Extreme Toyland: The Beginning

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Synopsis: Mistress Lisa and four of her ultra-masochistic "toys" test newly recruited girls for a new web venture, ExtremeToyland.com, where the most extreme torture is performed (on demand) on willing slaves.

This is an account of the events as they happened during the startup period of the adult web site company ExtremeToyland.com. Owned and operated by Mistress Lisa, the company aims to cater images and videos of extreme sadomasochism to subscribers who can also submit scenarios and dares to the production team.

All of the sessions are held at Lisa's large mansion in a rural area in western Europe. She inherited the estate at a young age when both her parents died in a car accident. For the first couple of years she was taken care of by her aunt. But after she turned 22 and got her master's in social sciences, she took control of the estate. She spent almost five years refurbishing parts of the house, dividing it into living quarters and special rooms to bring her sadomasochistic fantasies and fetishes to life.

Some rooms are themed, others are each dedicated to one of her favorite activities. All in all, there are about 12 distinct rooms. I'm not going to describe them all right now. There will be time for a guided tour later.

Lisa has four live-in toys; three females (Lynn, 27; Elisa, 22; and Daphne, who just turned 21 last week) and one male, Rick (28). Lisa, Rick and Lynn have been friends and play partners for years. It's complicated on a romantic level, they never told me the details of their relationship. Together they formed the production team for ExtremeToyland.com a couple of weeks ago because their money well will be drying up if they keep going like this without generating income for their investments.

About a year ago, Lisa called for the help of Anna, a freelance photographer and videographer she met through the bdsm community at FetLife.com. Anna has been documenting Lisa's private sessions with her four "toys", as she calls them. Some of the resulting material is available on FetLife. Because of the nature of their work, Lisa offered Anna her own room in the mansion.

Today they're auditioning ten girls that responded to ads they posted on web sites like FetLife, CollarMe and Alt.com, asking for masochists and sadists between the ages of 18 and 25 to be featured in the torture sessions on their new web site.

About 20 girls applied, some even from places halfway around the world. Lisa hand-picked ten of them based on their photos and the extensive checklists they had to fill out. The lucky ones arrived this morning and Anna already took pictures of all of them for future reference.

The schedule for the rest of the day includes an example session for the applicants with toys Rick and Lynn. Then, after a short break, Lisa will host a competition for the new girls. Afterwards, she will determine who will stay and who gets sent home.


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3voluti0n says:
Aug 14, 2020 05:44 AM
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This scene describing Elisa in "Hole #2" is so perverted. The story is so well-written, that with a little of imagination, you can imagine her in that position with a spiked dildo deep in her pussy and uterus, and her bound deep-purple tits are all bleeding from the spikes and needles.
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