over the noise in my sister's ear what was going to happen to us? She shook her head sadly as tears fell down her face. Even growing up in a small town, I knew enough about life to understand what that rape was a possibility. When she saw my expression, she asked if I were still a virgin. I nodded yesand started to cry more. She held me and said that we had to survive...we had to do whatever they wanted and survive until we could escape. I nodded again but continued crying.

After about 30 minutes racing away from the scene of the crime, we started to see a larger ship. It looked like a freighter of some kind and not in great condition either, I could tell as we neared. I was deathly afraid of what time on that ship would mean to us. We pulled up alongside and we were made to climb the ladder. On deck there must have been 20 guys and they all started hooting and hollering in different languages. There did not appear to be a woman among them. The men who had taken us from the yacht held us tight as another man emerged from a cabin. This was the captain of this vessel, we were to learn. The men showed him the bags they had taken and he did not seem very impressed. Then he came over to look at us and his eyes started to light up. He said to us that we made the raid worthwhile. He could sell us for a lot of money in the slave markets of SE Asia. He stood in front of my sister and asked her old she was. She said 20 defiantly, which earned her a slap on the face. She attempted to knee him in the groin but he easily deflected it and slapped her again. He pulled out his knife and slipped the end between my sister's bikini top. With a quick flick of his wrist, he parted the top, exposing her breasts to the crew. Again there was much ranting. The captain silenced them and stared at her breasts. They are quite small, he said. He then came to me and Istarted sobbing again.

He asked me how old I was and I said I was 18. He asked if she was my sister and I nodded yes. The captain said something in another language and again the crew ranted and raved. The captain then slid the knife through the bottom of my tshirt and easily sliced up the front. I was scared of the knife and held as still as I could. The captain then sliced open my bikini top. He put his knife away and then rudely fondled my breasts. I too tried to knee him, a move he clearly expected. In one movement, he blocked my knee with his and backhanded me across the face. I would have fallen to the deck if I wasn't held up by the two men behind me. I could taste blood in my mouth. He asked me if i were a virgin. I paused and then said yes. The captain then looked away for a moment and I wondered if I might be spared losing my virginity for a time. The captain looked back at me and said that I would earn him a fortune if I were sold pure at the markets. But, he said, his crew would likely mutiny if denied my favors. Even used, I would still earn a nice sum.

The captain turned and spoke to the crew in another language. I gathered he said that they could have my sister now but that he was taking me below with his officers. There was some grumbling for a moment before the captain roared at them. Two other men came and grabbed me and started following the captain and a third man. Before I disappeared below deck, I looked back and saw that my sister had already been stripped and was being pushed to the deck. She was sobbing hard before her first rape.

I was dragged into a cabin which could only be the captain's. There was a large double bed with real wooden head and foot rests. The cabin was relatively large and had a desk and a table in it. I was trembling hard at what awaited me in that room. Once all 5 of us were in the room, he turned to me and told me to strip off my clothes. When I hesitated, he grabbed my throat in one huge hand and started to squeeze. He told me that what was in store for me might seem horrible but that it could be much much worse. From the look in his eyes, I got the message. He released my throat and again told me to get naked. I started crying as I pulled what was left of my tshirt and bikini top off. I unbuttoned my shorts and pushed them down. I paused again before he growled at me. I then pushed my bikini bottoms down and stood naked before 4 obviously excited men. I knew my virtue had only moments to live.

The captain easily lifted me and threw me on my back on the bed. He wrenched my legs apart and stared at my pussy. He said to his men that he had to taste my virgin meat. I had no idea what he meant until he leaned down and started to lick my pussy. I was in shock as I felt his tongue on my clit and then pushing into my pussy. I cried harder as I became aroused and then wet as he tongue fucked me. He pushed two fingers inside me and I cried out. As he continued, we heard a loud scream from the deck. The men in the cabin snickered and said something in another language. The captain looked up at me and said that his first officer thinks my sister just got fucked in the ass. He then wondered openly whether I would scream as loud. I was sobbing hard when the captain stood and opened his fly. His cock seemed huge to me, being the first I had ever seen. He pulled my hips to the edge of the bed and lined his cock up with my wet slit. I grabbed the sheets as hard as I could and closed my eyes as he started to push inside me. He quickly came to my hymen. He pulled back a little and told me to prepare myself to be royally fucked. I screamed as he ripped through my virginity and continued screaming as his cock opened my cunt brutally. I was in such pain but yet in and out his cock went. After some minutes, he yelled again and came deep inside my womb.

He pulled out and went and sat down in the chair. The first officer then came to the bed and flipped me over, my ass on the edge of the bed and legs hanging off. He quickly released his cock and slammed it inside my cunt from the back. I cried out again in misery as he fucked me. He too came after a few moments. The man next in rank structure pulled me all the way onto the bed and onto all fours. He got on the bed behind me and pushed his cock into my pussy. For the third time, I was raped. He lasted longer than the others causing the one left to start cursing at him. He eventually came and got off the bed. The last one jumped on the bed and flipped me over onto my back. He spread my legs and dropped his weight on me. I was nearly breathless as he pushed his cock into my violated cunt. He fucked me hard and very fast and came quickly. I curled up into a fetus position, sobbing. I could feel the men’s cum dripping from my cunt. The men talked among themselves for a while. Between sobs I could hear more screams from the deck and what sounded like a whip. I figured my sister was being whipped and I cried harder thinking that too was my fate.

After about 15 minutes, the men turned their attention to me once again. The captain told me to get off the bed. Once I did, he grabbed my hands and started to tie them in front of me with a rope. He pulled me around to the foot of the bed and threw me over it face down. Two of the men grabbed the ends of the rope and tied them to the far headboard. My ankles were pulled apart and tied to the corners of the bed. The captain went to a drawer of his desk and came back with a long piece of leather about two inches wide and maybe two feet long with a handle. Once I figured out what it was for, I buried my face in the bed and sobbed. The captain said out loud that now, now I would have something to truly cry about. I then heard a swish and felt a terrible pain on my ass. I had never been whipped or spanked so had no idea of how much it hurt. The captain was using all of his considerable strength as he whipped my ass with the strap. I screamed in terrible pain from each blow. I passed out and came to with him still whipping me. I was on the edge of passing out a second time when he stopped. I felt my very sore asscheeks being pulled open and some sort of liquid being dropped in between. I was nearly delirious from the whipping and did not appreciate I was about to lose my last virginity.

I then felt a terrible pain in my asshole. The captain had mounted me and was attempting to fuck himself into my ass. He pushed and pushed and I screamed in pain. Eventually he got his cock head inside and then began to brutally fuck my ass. Iwas incoherent from the pain. He pushed himself all the way in and then draped himself over my back. He reached under me to pinch my nipples. He whispered in my ear whether I liked his cock deep in my ass or not. When I ignored his question, he roughly squeezed my nipples and I said no...I begged him to spare me any further pain. He laughed at me as he began to push in and out of my ass. I could feel myself tear down there and the blood helped ease the way. He fucked my ass for a long time before he shot his seed deep inside me. He rested on top of me, nearly cutting my breath off with his weight. After a few moments he got off and used his knife to cut the ropes from my hands. He did the same to the ropes on my ankles. He told the men to take me away and use me for awhile before giving me to the men.

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