Faye Grows Into It

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Faye Grows Into It by LazyGarfield@mail.md

I will admit that Changes by Ninja Turtle had a strong influence. Please let me know if this universe deserves expanding.

I call her Faye Wong. That's who she looks like to me.  Almost. Her eyes  are just a little bit wider, cheekbones just a little bit more prominent.  Don't get me wrong, she cleans up real nice, but there are just enough  imperfections for her to be self conscious.  That's all you need really,  just that little wedge, and the rest of her nature of a human social  animal can turn a person into a total slut.

Just a little almost imperceptible wince at the right time. Just focus  your eyes a little longer on specific spots. Just that little push.  But  first you have to find your Faye Wong.  I found mine at a frat party. She  was there with her boyfriend at the time, and I was there for the free  beer.  There are advantages of living in a college town, and looking  young, even though I am twice the age of these young girls. I get some eye  candy and walking distance to the occasional free beer, and shake my head  at the overheard conversations of youth.

She wanted children. That was a primary life goal of hers.  He was aloof  about it. I mean, they're both still in school, I couldn't blame him. In  fact he was in the right about it from his perspective. But then again,  his perspective was in fucking her while in school, and probably moving on  in life after graduation.  Hers on the other hand was pleasing him in the  hopes of keeping him.  Two parties later, she was alone, throwing back  trashcan punch, trying to snuggle up to someone who could be her future  baby daddy.

I took her out to a fine dining restaurant, one that a college budget  could never afford, but then again, I wasn't in college.  The hook.  The  second date was the cheapest pho joint, the line.  The third date was a  movie where I pulled her hand under my jacket to jack me off and had her  wipe my cum off on her blouse, that was the sinker.


The last time he took me to the movies, he was a complete gentleman. He  bought me popcorn and candy, just a small gesture.  And it was a little  exciting to rub his hard little member in the middle of the movie.  I  didn't have any place to wipe it afterwards, and it was already dripping  on my blouse so it's not like I had much of a choice to clean myself up.  But it was a little humiliating to walk back to the dorm when all the  girls could see my obvious stain. They may not know what caused the stain,  but I knew. And if they actually got close to me, they could probably  smell it.

This time I came prepared. As he was buttering the popcorn, I grabbed a  lot of extra napkins. He noticed and winked at me.  That wink still gives  me little butterflies.  So we sat down and enjoyed our buttery popcorn. He  must have been distracted while winking at me because he put way too much  butter on the popcorn and we needed to keep on using the napkins to wipe  our hands.

Halfway through the action movie, the sex scene was pretty steamy and he  grabbed my hand again. He definitely thought it was steamy as well! I  missed the next part of the movie as I was giving him a hand job, but  after he finished all over my hands, I realized we'd used up all the extra  napkins I brought. Here I was again with a handful of sperm and nowhere to  clean it. At least this time I didn't let any drop.

Five minutes later, it was getting kind of runny and I was getting  desperate. I asked him if he had a hankerchief or something, but the look  on his face told me that was an annoying petty question for me to ask. But  he did give me a suggestion, "just drink it."

In the last week, when he picked me up, sometimes he had been excited to  see me already. By the time I got in the car, before we even got to his  place, he would ask me to give him a blow job while he drove. It was  humiliating to think that at the red lights, anyone could see me leaned  over onto his lap, but at least all they saw was the back of my head.  He  would remind me not to make a mess, which meant after giving him "car  head", I just had to swallow.  After the first couple times, I realized it  was no big deal.

But this was different. Giving a blow job with the cum already in my mouth  I could understand, but this cum had been cooling in my hand for the past  five minutes. I sighed but knew that the longer it took for me to think  about it, the colder it was going to get. I resigned myself and stuck my  tongue out.  It tasted pretty aweful, but as I pulled back, I saw from the  corner of my eye that he was smiling.  I looked over at him and he gave me  his special wink again.  So that's what I did, I lapped and slurped it up.   Since he was still smiling at me, I continued to lick all over my hands  and suck on my fingers.

He was hard again and moved my hands to give him another handjob. I  learned my lesson this time, and did not want to drink cold cum again.   I'll show him! I went straight for his cock and gave him a blowjob right  there in the theater!


Wearing jeans or pants got her a frown. Wearing dresses got her a smile.  Skirts got a wink.  Soon she was only wearing skin tight or skimpy outfits  and high heels whenever we went out. I would also show up randomly between  her classes.  She never knew when I would show up so she started to dress  that way all the time just in case. (I had my own business so though I  still had to work, I was the boss of my schedule.)  I took her to musicals  and the orchestra, things boyfriend's do, except our dates always involved  she giving me road head there and back, blowjobs or handjobs during  (depending on the lighting), and me fingering her the entire time.   Usually by the end of the show I'd have a finger up her ass.

That's when we graduated to butt plugs.  I let her choose which ones to  wear but each kind had its tradeoff. The rubber ones I got her had a  smaller bulb and we're more flexible, but the neck were thicker causing  her to keep her ass expanded. The hard plastic ones had a thinner neck but  a bigger bulb to get in and out. The glass ones had a small head and small  neck but had shiny jewels at the end making them fit uncomfortablly  between the butt cheeks.  Also the added weight without the extra  resistance caused them to constantly want to slip out. She had to tighten  her muscle constantly after one mishap in the middle of the mall when it  slipped right out since she wasn't wearing panties and it crashed and  shattered on the floor. I made her stand there until the cleaning crew  came by to sweep it up, directing people away. After all, it's a safety  hazard! I wouldn't want a kid to cut themselves on a broken glass buttplug  that just fell out of some random person's ass.


I hate the buttplugs.  I already hated the uncomfortable feeling like I am  constantly needing to go number two, not to mention the constant reminder  every time I move that I have something up my butt.  Especially after the  mall incident. But I do admit that without his help "expanding my rose"  (he has the most adorable expressions for me), I would not have been able  to fit this 4inch dong up my butt.  It's even more uncomfortable stuffing  the dong inside and then still adding a buttplug.  But nothing could be  more humiliating than when I refused the buttplug the first time thinking  the dong was too much already.

I was sitting in class when I felt it start to come out a little. Because  the dong was so smooth (if you could call ridges and bumps smooth), when I  stood up from my desk, half the dong slid right out! I was in such a panic  I plopped myself back in my desk practically impaling myself with the  dong. All my friends came over to see what was wrong, and the expression  on my face from the pain deep inside my intestines sure didn't help. I  finally convinced them that my foot fell asleep and that they should go on  ahead. After a few moments, I could feel some of my poop sliding down the  dong.  Some of them wrinkled their noses and pulled the rest along. I  could have died from humiliation right there, and can only hope they  thought the smell was something other than me.


Faye had a vision of having children. I had a vision of not having to deal  with her period. We came to a compromise with a hormonal birth control,  one of those where you inject the slow release capsule so you don't have  to worry about it for a year. I took the idea, but in addition to the  drugs to stop her period, I also added a slow release drug that would make  her erogenous zones more sensitive.

It only took about a week to see the effects. She was always on edge and  about to cum from just having her clothes rub against her nipples. Just a  small touch on her clit got her begging for more to get a release.

She'd already been wearing buttplugs almost constantly for awhile now, and  I'd been increasing the size of their necks. I specifically did not go  bigger on the bulbs too quickly because I wanted her to keep her muscle  tone squeezing to keep the buttplug in while at the same time dialating  what she could take.

With the new drugs coursing through her sensitive body, I began anal  training in earnest. I told her she could only cum when stuffing at lease  three fingers up her own ass. Then four, then five, and the easy  transition of her whole hand fisting her own ass.  Working my thick hands  up her ass was a little more difficult, but I had my eyes set on feeling  her ass clentch down on my wrist while she came.


He said he was concerned about me getting a little loose in my anal  muscles. To show me what it would be like if I didnt keep working on it to  keep it tight, he injected my back hole with some muscle relaxant.  I wore  a miniskirt and he allowed me to wear underwear after stuffing six inches  of an eight inch long anal bead dong up my butt.

I could feel my butthole expanding as the bead slid out, but it was all I  could do to clentch hard to keep it from slipping right out.  In fact only  my panties pulling it back up prevented just that from happening almost  every time I stood up after classes.  Remembering the dong incident I knew  what was happening this time and slowly sat back down feeling the beads  each expand and shrink my butthole as each one passed back in.  As all of  my friends were shuffling around me while I butt fucked myself, I quickly  told them my foot fell asleep again to explain my facial expressions.


She was getting a little boring. Me plowing her on top, making her fuck  herself on top, doggy, anal spinning, etc. It was getting a little mundane  doing the same things every day.  I started to leave porn on my computer,  making the motion of just shutting off the monitor when she's walk in.  Pretty soon she got the hint and in the middle of the night would go see  what I was looking at. (I'm pretty tech savvy so I know how to isolate the  login so she only sees what I want her to see.)  The next day she  suggested we get a little kinky with the handcuffs and rope she bought. I  gave her a wink and day by day brought out something from my toy chest one  at a time as if I was adding to the collection, instead of showing her my  plethora of playtoys that I already owned.


We brought out that I've been calling the doggy frame, and he strapped me  in it. It's a simple contraption, with vertical supports to hold me up  under my armpits and a horizontal bar to support my chest. The bars under  my armpits extend back toward my legs and had another horizontal bar to  support my stomach.  The complex part was that the head rest was  adjustable such that after I was strapped in, he could pull it back and  bend my head back. Because of my position, that meant facing forward. I  also had to swing my legs around the outside of the poles in the back  before my ankles were strapped in, which forces my knees spread apart.   The supports made it not too bad because it held me in the position even  when I fully relaxed, putting me on all fours with my head facing forward.

When I said it's not too bad, he took it to mean I was comfortable, and  kept me in this position for two days straight.  In front of my mouth he  put one of those rabbit water bottles so I could drink whenever I got  thirsty. I say "like" because instead of the little metal nub, then end  was instead a rubber penis that was constantly half way in my mouth.  All  I had to do was close my mouth and suck.  Maybe he put something in the  water because even though I kept on drinking, I kept on getting thirsty.  Or maybe it was just the diarrhea that was dehydrating me.  It was  humiliating to ask him every time I had to poop or pee to clean up for me  and wipe me down.

There I was, locked in doggy position with his cum leaking out of my  vagina and butt from the latest of what seems like continuous sex, when I  heard the doorbell. I was locked in position in the living room, so there  was nowhere for me to go.  He calmly took a towel and threw it over my  head and answered the door!

   "Hey man, just wanted to... Oh. My. God. So sorry. Sorry to have  interrupted you!"    "Hmm? Oh, no big deal. What's up?"    "I didn't mean to barge in on you and your girlfriend man."    "Oh, that's not my girlfriend. That's just a fuck slut."

I was already hyperventilating in embarrassment, but to hear that almost  made me cry. Did he think of me as a "fuck slut" instead of his girlfriend?

   "Come on in. What did you want to speak to me about?"    "I wanted to let you know... I wanted to... Hey man, could I touch her?"    "Touch who?"    "Her! The girl you have mounted in the middle of your living room!"    "Oh it. You mean it. It's just a fuck slut, like any other furniture. I  mean thanks for asking permission. Thats mighty respectful of you.  Just  because a pillow is a pillow doesn't mean I want any random person to put  their head on my pillow."    "So can I?"    "Sure!"

I felt a cold shiver run down my spine that this random person that I  couldn't even see had already seen me naked and mounted, with my breasts  hanging down and my vagina and butt sticking out.  But to have this random  person feeling me up, right when I could feel another glob of cum leak out  of my butthole, made me die of shame right then and there.

   "Oh wow, her nipples just totally stiffened up right now!"    "*IT*. It's nipples just stiffened up. But I think you're right. It  must like this anonymous attention."    "Could I... I mean... Could I fuck her?"    "Well, it's one thing to take a nap on my pillow. It's another thing to  take your shoes off and put your unwashed feet on my pillow."    "Dude, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to overstep my bounds like that."    "Nah, it's fine. I know this is a whole different set of decorum that  you're not used to. How about this, stick your dick in its mouth and have  it suck you off.  And if it doesn't make you cum within two minutes, then  it must mean it would prefer you fuck her in the ass and pussy both."

I didn't know who this person was, but I knew I had to suck like I'd never  sucked before to get him off within two minutes.  I couldn't even move my  head and could only rely on my lips, suction and tongue.  Good thing he  provided all the in and out action as he practically thrust himself down  my throat each time. I only had to lick his shaft a little bit before he  came in my mouth.  I swallowed it on instinct.  After he pulled out of my  mouth, a little bit must have dribbled out because he smeared it on my  upper lips right below my nose, and made me smell his cum.


That kid ran out so fast after he came he almost tripped over his own  pants. I still don't know what he came over to tell me.  I even tried to  talk to him at the party at his frat house that night with Faye in tow.   For some reason darting his eyes between me and Faye and he became all  tongue tied and stumbled away.

But before the frat party, I had to get Faye ready.  She'd been strapped  to "the bitch frame" for two days now, I wonder if her muscles still work  of if they are locked in bitch position.

The first thing she cried about wasn't even me giving her to someone else  for a blowjob.  First she asked me if I really thought of her as an  object. I had this answer prepared, walking a thin line. I told her I was  protecting her by not revealing who she was to her classmates, and how  adorable, desirable, and sexy she was to me for being so slutty and that's  why she turns me on so often.  I followed that up with how sexy it was for  me to see her give someone else a blowjob.  I made sure that the next set  of porn I "hid" on my computer was highly concentrated on bukakes and  gangbangs.

As for the frat party itself, it was pretty anticlimactic. I guess that  frat boy was too shy to kiss and tell. That's too bad.


What am I going to do? Tuition payments are due, and I planned my  financial aid such that I could supliment it with the job at the mall.   Not that I could bear to show my face there again to be snickered by the  local high school boys as "the slut that dropped her buttplug", but I've  been spending all my free time with him that I hardly have time for  studying, not to begin talking about a second job.

Sleep has been a little more difficult these days too.  We started playing  this game where he would bend me over the bed, tie my legs spread to the  posts, and my arms spread. Then he would lay on top of my arms trapping my  head above and between his legs giving him a blowjob all night long.  The  first night I fell asleep and layed my head on his leg. He got so mad I  made his leg fall asleep that he gave me twenty whips, and then ten  paddles on top. I couldn't even move my arms to block it because they were  asleep! Not that I would block it even if they werent tied down or asleep.   He helped me fix it the next night by tying my long hair in a braid up to  a ceiling hook to hold my head up. He said, to keep me part of the fun of  the game, he attached the other end of the rope to a hook that went into  my butt.  That way when I gave him a blowjob throughout the night, I would  be assfucking myself at the same time.

When I told him about my financial problems, he suggested I be a webcam  model. He said I wouldn't be doing anything I wasnt doing already, and  even helped me by choosing a mask so I wouldn't be recognized. I'm not  sure the ballgag was necessary, but the ballgag's straps were sewed onto  the facemask, so I guess it's just part of it. He said it would disguise  my voice as well, which I guess is a good idea.


I convinced Faye to get a tattoo.  She was reluctant at first and hemmed  and hawed saying how "a tattoo is the definition of regret" because of how  permanent it is.  I spun my tale and gave her my charming smile, "but my  sexy Faye, that's _why_ I want you to get a tattoo! I want you to get a  tattoo with my name to show you how permanent our relationship is!"  I  knew it was a foregone conclusion when she asked me a what kind of tattoo  design.  "How about my pet name for you?" For some reason the thought of  getting a tattoo of "fuck slut" put her back on the defensive. But I said  it in a joking way so she wasn't quite sure if I was serious. Either way,  though it was a foregone conclusion, it was still a battle of where to put  it. I relented and negotiated that she would get it where nobody could see  it, but in return she would agree to any tattoo I wanted.

As we were getting out of the car at the tattoo parlor, running her  vibrator on full blast with the tickler on her buttplug instead of her  clit, I offhandedly mentioned, "oh, I almost forgot, the tattoo artist  requires release forms." She was too far gone to do any legal reading.   Not only did she sign the release forms, she also signed the full power of  attorney giving me all rights.

The asshook keeping her awake for two nights and the edging for three days  was putting little miss Faye in sex zombie mode. By the time I sat her  down in the chair and gave her one mind blowing orgasm by spinning the  vibrator's tickler around to her clit, she was out like a light. These  guys were quick and efficient shaving off her eyebrows and hair. The hair  I kept to make a wig, after all a promise is a promise. In large  lettering, from the back to her forehead, I wanted to see "[my] ANAL  WHORE" clearly so I can read it while she gives me a blowjob. To keep my  promise, I chose the black color. But that's only half of it. It is a  mixture of black and black-light ink. In normal lighting her tattoo will  blend in under her hair.  Under a black light, she will be the glowing  "ANAL WHORE" for anyone looking from above. I did mention that she was a  petite 5'3" Asian, right?


I cried that they shaved my head, but he was very kind and considerate to  have saved it and gave me my own hair back to use as a wig.  It's going to  take months before his cruel joke of "ANAL WHORE" tattoo gets fully  covered by my hair growing back.  But that wasn't the most humiliating  part.  When I got back to the dorm, all I could focus on was the throbbing  of my scalp. I didn't notice my eyebrows until I got out of the community  shower and saw they were thinner than before the shower. In fact they were  not thinner, but the tattoo parlor had painted on my eyebrows. When it  washed off, I could read the stylized words "fuck slut" right there on my  face!!  Every morning I had to wake up before my roommate so I can paint  my eyebrows on to cover the words. I can't face anyone for very long,  being self conscious that they would see "my pet name" peeking through.   Eye contact means something totally different to me.

The only time I feel comfortable speaking now is facing my webcam because  it's my fingers doing the talking and the mask covering my face. I never  noticed that the eye holes were big enough to show the eyebrows, but one  time the makeup smeared when I was upside down fingering myself and  squirting on my own face.  The people in chat commented on my "fuck slut"  and I had to quickly shut off the cam. I made up a story that someone in  private chat paid a hefty tip to have me paint that on.

Speaking of webcam, it's definitely giving me a lot of positive income,  but for some reason it's also a high source of expenditure. I feel like I  am buying lingerie all the time. I don't think I've washed a pair of  underwear in weeks, sending them out all the time. And I had to buy,  sorry, "invest in" all the different dildos, dongs, vibrators, plugs, and  lube. The straps, whips, paddles, and cuffs. And most recently a Sybian  and a fuck machine. I even had to buy the software to link up the speed,  depth, intensity and time for those machines to the tips from the  camshows.  I don't think I can make the next payment.


We auctioned off another tattoo to pay for her tuition payment.  What she  didn't know was that I naturally created an account and am one of her  prime instigators.  Her nipples and areolas are one of those extremely  dark ones.  The last time I put her up for the wet t-shirt contest, she  didn't even need to get wet to see her nipples clearly.  So this tattoo  was to tattoo her areolas and nipples flesh colored so to the casual  observer it would look like she didn't have them.  I thought that was  hilarious because of the irony that most people want darker nipples. Not  that most people do anything about it, least of all tattoo them.

This time I convinced her to take a pill to be knocked out. Not that she  needed much convincing as soon as the needle touched her nipple.  What she  didn't know while she was out was that the tattoo artist had gotten a  special tri-spectrum paint.  Under normal lighting, Faye would look  boobless. Under blue light, it would almost glow a bright pink. And  finally glowing under the blacklight as well.  Here is a bit of science:  incandescent light is pretty yellow. Florescent light has a green tinge to  it. LED lights is actually blue!  As the world turns on more and more LED  lights, she'll be shining her bright pink nipples more and more.

Since Faye was out drugged, might as well take the opportunity. I also had  her pussy lips tattooed with just the simple black light ink. As for her  asshole, not only did I get the outer ring done, but actually quite a  distance inside, about two inches in. Same black light ink. Normally you  wouldn't see anything, but have her wear a clear buttplug and shine a  blacklight up her ass, and any airplane will be able to land in the  darkest of nights.  That was not cheap! Good thing I could apply for more  credit cards and loans under her name.


I was in constant pain and could only drink a liquid diet for a week. He  also had me do constant enimas to keep it clean and not get an infection.  I stuck by his instructions as there would be no explaining a medical  record of "infection in rectum due to tattoo".

While I couldn't service him, he told me he was going to strip clubs, and  that broke my heart. I signed up for a pole dancing class and went any  time I wasn't with him to practice. I got to know the ex-stripper  instructor so I could go in at night by myself for extra practice. I  wanted to get a better experience while naked for a more realistic skin on  pole feel. It's just too bad that she had studio windows that I could  never find how to close the blinds, so I had to do my routine where anyone  driving on the street could see me naked.

Finally I asked him to take me with him to the strip club. He gave me his  special wink and brought along my mask that I used for webcamming. Somehow  showing my face on stage had escaped me! He's so thoughtful.

When I got on stage, I was so surprised! My nipples were glowing!! That  was so embarrassing to have two huge bright targets glowing brightly right  on my chest. But I was already on stage and I could see his frown when I  hesitated, so I started my routine. While hanging upside down, I could see  even my pussy was glowing!! I almost fell and broke my neck. I had to grab  the pole so hard I think I got my pussy lips bruised from rubbing against  the pole.

When I was done, I just wanted to curl into a ball and fall into a hole.  But he wanted to stay around for the dances, and he even paid for some  strippers to give me dances.


During her webcam shows, she always wore her mask. Naturally I recorded  all of them and made sure that if someone else didn't post them online,  they would "somehow" get online. What she didn't know was that I kept the  camera rolling when she got offline by a simple remote desktop fiddling.  So there was always a clear transition of her webcam show to her full  face, often after she'd cleaned herself off showing her "fuck slut"  eyebrows.

Is there any question that I also recorded her strip club exposes? Cell  phone cameras are great. Not only do I have her prepping before putting on  her mask, but I also have her taking off her mask under the full glow of  the blacklight clearly showing she is the girl with the blaring nipples  and cunt.  But that's not all I got. Obviously she saw her nipples and she  probably noticed her cunt. But I'll bet she didn't notice every time she  bent over, the crowd wasn't just cheering her figure but also her glowing  asshole.  Spinning around on that pole also showed her "ANAL WHORE" tattoo  glowing through her hair.


He said I was rude to the girls at the club, and didn't respond to their  affection. I'm not a lesbian, and part of what drove me to him at the  beginning was that my lesbian roommate Olivia was hitting on me.  I guess  she was only interested in the conservative type because as soon as I  started to change my wardrobe Olivia stopped being interested in me and  started dating Alice, an ultra-conservative petite Chinese girl who was  still in the closet.

He suggested I take some lessons from them on how to be affectionate  toward other girls. There was no way they would let me watch, and Olivia  wouldn't want a three-way with a fuck slut such as myself. Yes, I've  noticed her staring at my eyebrows every time we talk so she must have  noticed something.

He suggested I set up a camera to record them while I'm out of the room,  so that I could review the videos to improve.  They are actually quite  passionate when no one is around. I could see Olivia fingering Alice's  vagina almost any chance she got, and the moans when Alice sucks on  Olivia's breasts were pretty loud. They also had a double headed dong like  mine, though shorter than mine. They used theirs between themselves in  what I learned was called "scissoring", unlike the 10 inch one that's up  my butt at the moment held in by a buttplug that vibrates to sound, such  as Olivia's moaning.


I have power of attorney over her, and drained her credit. I already filed  bankruptcy on her and structured her debt such that all her webcamming and  stripping profits just go to paying off interest, and barely at that.  Naturally all her debt collection mail goes to a PO Box that I get so  she's none the wiser about her dire financial straits.

Her criminal record isn't clean either. I took her on one of my business  trips once, for no other reason than to walk her past TSA airport  security. This was immediately after an attempted bomb, so I knew they  would be on edge. Faye took her "comfortable" six inch metal dong up her  ass and I wrapped a chain around her waist and between her legs to keep it  in. I padlocked the chain and sent her through security. The TSA agents  were confused at first, but not one was amused. Well, except maybe one  lady that I think I saw out of the corner of my eye.  There was petite  little Faye standing in the middle of the busy airport having to explain  she had a metal dildo embedded up her ass and a chain holding it in.

They even called the FBI over and shuffled her into interrogation.  It  wasn't until five hours later that they got the chain cut off, and had a  bomb squad extract her dildo. In a room of 15 men and Faye bent over  showing her gaping asshole, they finally told her all this was going on  her criminal record, and she better not try this stunt again.


Not too long ago, my life plan was to finish college, finding a husband  while doing so, then graduating and getting married to have three kids.  (Being honest, this day and age, getting married isn't even that  important.)

Now, I have "ANAL WHORE" and "fuck slut" tattoos on my head and face, my  nipples and vagina glow, and I feel perfectly comfortable with an eight  inch dong up my butt walking around campus.  I am a webcam model with I  don't know how many people around the world that have seen me naked with a  fuck machine plowing into my butt while I rub my clitoris just so I can  orgasm for the fifth time in half an hour for what amounts to $60.

At least I found a guy who still cares for me after all that and even  having been arrested by the FBI for having an "undisclosed weapon hidden  on person".  He even talked a cop out of taking me to jail from the strip  club because I was too lewd for the city ordinance.

Tuition payments are due again soon, and I just can't seem to save enough.  I can't go home to ask for any money, my parents are tight as it is saving  for my little sister's upcoming admissions to university.

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