Chapter 1

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She did not remember what had woken her up. As soon as she had opened her eyes, she had seen metal all around her. Thick rods of metal were holding her prisoner in the cage. She looked from one side to another and only saw hay and wooden construction. The sound of farm animals filtered through the wooden compartments.

She turned her gaze to her naked body and shivered. Her skin was smooth as a baby. The sight of her body took her mind back to the first day of her captivity. The very first thing that was done to her was a full body epilation. Her captors had thrown her into a bathroom with just a shower head. She was given a special shampoo and shower gel. When she had finished showering, all her body hair had fallen away in small clumps.

Her tears were hidden by the running water. She was told that the shampoo and gel were a special formula made for long term hair removal. She now knew it was the truth. At that time, she had refused to believe their words. Once the shower was done, a heavy metal collar was locked on her neck. An equally heavy chain was used as a leash and she was ordered on all fours.

Naked and humiliated, she had started crawling on all fours as the leash had grown taut. She was moved out of the shower room and taken to the barn. There, in a secluded corner, she saw a metal cage. It was a cruel metal thing with a hard wood floor. A thin rug was placed on the cage floor as the only cushion. She had struggled to get away as she was dragged near the cage. She had tried to use all her strength to escape.

She had felt a small prick on her arm and suddenly her strength had failed her. Her captors had injected some sort of sedative in her blood stream. She became dizzy and eventually collapsed. When she had come to consciousness, she found herself inside the dreaded cage.

Immediately she had noticed that the cage was on a slightly smaller side. She had to sit hunched because of the low height and she couldn’t straighten her legs at all. The bars were too close together to pass her legs or arms through. Her first night was spent in discomfort and surrounded by the coldness of metal.

The tinkling sound of a bell brought her mind back in present. She looked down to her naked pussy and saw the clit piercing. Her clit was now forever engorged and protruded out because of the piercing. A small silver ring was now embedded in the piercing and from it hung a small silver bell. She felt a small tear run down from the corner of her eye as her humiliation was aggravated by the tinkling of the bell.

She was pierced on the second day of her captivity. A lady had come to her along with the captors. She was removed from her cage and taken to a room which had various medical instruments laid out. There was a special chair, normally found at the gynaecologists clinic, with stirrups to hold the legs in the air. She was forced on the chair and strapped to it.

The tight bonds made sure she was unable to move even an inch. The lady had put on a lab coat and seated herself between her raised legs. She had retrieved a vibrator and slowly started rubbing her clit. The vibrations and the clit massage slowly started to arouse her and she had started panting. Her clit had started rising and she felt an orgasm building. When her clit was fully erect, she had felt a stab of pain.

She had screamed on top of her lungs as pleasure had suddenly turned into pain. The unbearable pain had coursed through her body as the needle had pierced through her aroused clit. The lady had slipped the silver ring through the piercing and sealed it shut. She was dumped back in her cage to recover. The bell had been a later addition when her piercing had fully healed.

Presently, she looked down at her hands and saw the leather mitts that held her fingers trapped in a fist. The mitts were strapped tight and locked with small padlocks. Try as she might, she couldn’t dislodge them. A bit of drool fell on her left mitt and she wiped it away on her body. She was incessantly drooling as her mouth was forced wide open by a cruel ring gag. The gag was tightly strapped and try as she might she had failed to dislodge it.

She had lost track of the current time or day of captivity. Her days were now spent idly in the cage, waiting for her handlers to arrive. The handlers would let her out for toilet and food breaks. During each break, there would be two handlers coming to make sure she did not try to escape. One would secure the leash while other would hold the dreaded cattle prod.

In the initial days of her captivity, she had tried to struggle and one time she had even managed hurt one of her handlers badly. The cattle prod was used then with no mercy shown to her. She had screamed through her gag until she had passed out.

As with all the other times, when she came out of unconsciousness, she was back in the cage. Only this time, she was hungry, thirsty and her bladder was full. She hadn’t been released for the rest of the day. She had pissed in her cage involuntarily at last and spent the night with the wet rug beneath her. That ordeal had been enough to teach her a lesson. She had never disobeyed or struggled against her handlers thereafter.

Even with her full cooperation, there was no complacency from their side. They still came in pairs and one of them always had the cattle prod in hand to dissuade against anything other than obedience. She lamented the fact that her life had become limited to the dreaded cage. She couldn’t remember a single moment during her entire time in captivity when she had walked on two legs like a human.

With nothing else to do other than wait for her next food break, her mind drifted back to events that had happened in the past. A time when she had been a working woman and had a life of her own. To the time that had changed everything in her life.

* * *

“This gentlemen, is what will happen to you, if you don’t follow our recommendations on your case.”, Julie said, confidently.

The conference room was occupied to full capacity by the executives of a pharma company. The company was a client of the law firm where she was an associate. The executives discussed among themselves and decided to follow Julie’s lead on the case. Her partner on the case, John, came up to her to congratulate on success.

“Good job, Julie. You have come a long way since you started as a fresher in the firm. Closing your first case as an associate is a tremendous feat.”, John said.

Julie had smiled and accepted his congratulations.

“Thanks, John. This is my first win as an associate. I hope that the partners are happy with my performance.”, Julie said.

“Don’t worry about them. I think they are starting to become confident in your abilities. You might be on your way to a solo case soon.”, John said, winking at her.

Julie had been at the peak of her game for some time now. Right after graduating law school, she had landed in the big city in search for a job. The up and coming law firm had hired her as a fresh graduate. Three years later, she had become their star performer and one that the clients sought after. Her firm was happy with her work and had promoted her to associate level.

There was always gossip behind her back that she had used her good looks more than her talent to get the promotion. Julie was used to the snide remarks and ignored them completely. She chose to focus on her cases instead. Her good looks garnered enough attention from both her male colleagues as well as some of her clients. She tried to sidestep the unwanted attention wherever she could.

The law firm was growing and making headlines. Julie’s work had been a big reason for that. She often joined the partners and serious members of the firm to parties and outings. Not only was it good for the firm to showcase their star performer, it was also good for Julie to network with other high level people.

Life was going good for Julie until she found herself the centre of attention of a particular businessman, Marcus Prune. Marcus was a narcissist who had taken an instant liking for Julie. He was also loaded with money and her firm needed clients like him. She couldn’t say no to her bosses when they had assigned her to work closely with Marcus.

Initially it was just a comment here and there. Then, it increased to lewd suggestions about sex. Everyone in Marcus’s firm and Julie’s firm was starting to think that Julie was sleeping with Marcus. If only Marcus had wanted a girlfriend. Marcus already had a fiancee and was going to be married soon. What he wanted was a plaything until he married. He admitted as such on one evening to Julie.

“Julie, my dear, this is only until the marriage. Once I am married, we will have a strictly professional relationship, I promise.”, Marcus said.

“I am not your plaything, to be used and then thrown away. Get your hands off of me. If you don’t, I will go to that fiancee of yours and tell her the truth.”, Julie had said.

Julie had had enough of Marcus’s antics and wanted Marcus to stop. Julie was even thinking of resigning from the firm, just to stop the daily teasing and grabbing of Marcus.

“You seem to have lost your manners, woman. Be careful with that sharp tongue of yours. You might live to regret it.”, Marcus had said, in a clearly serious tone.

Julie had misunderstood Marcus’s change in tone as fear. If anything, Marcus was furious at Julie for bringing his fiancee into this. Julie became overconfident because of her misunderstanding.

“It seems you start to wag your tail at every new piece of meat that you come across. Why don’t you stuff that tail of yours between your legs and run off to your fiancee? Or should I go to her first.”, Julie had taunted Marcus.

“Get out of my office, now!”, Marcus had shouted.

Julie had smirked at him and stormed out of his office. When she had arrived at the law firm, her bosses took her to a meeting room. Julie tried to explain the indecent behaviour by their client. They wanted to save their relationship with the client. They were adamant that Julie apologize. Julie had refused and they had fired her on the spot. She was shocked.

“Fine, keep licking your client’s ass. I was going to resign anyway.”, Julie had said.

Security had collected her stuff and escorted Julie out of the firm’s premises. She had held her head high as she left the firm. There was a bit of nervousness as well at her uncertain future. Julie decided to keep her head high and face the uncertainty. She decided to plan for her next steps as soon as she returned to her apartment.

Just like Julie, someone else had also started planning for Julie. That someone had decided that Julie was better suited for a life as a pet than as a human. Julie was not even aware that her insulting Marcus had started a sequence of events that would lead to her captivity.

* * *

Julie was brought back to the present with the sound of the barn door opening. She leaned towards the bars of the cage to get a look at the person coming to meet her. She wasn’t surprised when it turned out to be Marcus. Along with Marcus was another woman. This woman was definitely high class and looked stunning in her sun dress.

Marcus came near Julie’s cage and just admired his new pet. He looked at Julie’s completely naked form with all her hair gone. These were the same hair that she used to flick every time she rejected his advances. Marcus had decreed that they be the first thing that he took away from her. The heavy metal collar looked adorable on Julie’s neck. He leaned down so that he was at eye level with Julie.

Her mouth which was held open by the ring gag was sight to behold. The drool kept dripping down her chin and she could do nothing to stop it. His gaze moved downwards to Julie’s hands. They were covered in mitts that represented paws of a pet. Completely useless for a human.

“How is my pet doing today?”, Marcus asked, with a mock grin.

Julie just averted her eyes at Marcus’s words. Marcus had seen the look of hatred in her eyes. He grinned and stood up again. He turned to the woman standing besides him. The woman, Melissa, was his fiancee whom he had recently married. Their marriage had been finalized a week after Julie had disappeared. The authorities were still searching for Julie. As per his knowledge, the investigative team was on the lookout for possible leads.

Marcus was not worried about being caught as Julie was fired by her own firm. He was in no way responsible for what happened after he withdrew the contract with Julie’s law firm.

“Melissa, my dear, I want you to meet Sugar, your new personal pet.”, Marcus said.

Julie closed her eyes as she heard Marcus’s words. She cursed him silently for doing this to her. Julie found herself being scrutinized by another pair of eyes. Melissa bent on her knees and grabbed Julie’s chin in her hands. Julie was forced to make eye contact with Melissa as she grinned.

“Sugar, aren’t you such a lovely pet? I am going to have loads of fun with you after I return from my honeymoon.”, Melissa said.

Melissa got back to her feet and kissed Marcus on his lips.

“This is the best surprise you could have given me, darling. I am so happy. Will she be trained by the time we return?”, Melissa asked.

Julie felt a sense of dread at the word of her training. If her handlers had been strict with her so far, she wondered what will become of her during training.

“Melissa dear, I was wondering, why don’t you train her as per your needs? After all, she needs to really know her Mistress to better serve her. While we are enjoying our honeymoon, the handlers will teach her rudimentary basics about toilet and pet etiquette. Rest, you can take care of when we return. What do you say?”, Marcus said.

Melissa grinned and made eye contact with Julie.

“Sounds perfect to me. Oh, I am going to have so much fun with my new pet.”, Melissa said.

Marcus had steered Melissa away from Julie’s cage. They had a flight to catch later in the evening. Julie was left to contemplate her fate when she was left alone once again. Her tears were unstoppable as her new reality as a pet came crashing down on her.

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