Part 2

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Author’s note: Second part of my first story. By the end of this part, I will likely have run out of fantasy material, i.e. material that plays in my head while I lie in bed and masturbate. This story has been a masturbatory favorite for a few years now. None of my other fantasies are remotely as well developed as this one. However, should there be a part 3 or more, it will come new from my imagination. I have already alluded in the first part as to the fate of me and my sister (and really, is it so hard to guess?!), but I am very open to suggestions and comments. My email is


The first officer grabbed me by my arm and pulled me to my feet. He then pushed me out of the room and down the hall. I was sobbing in terrible pain…my lower holes dripping blood and semen and my ass striped from the whipping. I was pushed into another room which apparently belonged to the first officer. It was slightly smaller than the captain’s but had a double bed and desk. The other 3 officers filed in after us. I was pushed to the floor and the first officer told me to suck his cock. He held a dagger to my throat as he forced his cock into my mouth. His cock quickly hardened and he pushed it further into my mouth. Ignoring my gag reflex, he did not stop until he was buried in my throat. I pushed hard against his thighs as he thrust in and out of my throat. After a few horrible moments of this, he pulled out and grabbed my hair and lifted me to my feet. He threw my torso over the bed face down leaving my ass pointed out to him. I sobbed as he kicked my ankles apart and moved his hips behind me. I screamed when he pushed his large shaft into my recently deflowered anus. The other 3 officers laughed as the first officer brutally raped my asshole. Like a madman, the first officer pounded his cock into me before finally squirting his seed deep inside my bowels.

I was left sobbing hard over the edge of the bed when he finished and pulled out. After a few moments, one of the other officers came to me and pulled me fully onto the bed. He laid down on his back, his erect cock pointing upward to the ceiling. He said,

“Climb aboard bitch. I want your cunt on my cock now!”

I wasn’t sure what he wanted and I hesitated. He reached up and yanked hard on my nipples.

“Don’t make me tell you twice you slut. You American girls are all the same…whores and bitches. You know what you are made for. So climb on my cock now!”

I did figure out what he wanted from me during his diatribe. With tears flowing down my face, I straddled his hips. I reached down to guide his cock into my cunt. Crying out in renewed pain, I lowered myself down, impaling my cunt fully.

“Now ride me, you bitch!”

I awkwardly moved myself up and down on his shaft. Part of me was hoping that this would become pleasurable at some point…but so far only pain. I felt one of the other officers climb on the bed behind me. The man underneath me reached up and grabbed my nipples, pulling my chest down to his. I felt my asscheeks being pulled open and I cried out.

“No, please God, not there again. Please….please don’t hurt me there again!”

The officers laughed at me and the one behind me slowly worked his cock into my ass. I screamed,

“Owwwwwwwwwwww! Stop….I beg you!

The only response now to my pleas was increased fucking. The man behind me finally buried his cock deep in my ass, causing me to scream in pain. My lower holes were completely filled. I just lay on the man below me, sobbing terribly, as the two began to pound my lower holes. They fucked me like this for what seemed like hours. Finally, the one below came inside my cunt, quickly followed by the one in my ass. That one collapsed fully on me, squashing me between the two pirate officers.

After a few moments, they untangled themselves from me and got off the bed. The last officer wasted no time as he grabbed me by my hair and pulled me to the floor. He made me get up onto all fours, facing the other officers, as he kneeled behind me. Once again I felt my asscheeks being spread open and a cock start to force my rear passage. As he fucked my ass, I just drooped my head and cried. After a few moments, I felt one officer grab my hair and pull my head up. Both of the officers who had just fucked me kneeled down, their cocks at mouth level.

“Clean us off now!”

As my ass was fucked harder, I was made to suck clean the two cocks in front of me. I cringed and nearly threw up as the one that had been in my ass forced its way into my mouth. But I managed to complete the task. The two officers stood just as the final officer finished inside my ass.

I was left sobbing quietly on the floor as the four pirate officers chatted. After 15 minutes or so, the first officer came over to me and knelt. He said,

“We are nearly done with you and we will take you up to the deck for the men. Do you know what they will do to you?”

I sobbed harder before replying,

“Please Sir, please keep me here. I will be good for you and your friends. Please!”

He laughed as he translated what I said.

“Even if I wanted to, the Captain is right…the crew would mutiny if denied the chance to fuck you. They have been too long without the company of women.”

I continued to cry as one of the officers pulled me to my feet. Grabbing me by my arm, he pulled me back down the hallway, past the Captain’s quarters and up the stairs to the deck. Without hesitating, he flung open the door and threw me through it. I feel noisily to the deck.

When I looked up, I could see my sister on all fours being fucked from behind. I could see numerous welts on her back and ass, and even some on her breasts. Two or three of the crew were standing around her, taunting her as she was raped. The rest of the crew seemed to be loitering around, sitting on crates and equipment, almost as if they were waiting for something. Apparently that something was me.

Almost as one, the remaining crew members swarmed me. I could feel fingers and hands grab my breasts and ass and push into my lower holes. They were laughing as they discovered their officers’ cum dripping from both holes and my ass still red from the Captain’s strap. After a few moments, I was flipped over onto my back and one of the crew climbed between my legs. My first rape on deck was underway. Two more men followed this one before I was turned over on to all fours. One cock found its way into my ass then and another down my throat. At some point, my lower holes became numb from the abuse but oddly my throat continued to hurt each time a cock was forced down it. I was raped for what seemed like hours, singly, doubly and even 3 at a time. Every time I looked over at my sister, she was being raped as well.

After I guess all of the men had had a chance at me, one of the men grabbed me by my hair and pulled me to my feet. Another man brought rope over and tied my hands in front of me. I was pulled over to a spot beneath some equipment and the rope was thrown over a pipe. The men pulled it tight until I was barely on my tiptoes. My sister looked up at me, a cock in her ass, and I could see only sorrow in her eyes. I focused briefly on the stripes on her body and figured that soon some would adorn me too.

The men gathered around me and started to hoot and chant. I saw one of the men walk around behind me with what I think was a short bullwhip. I begged and pleaded with the men to no avail. I screamed as soon as I felt the first blow.


I felt a searing pain on my upper back. I screamed for mercy, not remembering what the Captain had told me about the lack of that particular quality on this ship.


Three more blows landed on my back in quick succession. My screams went on unabated.


Two blows struck hard on my ass, reigniting the pain from the strap. I continued screaming until one of the crewman, tiring of my noise, grabbed my sister’s bikini bottom and shoved it in my mouth.


More blows followed on my ass and lower back. I was sobbing hard and screaming futilely into my gag.


More blows to my ass and upper thighs. More pain. I felt myself come close to fainting but the intense pain kept me from doing so.

The whipper moved around to my front. I could now see the gleam in his eye as he raised the whip to strike me again.


Four searing blows across my breasts. Again I swooned but could not find the respite in unconsciousness.


My breasts took the brunt of this wave of attacks. I looked down sure I would see my blood but only saw red marks swelling on my tits.


Two more blows, the last one almost splitting my left nipple open.


Three blows to my stomach…somehow I was almost thankful for my breasts being spared more pain.

The whipper said something to two men. Those two men moved beside me and each grabbed an ankle. I felt my legs being spread wide open, almost to doing a split in the air. The whipper smiled as he eyed my cunt. Using an uppercut slash, he whipped into my cunt and inner thighs.


I screamed miserably into my gag, praying for salvation from the pain…even praying to die. But I was denied either relief.


Three more final blows, the last seemingly penetrating into my cunt and lashing the flesh inside. The whipper dropped his instrument of pain and pulled out his cock. He moved right in front of me and forced his cock up inside me. I screamed again at the pain, this time heightened by his movements across my whipped flesh.

I felt someone move right behind me and then felt another cock push inside my ass. I was double-fucked hanging there. As each man finished inside me, another cock replaced him. After being raped another 10 times or so, I was cut down and allowed to collapse on the deck. A good bit of the crew started to drift off now, it being after midnight by this point. Still a few of the crew lingered, taunting my sister and me and twisting nipples and fingering us. A couple of them produced an erection and one of us found ourselves being raped again.

Eventually one of the officers came on deck and yelled at the remaining men in a language I did not understand. The result was, after the last man finished in my ass, my sister and I being pulled to our feet and dragged down a different set of stairs. We were led into the bowels of the ship before stopping before a door. We were thrust inside. Before the door was closed and the light from the hall was extinguished, we could see that we were in some sort of large empty closet. When the door closed and was locked from the outside, we grabbed each other and fell to the floor. We were both asleep shortly after….not pausing to consider what the next day held for us.

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