Extreme Toyland 7: The Party at House Victoria

by Dolor Delectatio last modified 2020-08-14T18:20:09-04:00 — Total 17.0 K words
first published on 2020-04-20T19:23:51-04:00
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Synopsis: Lisa, headmistress and owner of Extreme Toyland visits a party thrown by longtime friend and fellow BDSM extremist Lady Victoria in Germany. While the regular kinks are served at the ground level and basement of Victoria's mansion, a select group of dear friends, including Lisa, are treated to a series of private performances in Victoria's small home theater. Three young masochists undergo the most brutal forms of degradation and torture imaginable. Victoria's goal is to enlighten her audience. The first chapter features a filthwhore pain slut who has to ingest disgusting fluids while undergoing some brutal torture on her pussy and ass; the second chapter shows the depraved mind of a bloodslut masochist and the last chapter displays some of the cruelest nipple torture ever written down.
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3voluti0n says:
Aug 14, 2020 05:13 AM
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One of my favorite stories by Dolor Delectatio. Absolutely amazing! The scene with severe uterus torture is something special.
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