First Offense

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Christine is caught shoplifting, and works out an alternative punishment with the irate store owner.

A quick foreword: I wrote this more than 20 years ago as a first chapter to what was planned as a longer story. I fully intended to polish and expand on it a bit more. I never got around to that, but it’s a nice and short story on it’s own too.. If I ever find the inspiration, I might write a sequel with the main character, and possibly the shop lady will re-appear as well.

This story has been published in a couple of places, being rewritten and cleaned up between postings as I get older.

Please note: This story is purely fictional. Consent is dubious, but this is merely a fantasy. Please practise safe, sane and consensual sex.


First Offense

By Darkside Dora

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Christine looked both ways before slipping an item into her purse. She felt a small rush of adrenaline as she quietly walked towards the exit of the store. She'd shoplifted for a while now to combat the increasing boredom of her normal daily routine. This was the first time she'd stolen anything in a sex shop though, she was only recently allowed to go in here having just turned 18 the previous week. She'd been blushing heavily when she entered the store, and in order to get an obstructed view of the register, she'd had to go all the way to the back of the store. Getting there, she hadn't even looked at the cover of the dvd she pilfered. That wasn't important. Getting that adrenaline high was. She'd almost gotten out when she heard a female voice behind her.

"Stop right there you little cunt! Don't think I didn't see you!"

She was grabbed by the arm and dragged through to the back room. The owner of the store was pacing up and down in front of her, letting out a tirade about how pissed off she was at shoplifters constantly helping themselves to her wares. That's why she'd had CCTV cameras installed covering the store, and more importantly, why Christine wouldn't have any defense when the cops were called. The realization shook Christine.

"Please no, not the cops! I'll pay for the movie! I'll never steal from you again!" She was begging, not wanting to have to call someone to bail her out. Even worse, it could be her father showing up to arrest her.

"Too bad," the owner scowled at her. "I'm sick and tired of you people, and I'll have to make an example out of you."

"Isn't there some other way? Please?" She was desperate now. "Something I can do to make up for it? I'll work here for free!"

A flash of light shone in the owner's eyes. A cruel smile formed on her beautiful lips. "Actually, I could think of some other way to punish you for this. Get undressed and bend over."


"It's that or the cops, cunt. Now, lose the clothes, bend over, and grab your ankles."

Christine reluctantly removed her shoes, blouse and skirt. She moved to bend over when the voice came from behind her.

"You're not done. All of it. Socks, bra and panties."

"Please, I’m sorry! Can't I keep them on?"

"All of it, or the cops. Your call"

With a look of resignation, the rest came off as well. Shen bent forward, and grabbed her ankles as instructed.

"Wait here for a second while I fetch something from the shop.”

Moments later, Christine heard a swishing sound before her backside exploded in pain. She jumped up screaming, rubbing her butt furiously. She felt a strange warmth spread from the point of impact, but mostly she felt just pain.

"Get your ass back in position, and try to hold it this time." The store owner casually paced around her, swinging the flogger in the air. "I think another nineteen strokes will do, making this an even twenty"

"Please, no!" Christine begged.

"It’s flogger or flashing lights. Make your decision!"

Hesitating, Christine bent forward again. Another swish, another explosion of pain. She jumped up again.

"If you can't stay down, I'll have to find a way to fix you in position, as well as rule out any strokes you've already received. Keep quiet as well. Now, get your ass back in the air!"

Christine managed to keep down for the following couple of swats, letting only small yelps of pain through her lips, but when the seventh came, the flogger came up between her legs and the fast-moving ends snatched at her pussy lips. She let out a massive scream and hopped from one foot to the other, waiting for the pain to end. Her pussy was on fire. It wasn't just the pain though. Something else was happening as well. she could feel herself getting moist.

"That's back to square one then, and you need to be restrained. I'll be right back."

Moments later, Christine was facing the visitor chair, her hands cuffed behind her and a spreader bar holding her legs apart. She didn't quite see how the cuffs would hold her down though, since she was still standing up.

"Just a couple more items, and we'll restart the punishment." There was a wicked gleam in the owner's eyes now, not just the anger that had been there before. She disappeared behind a shelf again

"Open your mouth!" A bright pink ball gag was unceremoniously shoved into the teens mouth, filling it completely. "That should take care of the noise issue. Now there's just that bit about keeping you down." She played with the teens nipples for a little bit, getting them nice and hard, and then picked two more items out of her pocket.

"These are clover clamps," she enlightened the girl. "They go on your nipples, and the harder they're pulled, the stronger they pinch down." Keeping her gaze fixed on Christinas eyes, she placed one on her right nipple, enjoying the whimper and the sudden change in expression. She gave her a bit of time to get used to it and settle down.

"Ready to start again?" she said after about one minute. Christinas muffled protests and shaking head didn't help. The other one went on, and the muttering went to a high-pitched squeal. Using a bit of string, she pulled the teen down, and secured each clamp to the armrests of the chair.

"God, that looks great. I think I'm going to need some photos of this."

Christina was a mess. Her ass was still warm from the first few spanks, and her nipples were hurting under the pressure of the clamps, but she could also feel her juices running down her spread legs. She had never been this aroused before in her life. Even now, as a complete stranger was walking around her, taking photos from every conceivable angle, all she could think about was how much she wanted to cum. She raised herself up a bit, making the clamps pull tighter for a moment, feeling the excitement build even further.

"There's still something missing" she heard the owner say, "but not to worry. I have just the thing!" She felt a sticky glob land on her exposed anus, and soon after a finger entered her despite her muffled protests. Surprised at first by the intrusion, then by the fact that she didn't hate it, she was soon squirming. The finger disappeared, but just as she was about to voice her disapproval, something cold and hard replaced it. As it kept pushing in, she realized this was a lot larger than the finger she had enjoyed moments before.

"Oh, shush. This is just a fairly average buttplug. I could always go back for a large one if you want something to whine about. Sadly, that would mean getting a rubber one, since I'm all out of large glass plugs..." After a bit of effort, the plug slid home and her sphincter grabbed it tightly. She felt it rotate a bit, before the woman got up and started walking around her again. "Yes, much better!" The woman started walking around her again, snapping pictures and pinching at her exposed flesh.

Moaning and sighing with her eyes closed, she neither saw nor heard her beautiful tormenter place the camera on her desk and grab the flogger again. The first smack came as a complete surprise. Acting on reflex, she tried to stand up, but the clamps gave her a brutal reminder to keep still. Her tits and ass were on fire, and the heat seemed to run straight to her crotch. Stroke after stroke landed on her ass, and every time she moved the clamps bit down harder. Then, suddenly, the spanking stopped and the clamps were removed. That hurt even more, as blood rushed back into her nipples. She was horny beyond control now, just following instructions. She felt light-headed, dazed, on the edge of orgasm. Things went foggy for a bit, she realized someone was fumbling with her bonds, but as the orgasm neared she kept getting more and more hazy.

Suddenly she found herself being pushed to the door, wearing just her shoes, blouse and skirt, with the plug still making itself felt in her behind. The underwear had gone in the top drawer of the desk, along with the camera. She was holding a bag of the items used as well as the DVD she'd tried lifting.

“Souvenirs,” the owner had told her. "Can't sell used merchandise to the customers!" The woman had rung it all up and collected payment from Christine’s purse before shoving the girl out onto the sidewalk.

"Next time, I won't be this gentle!" It had sounded more like a hopeful promise than a threat.

Christine hurried down to the bus station, disappeared into the ladies room, and drove her hand down under her skirt. Within seconds, the orgasm hit her like a freight train as she sank down on the seat, hand still on her pussy and with her weight pushing the buttplug further in. After a little while, she emerged. From the way people were staring at her, she knew they knew. She felt the slow heat starting to build again as she walked towards her bus, hoping it would be the one with the dodgy suspension.


The End

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