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Fleur III: Suffer Club by Dolor Delectatio — last modified 2020-10-31T09:51:43-04:00

Super masochist Fleur travels to Berlin to discuss business opportunities with a business associate of Fraulein Elsa's. While there, she is enchanted by a young, eccentric and extremely sadistic mistress named Dominika. This story is part of the "Fleur" series in the "Extreme Toyland" universe by writer DolorDelectatio.

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The Goddess-Queens of Pudendor: The Abducted by Aubrey Wylde — last modified 2020-09-09T16:06:17-04:00
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Pudendor! The female counterpart to the infamous planet Gor, where women are in charge, all men and most women are slaves, and the mysterious Goddess-Queens impose a low-tech civilization. Taryn and her boyfriend, Stanley, have been kidnapped and stranded on Pudendor. If they're ever to return to earth Taryn must use all her skills, mental and physical, and sometimes sexual, to work her way up the perverse social ladder to find the Goddess-Queens.

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School Discipline by Bradley Stoke — last modified 2020-09-05T04:13:19-04:00
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Nothing is more important at St. Charity's Church School for Girls than School Discipline and in its pursuit no pupil is punished more than Winona. She envies so much those other pupils such as Chrysanthemum who never suffer the rod, birch or paddle. So when she is given the opportunity to get to know her fellow pupil better, how can she turn down the opportunity?

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Gina Goes Topless by sfmaster — last modified 2020-08-31T12:08:25-04:00
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Every guys fantasy about his girlfriend. There used to be a topless bar out in Suffolk County NY named Bogart's but they are long gone :(

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Bondage Breakup by Voyeur — last modified 2020-09-26T11:17:18-04:00

A couple break up after an intense BDSM relationship. She asks him for some of their toys and restraints- he agrees on the condition that she can only take those sex toys and outfits that she can manage to wear, fit or strap onto herself in one go for her last bondage and orgasm filled trip home! A tale of 3 parts

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How My Sex Doll Saved Me from Depression by John Tang — last modified 2020-07-17T14:32:58-04:00
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I never thought the sex doll would save me from depression or make me that macho man that I am today. Before I even thought about owning a sex doll, I used to have a girlfriend who was amazing and we did a lot of things together.