Drug Test

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Don't fool around at the office!
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“Drug Test”

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“Drug Test” by sfmaster@worldnet.att.net

Gail Bell sat in her cubicle, eyes focused on the computer screen in front of her, her fingers furiously typing out a program on the keyboard. One line of code after another appeared on the screen, she hoped that she would be able to do a test run before the end of the day.

Or else she could simply log on from home and finish the program and do a test tonight; or come in on Saturday to finish it. After all, in the IT field you can work any eighty hours you want!

Her desk phone rang, and she picked it up.

“Gail here,” she said.

“It’s Eric Green, what are you doing just now?”

Eric Green was her employer; the company’s CEO and founder.

“I’m working on the project we discussed at the meeting yesterday, the Datron project,” Gail answered.

“That can wait, there’s another matter that I need your assistance on. Please come to my office.”

“Yes, sir.” Gail replied.

It was Friday afternoon, and all of her co-workers were getting restless in anticipation of the weekend. She had overheard two of the other female employees wondering if their boyfriends would finally try and seduce them this weekend.

Gail’s sexual desires were different, and could only be met by a man with means - like that of her wealthy employer.

She saved her work on the computer, stood up and smoothed her skirt around her shapely hips, and walked to his office. For today Gail had chosen a white blouse; a black skirt; matching stockings (she wore stockings and a garter belt); and finally a pair of shining patent leather high heels to compliment her outfit.

Gail kept her body fit through a combination of diet and exercise; and she was envied by her friends for her shapely body. Of course they didn’t see the meals she avoided; nor the hours exercising or running on the treadmill to shed the calories.

Looking good took work; and lots of it!

Walking into Eric’s office, she passed his secretary, who waved her in. Gail strode past her, and knocked on her door.

“Enter,” she heard from within.

Gail opened the door, and walked into Eric’s office. He was an attractive man who was still in his mid-thirties and he had created a successful company; and made a fortune, all before he had hit thirty.

Virile and attractive; he would challenge his workers to run laps with him in the company gym - and often he would win against younger men than himself.

“You wanted to see me, sir?” Gail asked.

“Yes, please sit down.”

Gail waited for Eric to say what he wanted - after all, he was the boss!

“We just signed a contract with the Defense Department for some new business; and I’m worried that if the DOD comes in here snooping around we might lose our security clearance if they do drug tests.”

“What do you suggest?” Gail answered.

“I’d like you to take a drug test - purely as a experiment. You haven’t been using anything illegal, like doing a joint at a party, have you?”

“No, not for a long time.”

“I want you to go into my bathroom, take off your skirt and panties, pee into a cup, and then place this tester in the cup for a few seconds. Then you can show it to me - one line says you’re clean; two means a positive. Okay?” Eric asked.

“Yes, sir,” Gail replied.

He handed her a small piece of plastic that resembled a pregnancy tester, and she stood up and made her way to his private bathroom - which was part of his office. She closed the door behind her, and unzipped her skirt; and next stepped out of her Victoria’s Secret panties. Removing a cup from the dispenser next to the sink, she peed into the cup just a bit, stopped her stream, and then finished by peeing into the porcelain bowl. After cleaning herself with some toilet paper, she immersed the tester into the cup for a few seconds.

Gail gasped in surprise when she saw two lines in the tester! She had tested positive - and she knew for a fact that she had not used anything for ages!

“I don’t have all day!” Eric growled from outside, “come out immediately with the tester!”

Flustered by the positive result and Eric’s demands, Gail opened the bathroom door. Wearing nothing but her bra; garter belt; stockings; and heels; she walked out and faced her employer.

“Well?” Eric demanded, “what is the result? You’re the first person I’ve tested; so I hope you’re going to set an example for your co-workers.”

Meekly she placed the tester on his desk, and Eric picked it and his displeasure was evident on his face.

“Positive! Two lines! My best employee. What do you have to say for yourself?” he barked.

“I’m sorry, but it must be wrong! I haven’t used anything illegal for months - not even by accident!” Gail protested her innocence.

“Come here,” he ordered, and he pushed his chair back from the desk.

“Yes, sir.”

She stood beside his desk, and Eric faced her.

“You’ve been a bad girl,” he told Gail.

“Yes, sir.”

Before she could protest or withdraw, his right hand snaked itself between her legs, and his fore-finger was inserted into her wet pussy.

“Using drugs can be grounds for termination, you know that, I hope,” he told her.

“Yes, yes!” she answered as his finger pistoned itself between the folds of her sex, every stroke making her hotter by the second.

“Just for testing positive, you’ve got to be punished. Do you understand?” he demanded.

“Yes,” Gail cried.

“Good, just so we understand each other. Now lick your juices off my finger,” he ordered.

“Yes, sir.”

Still seated at his desk he raised his hand, while Gail bent down to clean her secretions from his finger. As she did so, his other hand reached out to fondle her smallish breasts and pinch her nipples, making her gasp in mild pain.

“You’ve very beautiful,” he told her, “it’s a pity that you have to be such a bad girl.”

“I’m sorry, sir.” she answered once she had cleaned herself from his fore-finger.

“Were you doing anything this weekend?” he asked.

“Just finishing up the program I was working on,” Gail replied.

“Good, that can wait. My chauffeur will pick you up at your apartment at twelve noon precisely Saturday; and don’t pack, you won’t be needing anything. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir,” Gail answered.

“Good, now go get dressed and you can leave for the day. The Datron project can wait - so don’t get back on the computer. I’ll be monitoring your PC from here - so your account had better not log on!”

Gail went into the bathroom and dressed as she had been told. Her face was flustered and red from the sexual probing that she had endured, so any more work that day was problematic at best. She exited the bathroom to face Eric again.

“Remember, Saturday at noon exactly. You’re going to be punished, Gail. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir,” Gail answered, then she made her way to the door.

This was going to be one painful weekend, she thought to herself.


Saturday noon at Twelve sharp Gail locked the door to her apartment. At the curb was her employer’s limousine, and she didn’t want to be accused of being late. She hurried to the curb.

Gail was wearing a blouse; a skirt; and a pair of modest heels. She had not packed a suitcase as ordered, following Eric’s orders.

At the car the uniformed chauffeur stood by the door, and opened it for her. Gail stepped into the interior; and the tinted windows prevented her from seeing if there was anyone else inside the car.

“Hello there,” greeted Yvonne, Eric’s housekeeper.

Yvonne was Eric’s housekeeper; cook; and all around assistant. She helped him in all of his personal affairs. Gail guessed that she was in her late twenties; and she was a very attractive brunette with a good figure. Today she was dressed in a t-shirt; jeans; and sneakers.

“Hi,” Gail replied as she seated herself, and then reached for the seatbelt.

“Not needed, darling,” Yvonne instructed, “now be a good girl and place your hands behind your back, and turn your back to me.”

Gail did as she was told, and she felt the cold steel of handcuffs locked around her wrists, making her helpless. Yvonne had closed them properly so that there was no cutoff of circulation to Gail’s hands. Next a leather collar was locked around Gail’s neck; and that was followed by a ball-gag. Gail obediently opened her mouth and Yvonne gently placed it between her jaws; and then she threaded the leather through the buckle at the back of her neck and drew the leather tight. The ball filled her mouth completely, robbing her of the power of speech. Lastly a leather blindfold cut off her vision; and now Gail was totally helpless.

Outside of the car she could hear the familiar sounds of car traffic; blaring horns; and stereos on too loud. While she had been made helpless by Yvonne the chauffer had set out for Eric’s mansion, which was located outside of town.

“You can sit back in your seat, darling. I’ll be sure and tell Eric that you gave me no trouble,” Yvonne said to her bound companion.

“Mmmmmph!” Gail grunted in response.

“All tied up and no place to go - but in reality you are going someplace; aren’t you darling? To Green’s Mansion, and I’m sure that he has something nasty in store for you.”

Gail sat in bound silence.

“You’re quite a lovely woman, Gail. I’ll bet that plenty of men; and probably quite a few women; would just love to get you in bed.”

Gail felt the buttons to her blouse opened, and Yvonne’s probing fingers pinched her breasts, making her fidget and moan.

Next she felt her skirt raised, and something between her legs - a dildo! The molded plastic tip teased her sex lips.

“Eric will be so pleased to hear that you didn’t wear anything underneath,” said Yvonne as she slid the dildo into Gail’s pussy.

“Mmmmmph!” Gail moaned in response to the invasion of her most private parts.

The drive to the Mansion continued as Yvonne tormented her helpless passenger. Yvonne would bring Gail to the edge of sexual climax; then cruelly withdraw the dildo leaving her captive hungry with need.

It was impossible for Gail to ignore the sexual anguish that Yvonne was inflicting on her; with Gail so totally helpless in her bondage. All she could was to moan and suck at the rubber ball between her teeth as Yvonne made her suffer in her steel and leather prison.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the limousine came to a stop, and the torment ceased. The car door opened to admit fresh air into the cabin.

“I’ll help you out, darling,” said Yvonne.

Bound and helpless, Gail was assisted out of the car, and she stood in her heels outside of her destination, which she knew was Green’s Mansion.

“Walk,” Yvonne commanded as she grasped Gail’s arm firmly, pointing her in the direction.

Gail took careful measured steps, allowing her captor to point her in the right direction.

“Steps,” said Yvonne.

Gail ascended the few steps to the door in darkness, and she walked into the Eric Green’s Mansion, and she heard the door close behind her.

Yvonne conducted her into the house, and finally she felt the strap holding her blindfold removed. She blinked at the sudden exposure to light; and she realized that she was in the library.

Eric was seated in a black leather armchair in front on her. On a small table to his right was a paddle and riding crop; along with a cane.

“Did she give you any trouble?” Eric asked.

“No sir, she was the very model of good behavior,” Yvonne answered.

Gail had feared the moment of her appearance before Eric. Yvonne could have lied and said that she had resisted her bondage; which would have made her situation worse.

“Unlock her right cuff so that she can undress,” Eric ordered, “but leave her gagged.”

“Yes, sir!” Yvonne answered, as she did as she was instructed.

“Strip,” Eric said to Gail.

Gail unzipped her skirt, glad that she had not worn jeans, and carefully folded the garment which Yvonne took from her. Next she unbuttoned her blouse, which she also folded and handed to Yvonne.

She raised in eyebrows in surprise when she saw that Yvonne placed them in a clothing bag marked “State Prison - Personal Property of Inmate.”

“Lock the cuff behind your back,” Eric instructed his naked captive, and Gail quickly complied. The only sounds in the library were the ratchets clicking shut as Gail closed the cuff around her wrist.

“I see that she isn’t wearing any underwear - was that your idea, Yvonne?” Eric asked.

“No, sir,” Yvonne replied, “that was the way she came.”

“Good. Do you know why Gail is here today?”

“No, sir.”

“She tested positive with the drug tester yesterday in the office - my very first test, of my very best employee! So she deserves to be punished, don’t you agree?”

“Whatever you say, sir,” Yvonne answered.

“Yvonne, I’ve read that drug users secrete their stashes in their bodily cavities when they visit their friends in prison. Since Gail here is going to be spending some time in my jail cell, I think that she should be examined to see if she is concealing anything.”

“A very good idea, sir.”

Eric placed a pair of rubber gloves on the desk, along with a small jar of lubricant. Yvonne walked over, and made a display of snapping the flesh colored gloves on her hands. She then open the jar, and scooping out a modest amount, spread the lubricant on her latex covered fingers.

“Bend over,” Yvonne ordered.

Doing as she was told, Gail bent over. She squirmed as one gloved hand was inserted into her pussy, cruelly examining her. Next her bottom was subjected to the same indignity as a finger went up her anus.

“She’s clean, sir. She isn’t hiding anything in her pussy or bottom.”

“Excellent, thank you, Yvonne,” said Eric.

“What do you want me to do next, sir?”

“Place her in the jail cell downstairs, with bracelets on her wrists and ankles, and a twelve inch ankle chain to restrict her movements. Only then can you remove her gag.”

“Yes, sir,” Yvonne replied.

Yvonne locked a leash onto Gail’s collar, and a gentle tug was needed to make her captive follow behind her. Naked and helpless, Gail walked with Yvonne to the elevator. They descended in silence, and soon emerged into what looked like a normal basement area for a person of Eric’s wealth - a pool table and entertainment center. However, Yvonne with Gail in tow walked over to a special panel, and Yvonne opened a hidden door, behind which was a keypad. She tapped in a code, and a door opened in the wooden paneling.

Tugging at Gail’s leash, they entered a bondage playroom. Gail’s eyes opened as she saw a metal cage; a pillory; a jail cell (that she was about to occupy); chains hanging from the walls and ceiling; and a wall full of what looked various instruments of torment.

“Isn’t it wonderful that Mr. Green is a man of means; who has the resources to properly fulfill his desires?” Yvonne asked of her gagged companion, who could not respond to her question.

“Over here,” directed Yvonne to her naked captive.

“Here” was a small table on which four black leather cuffs were arranged. Gail stood meekly as Yvonne directed her to place one foot at a time on stool; whereupon a cuff was locked around first one ankle; and then another. Then her handcuffs were unlocked; and her wrists were similarly confined. Lastly a gleaming stainless steel chain was locked to the D rings on the ankle cuffs.

Yvonne opened the jail cell door and pushed Gail inside, and the door clanged shut behind her.

“Back up,” Yvonne ordered, and Gail complied. She felt the gag straps loosen, and the rubber ball was removed from her mouth.

“Thank you,” Gail gasped as she could breath through her mouth once again.

“You’re welcome darling. Now you can soak up the atmosphere in the jail cell for a while until dinner; and after that, why then the real fun will begin!”

Yvonne walked out of the playroom leaving Gail utterly alone; and the secret door closed behind her. Gail rushed to the cell door and pulled at the cold steel, which remained firmly closed, no matter how hard she pulled.

Naked and chained, every step rustled the ankle chain, constantly reminding Gail of her predicament. Gail Bell, Computer Systems Engineer; with a MS in Computer Science was now a naked chained captive in a cell awaited torture!

Her eyes took in the contents of the nearby wall: Whips; Riding Crops; Floggers; and plenty of other nasty things, all no doubt to be used on her!

Grimly she turned to survey her jail cell, which would imprison her until dinner.

Her accommodations were sparse, but adequate. A small sink and toilet would take care of her bodily functions (a small metal cup was chained to the sink and took a few drinks of cold water); and she looked at her reflection in a mirror above the sink. Gail was now a naked captive! And a very good looking one at that!

Watching movies and television throughout her life, Gail had always wondered what it must be like to be confined behind bars. Once, she had rented an adult bondage video. It was about a woman who had gone undercover to break a sex slave ring; and she had been bound and whipped; and been chained and confined in a jail cell.

Gail had been both revolted and fascinated at the same time; and even worse she had been aroused by what she had seen.

So here she was, in real life, confined behind steel bars, naked and collared; facing punishment for something that she didn’t do!

She pulled at the unyielding steel bars with her hands, with the leather bracelets locked around her wrists.

There was no escape from the cell. Not for the woman in the video, and certainly not for her either!

Forlornly she turned from the cell door, and still naked, walked to the bed, her ankle chains rustling to remind her of the captivity that she was now subject to.

There was a cot with a thin mattress that was hanging from the stone wall, and a couple of paperbacks had been left for her to pass the time.

Gail sat naked on the cot, acutely conscious that she wasn’t going anywhere until she would be let out of the cell.

Opening one, Gail wasn’t surprised to discover that it was a bondage novel of some kind. The back cover said the story was about a woman who had been kidnapped and then trained as a sex slave.

Since she wasn’t going anywhere, and she was an avid reader when not at work, Gail settled down in the cell to read the books provided to pass the time.


Dinner was a awkward affair, resembling that of “Rocky Horror.” Gail had been conducted by Yvonne (who was now stunning dressed in a Black Latex Maid’s uniform) to the dining room, where she was chained to her seat. The table was elegantly set, matching that of any prestigious restaurant, with fine china and white linens. Two silver candlesticks completed the service.

Eric soon joined her, wearing a fine Brioni suit and matching and probably very expensive Italian loafers.

Gail was naked, of course.

“Did you enjoy your sojourn in the jail cell?” Eric asked as Yvonne poured the wine and served the salad.

“Yes,” Gail answered her captor, “thank you for giving me something to read.”

“You’re quite welcome, my dear. Did you like the Playroom as well?”

“I thought that Dungeon might be a better word to describe it,” Gail answered, “I take it I’m not the first naked girl to enjoy your hospitality.”

“No, my dear you are not,” Eric stated, authority in his voice.

Dinner was an excellent veal marsala; complete with wine. Eric was a gracious host, and their conversation was about politics; economics; and computer shop talk. The fact that Gail was naked and chained simply didn’t enter into the conversation. Gail wondered if all of Eric’s female guests were similarly attired for dinner.

Once dessert had been served, Gail was conducted back to her cell to wait for the next act of her punishment.

She knew that whatever lay ahead was not going to be as pleasant as Dinner had been, however strange. Once back inside her cell, Gail again tested the bars of her cell and found them to be as implacable as before. Naked and hobbled, she awaited her fate, glancing at the instruments on the wall, silently wishing that they would somehow vanish. But they never did.


With no clock in the playroom, and she had not worn a watch (which would probably have been taken away) Gail had no way to measure the passage of time. Had there been a window she could have watched the sun’s passage across the sky; but down in the cell she had no way to gauge the passage of time.

Since she was locked in the cell, Eric and Yvonne would have to come to her; nor would there be any great distance to walk to her punishment.

Gail pulled at the leather cuff on her wrists; and tested her collar as well. All were locked firmly on her; and there would no exiting the cell until her punishment was to occur.

She was at least wearing her own heels - according to the books she had been reading they could have locked higher and much more uncomfortable shoes on her.

Gail was startled when she hear the door open. Yvonne entered, clicking her heels on the stone floor. She was still dressed in her black rubber Maid’s outfit. Eric followed closely behind her; and instead of changing into something else he was still wearing his Brioni suit - which made him even more menacing.

“Good evening, my dear. How are you?” Eric asked.

“Fine, sir,” Gail answered as she got to her feet.

“Excellent. I trust that you have had a good time down here?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Then you’ll be ready for your next trial. You’ve already endured some mild bondage; nakedness; and being confined in a cell. Have you enjoyed these experiences?”

“They’ve been interesting, sir.”

“Why are you calling me sir? I haven’t told you address me in any special way.”

“The books you had me read say that address is something important - and I’m afraid that if I address you wrong, I’ll be punished even more.”

“You see, Yvonne, I told you that Gail is one of my most intelligent employees.”

“Yes, sir, if you say so.” Yvonne answered.

“Do you know what is going to happen to you now?” Eric asked.

“I suppose that you’re going to flog me,” said Gail.

“Yes, that’s quite correct, my dear. That will be your punishment for using drugs.”

“But I didn’t use drugs,” she protested from within her cell.

“But science doesn’t lie,” Eric replied, “you saw the test yourself.”

Gail remained silent, the cell suddenly seeming a refuge for the moment, considering what would happen to her should she leave it’s relative safety.

“Cat got your tongue?” he asked, “aren’t you going to plead not to be flogged?”

“I don’t think that it would make much difference,” Gail replied calmly.

“No it wouldn’t,” Eric commented, “Yvonne, you can hang Gail from the ceiling now. She’s ready for her punishment.”

“Yes, sir.”

Yvonne opened the cell door, grabbed onto Gail’s right hand, and twisted her right arm behind her back. She then marched the naked captive to the center of the playroom, from which hung a bar attached to a ceiling chain. She then locked Gail’s wrists to the bar, rendering her helpless. Next the ankle chain was removed, and a similar bar was locked onto her ankles.

“No, no! Please! I don’t want to be flogged!” Gail cried, but her pleas fell on deaf ears.

Yvonne then walked over to the wall, and activating a switch, Gail was slowly pulled taut as the chain’s slack was taken up by a silent motor. Then she was raised ever so slightly so that she had to strain for her feet to touch the floor.

“Please, no!” Gail begged.

“You’ve got to be punished,” Eric said, coldly with menace in his voice.

“No, please, I beg you, I’ll do whatever you want, just don’t flog me.”

“I’ve got some money - I’ll pay you not to flog me,” Gail suggested.

“My dear, at last count, I am worth millions of dollars. I could buy and sell you many times over.”

“Please don’t flog me, please!” Gail pleaded.

“But my dear, what I want most is to flog you right now.”

“There are better things to do with girls,” Gail cried.

“Like sex?” Eric asked.

“Yes!” Gail cried. “Fuck me all you want, just don’t flog me, please!”

“Tsk, tsk. Such a vulgar term, don’t you agree, Yvonne?”

“Yes, sir.”

“I can tell you that once you’ve been properly flogged, or better yet, flogged on a regular basis, you’ll feel more female that you’ve ever been.”

“Girls don’t get flogged,” Gail said in response.

“Well, this girl is going to be,” Eric answered, “Yvonne, could you get me the leather flogger? You know the one I want.”

“Yes, sir.”

Like the actors in a weird play, Gail watched in horror as Yvonne removed a flogger from the wall, and handed it to Eric, who took his place in front of her.

“Kiss the handle, and thank me for your punishment,” commanded Eric.

Unbelievably, Gail soon found herself doing what she had been ordered to. Naked and hanging from the ceiling; her exposed body taut in the shape of a X; Gail had run out of any options.

“Thank…Thank you for punishing me, sir,” she said.

“There now, that wasn’t so hard, was it?” he asked.

“No…no, sir,” Gail replied.

Eric stepped back, and he drew his arm back. The many strands of the flogger flew through the air with a swishing sound, and next in what seemed like slow motion his arm flew towards Gail; the strands reaching out towards her like an angry Hydra.

Gail screamed as the strands struck her naked body. She had been expecting a devastating blow, but instead her first stoke felt more like a mild sting.

“Not what you were expecting?” Eric asked.

“I thought you’d kill me,” Gail replied.

“Hardly, my dear, I can’t punish you too strongly in the first few minutes when we have an entire night to enjoy. Now I’m going to flog you, slowly at first, with gentle strokes, that will become harsher as I go along. Once the night is over, if I’ve done this right, you’ll forever associate pain with pleasure. And then you’ll be back, begging me for more.”

“I doubt that very strongly, sir,” Gail replied.

“Right now, you’re in no position to refuse,” said Eric.

True to his word, Eric began to flog her. At first the many stands barely touched her naked flesh, playing against her breasts; underarms; bottom; and the outsides of her thighs. Each time she felt a stroke coming, Gail tensed within her bonds, her muscles straining against the leather prison.

But there was little, if any pain! Gail could have screamed her lungs out, but there was no purpose in doing so. Her naked flesh was gradually being warmed and reddened by the flogger; but instead of pain there was something between pleasure and pain! So she didn’t know how to respond!

Gail began to moan with each stoke, the sensations washing over her. With her heart thumping in her chest, beads of sweat trickled down her body as the flogger struck her flesh - and two harsh impacts to her breasts did not even elicit a scream from her.

Suddenly her flogging stopped, and Gail was startled when the leather ceased striking her body.

“What?” Gail cried.

“You were enjoying it, weren’t you?” Eric accused her.

“No, no!” Gail cried when she came back to her senses.

Eric reached forward with his free hand and inserted his for and middle finger into her pussy, which was wet with her secretions. He removed his fingers, and held them up in front of Gail’s face.

“The mouth may protest, but the body doesn’t lie,” Eric stated, “now clean yourself off my fingers.”

“Yes…yes, sir,” Gail answered meekly.

Gail took his fingers into her mouth, and tasted what her sexual excitement was like. Could she really be enjoying what was happening to her?

“Yvonne, give our captive some water. After a short rest, we shall continue.”

Yvonne produced a plastic water bottle and offered the straw to Gail. She sipped at the water slowly, her mouth dry with fear. Just what had Eric awakened in her - and was his prediction right that she would want to be flogged again?

“Better now?” asked Yvonne.

“Thank you,” Gail replied.

“You’re doing fine, darling. You’ll come to love the lash!”

Eric and Yvonne went off to talk together, out of Gail’s hearing. No doubt they were discussing how she was taking her flogging.

Resting within her bonds, Gail was suddenly afraid. Not that Eric would actually hurt her, but instead that she might come to enjoy being flogged! She tensed within her chains, wanting him to start again - and scared at the same time what sensations he would awaken within her next!

“The riding crop, Yvonne,” Eric ordered.

Yvonne handed him the crop, and he flexed it between his hands to show it’s stiffness.

“Do you know what this is?” he asked Gail.

“A riding crop, sir.”

“What is it used on?”

“Horses, sir.”

“I prefer to use it on naked girls, much more satisfying. Kiss the handle, please.”

“Yes, sir,” Gail answered.

When the crop struck her naked flesh, Gail discovered that the crop had two uses. At the tip was a small leather loop which stung, depending on the force of the impact. But when she was struck with the body of the crop, that produced the blaze of agony that she had been expecting before.

Skilled with the crop, Eric now landed the occasional stroke between her legs, onto the sensitive flesh between her legs. Gail had thought that by now she would be screaming in agony. Instead, she wanted Eric to continue!

Feeling both pain and pleasure at the same time, moaning with each stroke of the crop, Gail was sure that she would soon embarrass herself by having an orgasm. But just as she was about to come, her cropping stopped…leaving her right on the edge.

“Please! Don’t stop!”

“Before you begged me not to punish you, now you want to be cropped?”

“Yes, sir. Please continue,” Gail cried, amazed that she was now asking to be punished.

His fingertips ever so gently began to touch and fondle her skin, beginning with her breasts, making her moan with need.

“I think she’s ready, Yvonne,” said Eric.

“Yes, sir.”

Yvonne activated the motor, and Gail suddenly found herself standing back on her own two feet. She sagged in her chains, and Yvonne released her from her bondage, and then helped her through a doorway. Adjoining the playroom was a bedroom that looked like it could come out of the pages of a magazine, and Yvonne helped Gail onto the bed.

“How do you feel?” Yvonne asked.


There must have been another room nearby, since at that moment Eric entered the bedroom. He was no longer wearing his suit, but was instead dressed in black dressing gown. Opening it, he let it drop to the floor, revealing that he was nude and his cock was sporting a massive erection.

Gail lay back upon the bedcovers, making no effort to turn them back. Instead she opened her legs.

“Fuck me, please!” Gail asked.

Eric stood on knees over her, then gradually lowered himself on top of her. His rock hard shaft positioned itself at the entrance to her sex; then was suddenly plunged inside her.

“Oooooooh! Gail cried when she was impaled by his cock.

Moving his hips he pistoned his shaft inside her, and Gail, after recovering from the initial shock, was soon matching her hips to his. She just didn’t lay there during sex, but was an active participant.

“Aaaaaaaah!” moaned Eric.

Sweat from their naked bodies mingled, and the unmistakable smell of sex permeated the room. Yvonne had quietly departed, but Gail knew that she was probably somewhere close at hand should Eric need her.

Right now, though all that Gail could think of was the shaft inside her, and she wanted an orgasm - badly!

“Fuck me!” she cried as she folded her legs behind Eric’s body, driving his cock deeper inside her.

Finally, she came just as she did, the warm jet of his come coursing through her sex. One orgasm after another shot through her, leaving her panting and sweaty.

Once her heart had stopped pounding, she looked at awe at Eric, her boss.

“Sir, may I call you Master?”

“Not yet, my dear. Perhaps after a few months. You have to flogged and whipped on a regular basis before you can call me Master.”

“Yes, Sir.”

After a brief rest, they did it again, this time doggie style. With his hands on her hips Gail knelt on the bed, his shaft driving into her from behind. Never fucked before like this, it was a new and welcome sensation, easily worth the pain of the flogging and cropping that she had endured.

When it was all over, they lay together, her body clutched tightly to his. Gail was well and truly exhausted, and she fell into a deep sleep.


The next morning Yvonne awakened her, and took her upstairs, where she had drawn a luxuriant bath, complete with scented water. Yvonne scrubbed the sweat and sex from her naked body; and finally let Gail soak in the tub for a while.

Afterwards, she was given a rubdown that eased all the tensions from her body. Given a gown, Yvonne led her to the Dining Room, where Eric was sipping a cup of coffee.

Gail went to loosen the belt on her gown.

“There’s no need to be naked,” he told her, “sit.”

“Thank you, sir,” Gail answered.

“Did you enjoy your evening?”

“Yes, sir. Thank you very much. I completely enjoyed my punishment.”

“I think that your sentence has been commuted for now,” he told her, “Yvonne has cooked a wonderful breakfast for us, and then you’ll be driven home.”

“Thank you,” Gail replied.

“And next time, I’ll be using the whip,” he said.

“I’ll be looking forward to it,” she answered.


Sunday night, back in own apartment, Gail opened her legs and pushed the vibrator into her sex. The events of Saturday night were to be remembered and cherished, and she could not wait to pleasure herself again with a raging orgasm.

Gail smiled to herself. Just a week ago she had glanced on Eric’s desk and seen the brochures for the drug tester. But she didn’t know for sure what he was up to until a “client” had treated them to poppy seed bagels and cake. Gail remembered a TV show that she had seen where eating poppy seeds had produced a positive test for drugs.

So when Eric had called her into his office she knew what scene he wanted to play. Previously, they had done nothing more than spanking and some mild bondage.

But now the “seriousness” of drug use had actually sentenced her to punishment in the Playroom; and some severe bondage as well. Not to mention a couple of mind-blowing orgasms.

Next time, she would look forward to the whip. The only question was, how strongly should she protest?

And she really did enjoy being naked and wearing nothing but a collar and bracelets. Perhaps she would get a pair to wear inside her apartment, and use when watching Bondage DVDs; or even seated at her PC.

But that was for another day and time, as she pushed the vibrator inside her.


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