Extreme Toyland 9: A Night In Budapest

by Dolor Delectatio last modified 2020-10-18T08:22:40-04:00 — Total 22.0 K words
first published on 2020-05-03T16:31:23-04:00
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Synopsis: This story is a sequel to the previous Extreme Toyland tale "Polishing Daphne". Daphne and Rick travel to Eastern Europe as guest of the sadistic Master Istvàn, who will perform two extreme sessions with Daphne at his Pain Clinic studios. Before Istvàn gets to work on Daphne, he has a surprise in store for Rick. This story is written in the cold-fact style of Extreme Toyland's previous tales. Expect extreme genital stimulation and torture, nipple torture, whipping and blood play in a sadistic and inventive setting. Everything in this story is purely fictional and should remain in that realm. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
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