My Party Girl

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What happens when a slutty teenage girl returns home afterattending a frat party...

I was sitting on the couch watching the evening news.  "...And in local new, the Serial Kisser struck again," news anchor Jack Johnson said, "This time at Liberty Pier Mall where he kissed five middle aged women before jumping over the railing at the edge of the pier into the water and swimming away.  Correspondent John Jackson is on the scene..."

The image on the TV changed and news correspondent John Jackson began speaking, "Shoppers here at Liberty Pier Mall were shocked today by the appearance of the Serial Kisser.  An eyewitness had this to say..."

Again the image on the TV changed: this time to a skinny decidedly ghetto looking guy with dreadlocks and a tattoo on his face, "Yea, so dis guy in a ski mazk walked up to deez tree fat-azz'd middle-age chicks and jus' planted a kiss on each a' dem.  Id was horrific man, but ad least he doin' a public service by kissin' dem fat-azz'd old chicks who ain't getting' any..."

"Euw!  The Serial Kisser: that's gross!" my fifteen year old daughter said as she walked into the living room.

I hit the mute button on the remote and looked at the clock in the lower right corner of the TV screen: 6:12 p.m., before commenting, "You're home early..."

Christy ignored my commented, "A guy just walking up to women and kissing them, one after another: think of all the germs he must have on his lips..." I could practically feel her shudder at the thought, "...and they're old women too: they probably have like medical cream on them, and stuff..." The very idea made me chuckle.

I turned off the TV, as Christy walked around the end of the couch.  "You're back from the party a lot earlier than I expected," I said, succeeding in getting her attention this time.

"Yeah," she said as she stepped in front of me.  "This party was just for members of Sigma Epsilon Xeta; the only people there not in the frat were Stacy, Bekka, and me..." she trailed off.

As a former Sigma at Cummings University's Madison campus I was all too familiar with the type of party my teenage daughter had attended; so I lied through my teeth, "Sounds like a lousy party." All the while, I was staring at where the nipples on my fifteen year old daughter's stunning braless C-cup breasts were straining against the thin pastel pink fabric of her skin-tight cut-off mini-t-shirt, which she had shortened so that the very bottom of her breasts were just barely visible below its ragged bottom edge...such a delicious sight.

"Actually it was kinda fun," she said, as the motion of her hands moving across the bare skin on her flat belly caught my attention.  I lustfully watched as she seemed to caress the elastic waistband of the micro-skirt that was hanging from her teenage hips.  "Between the three of us, we did every guy in the frat twice," she said with pride.

"Sounds like you had a good time," I said, reveling in the fact that I had succeeded in raising my teenage daughter to be such a magnificent and glorious slut...just as I had promised I would do all those years ago when I officially became a member of Sigma Epsilon Xeta.

"Well," she said remorsefully, "none of the frat guys were willing to put their dicks in my pussy `cause of my period." I glanced down below the hem of her black micro-skirt to see a few little drops of blood on her inner thighs.

"The fools don't know what they're missing..." I truthfully commented.

Christy gave a single laugh before saying, "All of them used my butt, so it's okay..." with a smile.  I was about to say something, but my daughter beat me to the punch, "They slid their dicks in-and-out really hard and fast...and made sure they were all the way in when they shot their cum in me."

"That's great..." I said as I put my hands on her fifteen-year-old hips and pulled her towards me.

"And Daddy," Christy said with a big smile, "I made sure to put a butt-plug in afterwards to save as much of it for you as possible."

"You are such a good girl," I commented as Christy turned around and bent over at the waist: the back of her micro-skirt riding up, and revealing the bare skin of her spectacular round fifteen-year-old butt-cheeks.

Once she had braced herself by putting her hands on her ankles, Christy asked, "You can have it now if you want, Daddy?"

I moved my face as close to my daughter's teenage ass as I could then began pulling the butt-plug out of her anus.  The instant it popped free a torrent of light brown cream poured from her gaping asshole.  I shoved my open mouth in between her firm round ass-cheeks, and began sucking it up: the combined flavors of stale drunken-frat-boy cum and teenage-girl shit were practically of those little things that makes life worth living...

After swallowing all the frat-boy cum that had poured out of my fifteen-year-old daughter's well-fucked asshole, I stuck my tongue out.  Since Christy's asshole was still gaping wide open, it was easy for me to shove my tongue into her.  Moving my tongue around against the side-walls of her asshole I enjoyed the slimy coating of bodily fluids which had not poured out of her...

After a few minutes of licking out my daughter's asshole, I pulled my head back and said, "Yum..."

Christy laughed a bit at my comment as usual.  Then, as she stood, my daughter spoke up, "A couple of the frat guys asked me why I don't smoke..." she trailed off.

"Uhm...ah...umm..." I stammered, "Why would they expect you to smoke?" I finally managed to ask.

"Stacy asked that too," my fifteen year old daughter said, "The `Orgy Chief' said that all girls who like anal smoke..." she once again trailed off.

"Uhm, I think that's really more of an old wives tale," I tried to explain.

After about twenty seconds of silence, Christy said, "Well, anyway, after we left the frat house, Bekka called her sister Cory: she like told her about what the frat guys said, and Cory offered to like teach me to smoke..." my daughter paused for a moment before continuing, "I want guys to know I like anal: so Daddy, can I go over to Bekka and Cory's so I can like learn how to smoke?"

"Well," I began, "Are you sure you really want to smoke?  It's expensive and not particularly good for you." I tried to dissuade my fifteen year old daughter from the idea, "Not to mention its dirty; what with the ashes and all..."

"Yeah...  But if it's what I gotta do to make sure guys know I like anal..." my daughter briefly trailed off before completing her thought, "...then it'll be like worth it and stuff."

"It is your body, so it's your decision," I once again found myself saying.

"Thanks Daddy," Christy replied before kissing me on the lips.  She then promptly turned around and all but ran to her bedroom while saying, "I totally gotta get changed."

I hit the mute button on the remote and returned to watching and listening to the evening news.

Perhaps fifteen minutes later Christy returned to the living room.  "...Yeah, you can pick me up like whenever you want..." I heard my fifteen year old daughter say into her cell phone.  There was a brief pause: clearly she was listening to whoever was on the other end of the call.  I hit the mute button on the remote again, hoping to hear more of the phone conversation.  "Yeah...thanks; like totally." Christy said before moving the phone away from her ear and ending the call.

"So Cory's gonna teach you to smoke?" I half asked, while turning my head to see what my daughter had decided to wear for her first cigarette. I was a bit surprised to see that she had changed into a black tube-top, a pair of skin-tight dark blue jeans, and a pair of brown open-toe ankle boots with a two-inch wedge heel.  Come to think of it, I didn't even know she owned a pair of shoes like that...

"New shoes?" I asked

Christy looked down at her feet for a second before replying, "Not new; but for me, yes." Seeing the confused look on my face, my fifteen year old daughter explained, "Bekka like found them last month, and since they're like my size she totally gave `em to me."

Curiosity getting the better of me, I asked, "Where'd she find them?"

"Remember when that bunch of like twelve year old boys got arrested for having sex with that totally passed out chick like near the dumpsters behind the chemistry building at Cummings University?" she asked.

"Yeah: one of `em was on top of her when she came to," I answered, before asking, "What's that got to do with where Bekka found your new shoes?"<br /> "She found them, in that like concrete moat at the back of the building...they were totally covered in puke, but it came off with a hose..." Christy said.

"The girl those boys raped when she was passed out was barefoot..." I thought out loud.

"Yeah; they like totally must have been her's.  But considering how she was all bitching and stuff about the boys having sex with her while she was passed out; there's like no way she'd want `em back," Christy reasoned.

"I suppose not," I commented.

"What the hell is the deal with that chick anyway: all the times I passed out after a night of drinking, I'd have totally loved to have like come to surrounded by a bunch of guys with no pants on any one of those times..." Christy mused.

"You're a party girl," I began to offer an explanation, "Clearly she isn't..."

My daughter smiled at my response, before strutting across the room and sitting on my lap on the sofa.

Instinctively, my hands moved to her nubile body: my right hand finding its way to her thigh; and my left hand to the side of her ribcage, the tips of my fingers against the side of her ample teenage breast.  I don't know why it took so long for the thought to hit me; but it did at that moment, "So, how'd you get home from the party?"

"Some like thirty year old guy gave me a ride," she said.

"In exchange for?" I asked hoping to get my fifteen year old daughter to tell me more about the glorious slut that she was.

"He only wanted me to suck him off, then give him his cum back," she flatly answered.

"And?" I asked.

"He was driving this like old van; so I totally squatted between the seats and leaned over his lap.  There like wasn't much space for my head between his belly and the steering wheel, but I managed," Christy began telling me.

"Sounds kinda fun." I commented, remembering the time I had gotten road-head while driving to spring-break during my senior year in college.

"It was fun, but having to remember to not swallow was like hard and stuff," she continued.

"He shoot a big load?" I asked.

"Eight spurts: so not like huge, but big-ish..." Christy answered before adding, "Afterward I had to like half-stand so I could push my lips against his and then totally shove his load into his mouth with my tongue."

"That's cool," I responded.

"Yea, but his lips had this like mediciny taste..." my daughter sounded as though she was thinking out loud.

"You said he was about thirty and driving an older black van?" I asked, as the description of the Serial Kisser suddenly popped into my mind.

"Yeah..." she tentatively replied before asking, "Why?"

Ignoring my daughter's question, I asked, "What was he wearing?"

"Black pants with a stretchy waist, black t-shirt..." she half paused before adding, "a baseball cap and sunglasses; why?" That was exactly what the Serial Kisser had been wearing at Liberty Pier Mall earlier in the day.

"He didn't have a moustache, did he?" I asked; trying to make it sound like I thought she had gotten a ride from someone I knew. "No: no facial hair," Christy replied.<br /> I gave my fifteen year old daughter a quick kiss on the lips.  Then, in a semi-joking tone, I informed her, "You kissed the Serial Kisser."

"Wait: YOU'RE the Serial Kisser..." she half accused me before saying, "God Dad, that's so gross."<br /> Deciding to have a little fun with my teenage daughter, "You can't tell anybody about it since some people think what the Serial Kisser does is rape," I chided.

"That's not rape," she declared.

"You and I both know that," I explained, "But what about all those people who have issues with what goes on at parties at the Sigma Epsilon Xeta house...  They'd consider it to be unwanted sexual contact, right?"

"Okay, I won't tell anybody," Christy replied before adding, "But kissing a bunch of fat old women: it's like totally gross..."

"Why do you think it's so gross?" I asked my daughter as I eased the finger of my hand that had been on her hip behind the waistband of her tight jeans.

"Well, who knows what's on their lips: they could have like kissed a bunch of old guys, or totally have like medicine on their lips, or whatever," Christy explained her reasoning.  Meanwhile, I was sliding my hand up her thigh and began unbuttoning her jeans.

"You don't think a little mystery can add to the excitement?" I had asked as I began tugging the top of my daughter's jeans down over her round fifteen-year-old ass.

As she began lifting her butt up, so I could pull her jeans further down, Christy replied, "It is like kinda fun not knowing who's dick is in me..."

Before I could respond to my daughter's comment, her hands found their way to my fly and began opening the zipper.  In short order I felt the familiar sensation of slender fingers wrapping around my mostly hard dick, before my daughter had pulled my dick out of my pants.  She wiggled around a bit on my lap before the head of my dick found its way into a warm moist and very familiar sheath: my daughter's fifteen-year-old pussy.  With the head of my dick properly seated in her slut hole, Christy slammed her body down: forcing the entirety of my dick into her hole in a single motion. Little more than a millisecond after I felt her firm round teenage butt-cheeks press against my hairy balls, Christy all but shot up several inches until only the very tip of my dick was just barely nestled within the entrance of her very well used slut hole.  She then promptly slammed her body back down: forcing the entirety of my dick into her once again.  In a matter of a few seconds she established a fast passed rhythm of moving her body up-and-down: my rock hard dick sliding in-and-out of her warm and very wet fuck-hole.

It wasn't until a full minute after my daughter had first impaled herself on my dick, that I fully noticed that her slutty fuck-hole was substantially more wet than usual.  The sucking and slurping sounds being produced by our incestuous coupling were also louder than normal...  For a full forty seconds I wondered why Christy's pussy was wetter than normal; then I remembered what she had said shortly after returning home from the party: that she was having her period.  "Menstrual blood is the BEST sexual lubricant ever!" I silently thought.<br /> Little more than an instant later I felt a drop of pre-cum ooze out of the little hole at the tip of my dick.  The very notion that my pre-cum was mixing with my slutty teenage daughter's blood inside her body caused my dick to twitch.  And from past experience, I knew that when my dick gave a twitch the little hole at its tip would briefly open; allowing some of Christy's menstrual blood to enter my dick...the very notion that she and I were so literally sharing each other's fluids was perhaps the most beautiful and erotic idea I could have ever thought.

"You're gonna make Daddy cum soon," I half teased my daughter.

"Good," she half groaned, "Cause that hole is in severe need of cum..." God damn: Christy was slutty...

Little more than a second after those words had passed her fifteen-year-old lips, I felt the oh-so-familiar sensation of my butt cheeks tightening under me.  Knowing the girl I'd raised to be such a magnificent slut as well as I did; I did everything in my power to give her absolutely no hint of my impending orgasm.  My hairy balls drew up, I felt the little tube on the underside of my dick expand as my cum began to surge towards the little hole at the tip of my dick.  I took a small breath as the first spurt of my hot, thick, sticky, creamy-white, sperm-laden adult cum spewed out of the little hole at the tip of my dick into my fifteen year old daughter's bloody mess of a pussy, while Christy was moving her body downwards: an thus forcing my cum deeper into her teenage body.  As she began her up-stroke, the second spurt of cum blasted out.  Then, with just the head of my dick inside her well used fuck-hole, the third spurt rocketed out of my dick.

Just as the very last of my third spurt of cum shot out of my dick into my teenage daughter's well used fuck-hole, she half asked, half commented, "You're like totally gonna cum soon, right Daddy?"

"I already am," I informed her, as the fourth spurt of cum was blasting into her pussy.

"Thanks Daddy," Christy responded in a cutesy sounding voice that made her seem about ten times sluttier that she really was.

"You didn't used to like it when I shot inside your pussy," I commented at the same instant that her firm round fifteen-year-old butt cheeks made contact with my hair balls.

"Only when I was little," she responded in a defensive tone.  Then, half a second later, just as the sixth spurt of my cum was shooting out of the little hole at the tip of my dick, Christy added, "Mom, wasn't too happy about you putting your dick in my hole either back then..."

Before I could respond to my daughter's comment her phone rang.  She quickly answered it, "Oh hey Cory; I'll be out in a minute, I gotta like finish what I'm in the middle of..." Little more than a second later she was hanging up.

Once the seventh spurt of cum had oozed out, my dick began to soften.  This did not go un-noticed by Christy, who immediately lifted her body up and off of my dick.  She yanked her jeans back up over her butt and a moment later was headed out the door.

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