Game in the Snow

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by Raven <>

(Posted with author's permission)

Feeling the chill of the early December air as I step out of the car. Already wondering if I dressed warm enough for this football game. Of course the poor heater on the 1969 Impala wasn't kicking out much more then lukewarm air. Grabbing a wool blanket folded over my arm as I follow Terry out of the parking lot and buying a ticket, onto the football field. "See you after the game Rave" Watching Terry going up the stands to the booth to call the game. He is a senior here at Our Lady of Lourdes High School. Me, well I am a sophomore happy to be included and get a ride to the game. Terry is good like that, looking over me, including me. No, he is not my boy friend.

Finding a seat up at the top of the bleachers and to the side of the booth. Putting my blanket down on the seat and wrapping it over my legs. Hoping I am dressed warm enough. A denim flannel lined jacket with a Lourdes sweatshirt beneath and a short sleeve tee shirt under that. A pair of tight jeans and panties covering my lower body and legs. A pair of knee high socks and sneakers on my feet. A maroon wool ski hat over my long dark brown hair and matching gloves and scarf.

The temperature expected to be in the twenties at game time. The sun long gone from the sky as I wait shivering on the wooden bench for the kickoff. A thermos of hot cocoa my only defense against the nice air. Watching the teams warming up, the stands half full. Waving to some my friends from school, mostly girls. Lourdes still is basically a boy side/ girl side Catholic High School. Some mixing in the class rooms; but mostly all boy or all girl.

Not sure why I am here at the game, other then a chance to ride with Terry and be away from the house. Football isn't the easiest game to understand, though I have a fairly good concept of what is going on. Being a die-hard Giants fan brought up in a rabid football home with my brothers.

The first few flakes of the scattered snow showers wetting my face, as I pull the blanket around my body. Pulling my scarf up around my neck tucking it into the jacket. The kickoff signaling the start of the game, booming into the lights surrounding the field. A very non distinguished game the first quarter with miscues. The players having to be frozen down on the field with the wind picking up and the snow moving in whirlwind gusts.

"Hey Rave, where your friends?" Looking up to see George and Mike walking down the aisle I am sitting in and stopping to sit by me. Seeing them shivering, as neither is dressed warmly enough for this night. Thinking that I should have worn looser jeans and long underwear. My figure isn't that great to begin with, so the bulky look wouldn't detract from what I don't have.

As the second quarter winds down and heads to halftime, the score is a measly 3-3. Since this game is for the league championship, no one is leaving the half filled stands. As the gun signals the end of the first half, I hear my brother shouting to me. Looking up, seeing him waving to me from the door of the booth. "Hey, get me a blanket from the car Rave." Undoing my cocoon and shaking the snow from the blanket, George grabbing it before I could set it down. "That's mine." " Get us some blankets if you have extra." Walking to Terry taking his car keys and climbing down the stands, weaving through the huddling crowd and to the parking lot. Finding a couple of more wool blankets in the trunk, and buying a hot chocolate for Terry and climbing the stands again. The wood a little slick as I step from row to row. Finally reaching the booth and knocking on the door. Handing Terry the blanket and coffee, feeling a flush of heat in my cheek, as he touches it for a moment. "Thanks kid." Feeling another different flush as I realize he thinks of me as a younger friend, not a girl.

Sitting down beside George and Mike again. seeing them draping the blanket over their front. Thinking how their backs and backsides have got to be cold. "You guys are lame. Walking to the row in front of the booth, waving the guys over. Hold this blanket." Handing them the one I am carrying and pulling the other off of them with their protest loud of whining children. Brushing off the bench, placing the blanket down on it and then sitting down. "Now come sit on the blanket and we will use the other one to cover us up." Feeling like I am dealing with helpless children as they pull and tug. Finally settling with me in the middle and each one of them on either side, holding the blanket around their backs as the other covers our fronts .

"Play nice guys." Chiding them as they still tug and pull on the blankets. "We can all be warm or all be cold. Your choice." Shortly after the PA announcing that the second half will begin. Looking down from just below the booth seeing the stands a bit emptier then before halftime. The snow increasing in intensity as is the wind. The booth breaking some of the wind's bite.

George moving closer on one side and Mike on the other. Trying to trap the heat of our closeness in our sandwiching blankets. Concentrating on the blurry playing field, I feel a hand resting on my right thigh. My breath catching as the hand moves up and down my thigh. Then sliding down to my knee, and turning inward to move up the inside. Looking down seeing the movement as the blanket shifts on my lap. The hand pulling on my leg, pulling it away from the other. Taking another deep breath as I feel it moving up and then bumping against my crotch. My eyes going wide as I feel the touch. Then feeling the fingers moving against my crotch, pressing the denim of my tight jeans against my mound lips.

My hand finally moving to pull at George's as I feel it pushing at the inseam, that was splitting my puss lips. The hand insistent, the bare fingers pressing on my pouty lips. Looking over at George and seeing his grin, his eyes leering at me. Not saying a word as we silently struggle under the blanket. Not even looking over at Mike to see how he is reacting. "Relax Rave, I am just warming you up a little. " His breath tickling my ear as he whispers in it.

Feeling embarrassed, a flush heating my cold face and neck. Happy that an upper classman was paying me attention; but this wasn't what I expected. Turning my head and looking up to the booth above us, not seeing anyone there looking down because of the angle. Then suddenly my glove being pulled off my hand. Feeling the warm fingers of George, as he guides my hand to his lap. Feeling the bulge in the front of his jeans, as his hand moves mine over his hardon. Not sure what to do as I feel the outline of his cock pressed against his pants. Moving my hand over and over his bulge. His hand releasing mine and moving back to rub on the tight material of my jeans. Pressing the seeming swelling lips, defining them and the slit.

My small breasts moving up and down on my chest, feeling the nipples hard and pushing at my "A" cups. Then gasping as I feel his hand moving higher and under my jacket. The finger pulling at my snap on my jeans. Sucking in my tummy and feeling it loosen. Then the sound of my zipper being pulled down, sounding so loud to my ears. Each tooth disengaging from the opposite one. The material straining across my mound, not loosening as the tension is taken off. Feeling his finger, pushing into "V" of my open fly. The cotton material of my panties just a thin member of clothe between his finger and my private area. Feeling it defining my slit, as he pushes the panties between my labia.

Feeling a heat in my pubic area, as I bite my lower lip. Stifling a moan, as the finger pushes deeper into the tight cleft of my pussy. Not sure what to do, my hand resting on the bulge, as my legs squeeze close trapping the finger in my pants. "Relax Rave. I like the feel of your hand on me. Rub it some more." His finger moving in my pants, trying to find a way under the leg hole of my panties.

As I rub the stiff penis with my right hand, I feel my other hand being placed on another stiff bulge. Feeling the outline of Mike's cock in his khaki's. Looking around to see if anyone is watching us, but barely able to the field and the players, the stands a dwindling amount of spectators as they leave looking like white snow people, coated in the cold white flakes.

"Lift up. " The words in my ear, as I feel a mouth sucking on my left ear lobe. Lifting my slender frame up and feeling a hand pulling at my jeans, sliding them partway down my thighs. Feeling the coolness against the back of my cheeks as my jeans are half off my ass cheeks. The hand moving up to the waistband of my panties and feeling the warm palm as it slides over the lightly haired mound. Then gasping as I feel a finger slide between my lips and then deeper between my lips. Eyes closing as I feel the finger and then fingers moving in and out of my wet puss. My hips tilting upwards, legs spreading apart, as George slowly fucking my pussy with his digits. Panting loud and quick as my thighs tense, feeling the excitement building in my body.

Not able to contain my fingers as they work at the zipper of George's jeans. His hand assisting as he undoes his belt and snap. Feeling the warm soft outer flesh of his cock as I work it through the opening of his boxers. The hard core as my slender fingers grasp at it, working them up and down the hot organ. Hearing the gasp of pleasure as my fingers slide along the pulsing cock. His fingers now forgetting my pussy as he leans back. Taking my hand and wetting it with my mouth, spitting into the palm and then moving it under the blanket again to grasp partially around his cock. Sliding the fingers up and down the shaft.

My other hand now searching in Mike's khaki's as he pulls his fly down and spreads the tabs. His cock warm as it pops free and into my waiting fingers. Both my hands working up and down the aroused Senior cocks. Feeling George leaning over to my ear again. His warm breath blowing his whispered words into my brain. "BJ Rave. I want a BJ." His tongue moving around my ear as I shift on the seat. "No. I don't do that stuff." My mouth denying his request. His lips sliding to where my shoulder and neck meet. His tongue and lips working the soft flesh. My body twisting as I feel the sensations of my arousal, making me squirm on the bench. Cursing as I feel my body fall weak with resistance, my nerve endings so alive with sensation. Wondering where he heard about that spot.

"BJ Rave." His hand reaching up, as he sits back on the bench. urging me forward. Moaning helplessly as I kneel on the foot boards of the bleachers. Feeling the chill in my knees. My jeans sliding down lower on my thighs just held up by my bent knees. The heat of my core meeting the chill under the blankets. Darkness under the heavy wool as my head is covered. turning to him and then leaning forward. My lips finding his warm cock. Tongue sliding out and licking around the crown. Wetting it with my saliva tasting the familiar precum oozing from the pee slit. Spreading it with my tongue as my fingers grasp the medium size cock and start to slick it with saliva. My tongue working up and down the pulsing shaft. Hearing George gasping as my mouth stretches wide and my lips are forced around the mushroom cap. Lifting on my legs and lowering my head slowly down the warm shaft, feeling the soft flesh on the outside and the harder core beneath.

My head moving up and down a few inches on the shaft, my cheeks hollowing and filling as I suck on the maybe virgin cock. Feeling George lifting to force it deeper into my mouth. The musk of his groin strong in my nostrils as they mash against his jeans. My fingers finding his balls as he pushes his jeans down further. Massaging them and rolling them through my fingers as I continue to pull at his hardon with my lips.

Feeling a hand pushing my panties down over my thighs and squeezing and kneading into my ass cheeks and then sliding lower to rub my enflamed pussy lips from behind. My legs shifting to open as far as possible to allow the hand access to my pussy from between my legs. The tip of a finger moving into the wet tunnel, rubbing at my seeping pussy.

George pushing me down on his cock as I hear him groaning loudly. Feeling the head expanding in my mouth and then the hard jet of hot cum against the back of my mouth. Swallowing the first glob of seed, then the next spurt. The youth or excitement of the moment, sending more jets of cum into my mouth, gagging as he jams his cock hard against my throat. pulling back and feeling the cum splattering on my open lips and face now. Droplets of seed spotting my face, as I lean forward and luck at the swollen tip of his large man nipple. My fingers milking up his shaft to draw forth the last few drops of cum. Finally pulling my head back and taking a deep breath as I lick around my lips.

Awkwardly turning on the footboard to the other side and finding the hard cock of Mike in the darkness. My lips pulling the knob into my warm slick mouth. Working George's cum and my saliva into the shaft lubing it as I seal around his cock head and pull my cheeks to suckle his engorged purple crown. A hand pushing down on my head after a few strokes of my mouth up and down the shaft. Tasting the thick release of his cum and the loud grunt as he spews his seed into my mouth. Gouts of thick creamy white cum filling my mouth. Holding just the knob in my lips as spurt after spurt fill my mouth with the lovely cream. Fingers again milking the shrinking shaft and tasting the last drop from the distended cum slit.

Pulling off the warm shaft and sitting as I work the cum into a froth in my mouth. Finally contentedly swallowing the load of seed. Weakly pushing myself up off of my knees and popping out of the blanket into the swirling snow. The cold forgotten for those minutes of pleasure. Awkwardly, pulling my panties and jeans up over my thighs and then ass and hips. Zipping them to hide the engorged lips of my pussy. Trying to tuck my tee shirt into the pants, as I feel the chill of the evening finding any opening in my clothing. George and Mike looking at me as I wipe the droplets of moisture, cum from my face. Teasing them as I lick it from my finger. Tongue sliding over and around the finger tip.

Feeling George's hands resting against my mound as he sits back, a look of satisfaction on his face. Now, Mike, refusing to even look at me, pretending to watch a game obscured by the blowing snow.

The PA sounding like a distant voice as the end of the blizzard like game ends with a victory for OLL. Final score 20-10.

George and Mike joining Terry at the booth as he packs up the equipment. Me trying to fold the snow laden blankets and carrying them as best I can. The snow finding every opening in my jacket. The wet flakes melting on my warm flesh. Looking at the boys as they bullshit with Terry, as if nothing happened. As if they didn't get a blow job from BJ Rave, or HJ Rave (hand job).............the easy girl if you need some attention. That is my reputation, the reason no one would sit with me in the stands. No girls or boys, other then Terry's friends.

Grabbing Terry's blanket and following the three Seniors to his car. Dropping the blankets from the stands in the trunk and holding the one Terry had in the booth in my arms as I climb in the back seat with George. Mike riding shotgun. George's finger's gripping my thigh as we drop off Mike and then him. One last pat of his fingers against my puss lips and out of the car. "See you tomorrow Terry. Good game, huh Rave?"

Climbing over the front seat and riding shotgun now. Moving closer to Terry and leaning against his shoulder as he drives. My thigh pressing against his, hand resting on his thigh. Enjoying the closeness that we are sharing. Knowing I would never be his girlfriend.

My hand moving up and down his lean thigh. Massaging along his right leg as he drives slowly through the snow laden streets. Continuing as he doesn't resist my attention. Taking a deep breath and finally moving to cup the bulge in his jeans. Squeezing it through his pants. Then sliding down his zipper as he slides forward a little bit on the seat. My small hand finally capturing my goal, and sliding it out into the air. His swollen cock warm and hard. So similar to the two cocks earlier in the bleachers. Loving the feel of the soft flexible flesh on the outside of the shaft, and the more solid core. Looking down, in the passing street lights, seeing the smooth velvety head, as my thumb rubs over the elastic cap. Hearing his soft moan as I continue to lean contentedly against his shoulder.

The car pulling into an open parking place across from College Hill Park. Looking through the windshield at the blue white blanket of pristine snow. The snow falling heavy now, small flakes filling the ruts made by passing cars. Must be at least 6-8 inches of snow already. An early winter present for the weekend.

Looking up at Terry and feeling his lips as they kiss my forehead. Pressing softly against it, as he brushes my long dark hair to the side. Melting as I see his smile in the semi-gloom. "Rave, I think I know the answer; but did you do anything with George or Mike. I only saw the two of them wrapped in the blankets that the three of you were in." Feeling a moment of dread as I look up, my lips quivering. "I am sorry Terry. George sucked on my neck." A simple answer, a simple explanation. Those words telling him more then a whole explanation could. His hand reaching up and pushing my scarf and collar back, stroking the spot that is most likely bruising into a hickey.

A soft laugh. Shaking his head in mock dismay, "which of my little girls showed up tonight? BJ or HJ." His fingers stroking over the smooth flesh, knowing the spot, caressing the spot. Feeling my response as my body shifts on the seat. My fingers tightening on the swollen member of his cock. The soft expulsion of my breath, as my nipples harden under my coat. My body responding so quickly to Terry's touch. "Please. Please. " The words imploring him to take pity on me.

"Get in the back." Feeling his hand slapping my ass as I half roll over into the back seat. The front seat sliding forward as he pulls it all the way to the front. Then as I spread the one dry blanket on the seat, and undo my coat and jeans, moving them down my legs. Awkwardly kicking them over my wet sneakers. My long thin legs white in the darkness in back. Skimming my panties down my legs an onto the floor. Laying waiting, as he looks down at me. Then watching as he slides over the seat. His hardon still sticking through his jeans. Leaning against the back seat, as he slides his pants down to his ankles. Feeling the warmth of his body as he lays across me. His cock warm and pulsing against my thigh. Spreading my legs to the sides, lifting them into the air, exposing my slightly covered pussy with a down of dark hair.

My labia already, still swollen from earlier. Not having had any satisfaction, my not quite virgin pussy wet with my juices. Feeling the knob of his cock press against my wet slit. Then the opening being pushed apart, and ......................Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, a loud moan of pleasure as I feel his cock pushing my walls apart, the tissue forming around the cock as it pushes into my cunt. Feeling him inflating his cock head against my walls. His thicker pubic hair rubbing against mine. My legs curling and wrapping around his hips, ankles diggin into his lower back.

His hand pushing my sweatshirt and teeshirt over my bra, exposing the small cups, my back lifting as his fingers nimbly undo the clasp. His fingers then pushing the bra above my flat chest. Only the thick pointy nipples rising from my body. His mouth finding one and biting gently. My body writhing against his groin as the sweet sensations, shoot to my core. His fingers working one nipple his mouth the other. His body still as my lower body moves against him, fucking his cock as I push and pull myself against him. Seeing his smile as he works my ultra sensitive nipples. A quick orgasm, of muscle contracting on his swollen shaft. Helpless wriggling on his cock, like a worm on a fish hook. My mewling sound filling the confines of the car. Then biting my lower lip as he rotates his hips, fucking into my body. His strokes controlled as he works my pussy into a frenzy of need. Bracing on one hand as he pounds my cunt into the backseat. His other hand finding my unhooded clit and pinching it softly, again and again. My body jerking in an uncontrolled release. Clenching hard as my legs tense and one hard contraction after another, milking his cock. As I lay back weak with my release, I feel him tense and then know his cock is feeding my cunt, my womb his delicious seed. Coating my walls and cervix with is sperm.

Looking up at him with tears in my eyes as he finally rests against me. His semi hard cock still in my pussy. His balls hanging in their sack against my asshole as my legs reluctantly release his hips. My legs sliding down his long lean thighs and resting on the blanket beneath me. Pulling my feet to the side as Terry pulls his jeans up over his lean flanks. Tightening them around his waist, as I lay 3/4 nude spread open and leaking onto the seat. The creamy cum, puddling between my thighs, as my fingers scoop at the white cream. Licking the goo from my fingers as I lay back open and spent. Then finally wiping myself with my panties and shoving them in a pocket of my jacket. Pulling my jeans back over my legs. The tight sheaf making me shiver as the seam brushes against my bare clit. Pulling my shirts down, bra still undone and buttoning my jacket. Sliding over the seat to lean against Terry again. Feeling my crotch wet and leaking his juices, my juices, staining my pants. "Thank you," as I kiss his arm.

Enjoying the short ride of a few blocks home. Sliding back to lay against the window as we pull up at my block. "I'll get the blankets tomorrow and clean them up?" Looking at Terry expectantly as I wait on the sidewalk. Then following him up the steps to the porch and opening the front door. "Thanks Terry, I will see you tomorrow." Looking back as his soft words reach my ears. "Sleep well sis, see you in the morning Rave."

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