Not So Cruel Summer

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Summer was never like this
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WARNING!  This story is only for adults over the age of 18 and contains Strong Sexual Content.  It is intended as a work of fiction for ADULTS only, and the author does not in any way condone similar behavior.

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Not So Cruel Summer



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Not So Cruel Summer” by


      It was May 1998, and summer had arrived with a vengeance early.  Now you can blame it on El Nino or the greenhouse effect, but in a year where Winter didn't happen (at least for Long Island) Spring didn't happen either.  Instead, we went right into what felt like high summer, with the temps being in the 90s every day from early May onwards.

      I work for my uncle Dave's pool company, and you would think that I would be happy for the hot weather.  Except that I had just had a hard year in college as a chemistry major, and wanted to have a little time off to myself.  Instead, no sooner than I had gotten home from school, I had to be out working.

      Now, don't get me wrong.  I'm grateful that I have a job for the summer.  And I know that Uncle Dave is overpaying me, as a favor to his sister (my mom).  But still, organic chemistry was a killer last semester.  All I wanted to do was lay around the house, put my brain on hold, and sleep twelve hours a day.

      But once the hot weather hit, I was instead out working twelve hours a day.  Using my chemistry background I was the one Dave sent out to test and clean out pools.

      You would think that the rich folks that Uncle Dave sold pools to might be smart enough to properly maintain their pools.  Nope.  It seems like everytime the income goes up, the IQ level goes down.  I had learned from working previous summers the rich were the worst in keeping their pools clean.

      Today I was at the home of Gail Connors, the worst of the lot.  She was a wealthy woman who owned a large house, and was one of Dave's best customers.  Not only did she have Dave install the pool, but we had been kept on to maintain it.

      Which was where I came in.  So here I was, faced with the one or two day job of getting this pool ready for use, with Gail hovering over me every step of the way.

      Gail was around 40, good looking, tanned and muscular.  It was apparent to anyone that she knew she had a great body, and made the effort to maintain it.  A good sized chest, a narrow waist, and a firm ass made her one attractive woman nearing middle age.

      Here I was 20 years younger, and hell, I was attracted to her.  Under my shorts, I was hard!  Of course, I was working, and she was keeping an eye on me from her chaise lounge.

      My first job was to take the vacuum and clean out all the leaves and other stuff on the bottom.  Using a long pole, I sucked up everything that had settled there.  That took a little over an hour.  Then I tested the water for ph and microbes (didn't want people getting sick), and then hooked up the extra pumps and filtration systems that I brought to really clean the water.

      "How's it going?" asked Gail.

      "Just fine, Ms. Connors," I answered.

      "When do you think it will be ready?" she asked.

      "Well, I've cleaned out the stuff on the bottom, and the heavy duty pumps and filters will remove the rest of the sediment.  The chlorine will kill the microbes, and then it'll be safe to use."

      "Good, I'm having a party this weekend."

      "It'll be ready."

      "Your Uncle Dave tells me you're in school.  Your name is," she thought for a moment, "Sam?"

      "Yes, ma'am."

      "Could you do me a favor?"

      "Sure," I answered.

      "Could you rub some lotion on my back, I'd like to tan there too?"

      "That's really not my job here, Ms. Connors."

      "Please?" she asked.

      "Okay," I answered.

      We walked back over to where she had been seated before.  Instead of lying down right away, she poured a glass of iced tea into a waiting glass.

      "Have a drink," offered Gail.

      "Thank you," I said, thirsty from working in the hot sun.

      "You're a good looking boy."

      "I work out in the weight room when classes get too much."

      "Why don't you sit down and make yourself more comfortable?"

      "Okay, thanks," I answered.

      We both sat down, and I wondered just why she was getting so friendly to me.

      "Do you have any girlfriends?" she asked.

      I frowned, since she had hit a sore spot in my life.


      "That's awfully personal," I answered politely.

      "I'm sure that someone who looks so nice must have plenty of girls looking for him."

      "No, usually I'm too busy studying, Ms. Connors."

      "Too bad.  Could you spread the lotion, please?"


      She adjusted the lounge so that it was laying flat, and she followed suit.  I got the bottle from the table, opened it, and squirted some on her back.  I rubbed it on, and everything was going fine until my hand brushed against the bra straps, and the bra opened!

      "I'm sorry," I said.

      "Just what were you trying to do?" she yelled, as she rose and draped a towel over herself.

      "Nothing, honest!" I cried.

      "Now you're going to come into the house and I'm going to call Dave, and you're going to fired this instant!"  She yelled, fury in her voice.

      Great, I thought.  I've managed to piss of one of Dave's best customers.

      "Now you wait till I call you in the house, so I can get decent!"

      She walked into the house through the sliding doors, and after a few seconds, I heard my name called.  Now the doors lead into the kitchen, but she wasn't there!

      "You can close the doors, Sam.  I'm in the downstairs bedroom," she called, "come in here, the kitchen phone isn't working!"

      I closed and locked the door, marveling that someone could live in a house live this grand.  Wow!  I padded over to where I thought her voice had been coming from, and entered an empty bedroom.

      "Ms. Connors?" I called.

      No answer!  Damn it, just what was going on here?

      "That's better," I heard from behind.

      Suddenly I felt two hands reach around my waist and unbutton my shorts and unzip them too.  Shocked, I stood still as my shorts fell to the floor around my ankles.

      I turned around, only to be facing Gail, finding that she was totally naked.  I realized that she was now wearing perfume, and had applied lipstick.

      "I don't understand," I stuttered.

      "You do like girls, don't you?" she asked, "such a waste of a fine boy if you didn't, hmmm?"

      "Yeah," I answered.


      Gail backed me up the bed, and we flopped down together.  She pulled off my sneakers and socks, then removed my shorts.  I didn't need any encouragement from her, since I was already hard with desire.

      Her left hand grasped my cock, feeling it's stiffness.  I was hard and ready to make love to her right away, my hormones raging through my body.

      "Have to be safe now," Gail said as she removed a condom from the bed table, unwrapped it, then unrolled it on my erect shaft.

      "No time for foreplay, sweetie," continued Gail as she pulled me on top of her.

      I quickly felt her pussy, and found that Gail was already wet between her legs.  She squealed and opened her thighs to accommodate me within.

      My lust overcame me and I thrust my shaft deep into her pussy.  She moaned as I penetrated her, a smile across her face.  I pinched her nipples, finding that they were already hard, and I began to rock back and forth inside her.

      "Oooooh!" Gail moaned.

      It was like all of the frustrations of the past year were being released as I made love to Gail Connors.  Her cunt muscles took every thrust of my cock, sucking my dick inside.  I thought of all the nights studying, alone while my roommates were out drinking.  The girls who passed me up for dates.

      I was suddenly reduced to a cock thrusting away between an older woman's thighs, and nothing else seemed to matter in the world.  All I could do was thrust, pull away a bit, and thrust again.  The sweat poured down my naked body, and mingled with hers, wetting the bedsheets.

      "I'm cumming!" she cried, as each thrust of her hips matched mine.

      I said nothing as she bounced her naked bottom against the bed, orgasms reaching through her entire body.  Then I came too, my sperm inside the condom, and I felt the warm fluid surround my cock.

      We lay together, spent, with my panting matching hers.  I looked at her, wondering just what was going to happen next.

      "Thank you," said Gail as she reached over and kissed me passionately on the lips.

      "You're welcome."

      "Now why don't you rest up a bit, and then we'll do it again, Sam.  We can have all afternoon together, hmmm, dear?

      The next two times were slower and with more passion than just simple fucking.  I made sure to kiss and fondle her, and she returned my caresses equally.

      The second time, I drove her wild again, and she responded by digging her nails into my back.  All that did was to keep me hard as I thrust between her legs.

      Gail may have been an older woman, but she wanted to suck the very life from me as I fucked her again and again.  Finally, our second climax together, and I felt spent and exhausted.

      "Think you can do it again?" she asked as we shared a Coke in bed.

      "I'm a little tired," I answered.

      "Oh, I think I know a little trick or two," she answered.

      She took a handkerchief and knotted one of the corners.  Making me sit up on the bed, she inserted the knot into my asshole.

      "Hey!" I cried.

      "You'll love it," said Gail as she grasped and squeezed my cock into another erection.

      Much to my surprise, having the presence of the knot inside my asshole helped me get hard and erect.  I covered my cock with another condom, and was soon plugging away between her thighs once more.

      I pushed and pushed, and I was afraid that is was going to lose my erection when Gail suddenly pulled the kerchief out of my behind.  The added stimulation below the belt was enough to drive me to the best orgasm that I ever had, as I slammed against her, Gail cumming too at the same time.

      "Ohhhhhh!" I cried, amazed that I could ever feel anything like that.

      We lay together on the bed, exhausted.  I glanced outside, just in time to see lightning off in the distance and hearing the boom of thunder.

      "Pity it didn't come earlier," said Gail as she propped herself up in bed, "would have made a nice sound effect for our fucking."

      Afterwards, we showered together.  Gail made a lunch of hamburgers, and promised me a special surprise, but said it would have to wait until later.  After the storm, I packed everything away in the truck and called my uncle, saying the job took a little longer than I originally thought.

      When I got back to his store, Dave was waiting for me.

      "You all right, Sam?" he asked.

      "Sure Dave," I said while I sat down.

      "Gail Connors called.  Said she wanted you by every Thursday to check on her pool.  Think you can do that?"

      "Sure," I answered, "you bet."

      Somehow it didn't seem like it was going to be a cruel summer after all.


                              THE END          

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