Chapter 2

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After Melissa and Marcus had left, the two handlers entered the barn. The lady handler opened the cage and attached a leash to Julie’s metal collar. As the handler pulled on the leash, Julie crawled out of the cage. The handler pointed to the ground and Julie sat on her haunches. No words were ever exchanged between the handlers and Julie. Julie was always wearing a gag and the handlers did not treat her any different from another animal.

The female handler set a tray in front of Julie. It contained two steel bowls. One bowl contained water while another contained tasteless kibble. The kibble was made with a special formula which contained all the nutrients to keep a human healthy. Julie waited patiently for the handler to remove the ring gag. Julie sighed when she closed her jaws after a long time. Julie had learnt by now that any attempts to make human speech would be punished.

Previous attempts at doing so had led to the ring gag being reinstated. Her food break had been cut short as a punishment and she spent the entire day hungry. Julie did not repeat that mistake again.

There were only two meals during the day for her. Thus, Julie was always hungry by the time the next meal arrived. The handler gently pressed on Julie’s bald head and lowered her head to the level of the bowls. She lowered her face to the kibble bowl first and started munching her meal. It was a hard and cold meal. She had to frequently switch to the water bowl to keep her throat hydrated. For some time, the only sounds were of Julie crunching down her meal and slurping her water from the bowl.

When she finished her meal, the female handler cleared the tray away. Julie dutifully opened her mouth so that the ring gag could be strapped back in place. The female handler pulled on her leash and led her out of the barn. Outside the barn, near one of the trees, the handler indicated for Julie to take care of her business.

Julie balanced on one knee and lifted her right leg like a dog. Even after doing it several times now, she felt a wave of humiliation at this animal behaviour. The tiny bell hanging from her clit ring made a tinkling sound adding to her humiliation. Julie let go a pungent stream of piss. Some piss even streamed down her legs. The handler kept an eye on Julie the entire time. When she had pissed, Julie squatted down to take a shit. She made sure to keep her eyes near the handler’s feet to avoid further humiliation.

With a pull on her leash, the handler led Julie towards a water pump. It was time for a cold bath. Julie remained on all fours while the handler rubbed soap all over her body. She shivered when the cold water from the tap was used to wash her completely. Once she was bathed thoroughly, the handler dried her off with a rough towel.

The handler led Julie back to her cage. Julie did not want to return to the cramped quarters of the cage. She tried to pull away from the cage and the handler had to tighten her grip on the leash. Julie yelped as she felt the crack of electricity on her bare ass. In her efforts to avoid the cage, she had forgotten the second handler.

The second handler had applied the cattle prod on Julie’s unprotected ass. Tears ran down her eyes as Julie stopped struggling and allowed the female handler to deposit her back in the dreaded cage. The cage door clanged shut and she saw the lock being secured on the cage door. Julie continued crying long after the handlers had left her alone.

* * *

While Julie was being fed by her handlers, the chief detective investigating Julie’s disappearance paid Marcus a visit. Marcus asked Melissa to take care of their packing for the trip. Melissa kissed him lightly on his lips and left him alone with the detective.

“Mr. Prune, my name is John. I am here to ask a few questions about the disappearance of a certain Miss Julie Sinn. She used to work as a consultant to your firm. I am curious as to why you dropped the services of her firm so suddenly, right after she was fired. Mere one week later, she disappeared with no trace.”, John said.

“While I would like to answer your questions freely, I feel uncomfortable doing so without my attorney present. If you would reschedule this meeting some other time, I would gladly answer all your questions.”, Marcus said.

“Mr. Prune, I am told that you are leaving for your honeymoon today evening. I will not get another chance to question you for a couple of weeks. Your answers might be important for the investigation.”, John said.

“Very well, Detective. I want justice done as much as anybody else. You will have to wait for some time though. I will ask my attorney to join us.”, Marcus said.

Marcus fished out his phone and dialled his attorney. He asked his attorney to join them at his farm along with the documents relevant to Julie Sinn. He disconnected the phone and looked at the detective.

“You are in luck, Detective. My attorney was just coming to meet me. Let us go inside while we wait for my attorney.”, Marcus said.

Marcus’s attorney, Harmon, arrived a few minutes later. He sat besides Marcus while John was seated directly facing them.

“Thank you for coming as quickly as you did, Harmon. Detective John has a few questions regarding Julie’s disappearance. Detective, please go ahead.”, Marcus said.

“What was the nature of Julie’s dismissal? I believe she was fired by her firm because of some disagreement with you. You also broke contact with the firm shortly after.”, John said.

Marcus looked at his attorney who nodded his head.

“Detective, we found that Julie was embezzling funds from my business. My chief accountant caught the discrepancy during the audit and did some investigating of his own. When I found out, I fired her right away.”, Marcus said.

“According to Miss Julie’s colleagues, she was heard saying that she was fired because you misbehaved with her. What do you wish to say about that?”, John asked.

Marcus looked at Harmon who proceeded to push a file towards the detective.

“This is the investigation report submitted by our chief accountant. You can question him about the accuracy of the same. Miss Julie found a way to siphon off money that I had allotted for a special project we were working on. I am sure she made the allegations to misdirect blame from her wrongdoings. When you do find her, let her know that I will sue her for defamation.”, Marcus said.

John took the files and added it to his folder.

“Thank you for the report, Mr. Prune. I will be sure to get it checked from the financial crimes unit. I would also like to question some of your employees to find out about the allegations that Miss Julie made.”, John asked.

“I support your investigation, Detective. I want my money back from that thief and I have nothing to hide myself. Harmon, make sure that Detective gets access to the relevant records and personnel. Is there anything else you would need, Detective?”, Marcus asked.

“That will be all for now, Mr. Prune. I will reach out to your attorney for further questions. Enjoy your trip”, John said and stood up.

Marcus stood up and shook hands with John. The attorney escorted John out of the premises and returned to Marcus.

“Harmon, make sure that the trail leads to the offshore accounts set up in Julie’s name. What about the other evidence that we had discussed?”, Marcus asked.

“That is already set up and in place. The detective will get some helpful suggestions to point him in the relevant direction.”, Harmon said.

“Good. You will be rewarded once this investigation cools down.”, Marcus said.

Harmon said his farewells and left Marcus alone. Marcus wandered towards the bedroom where Melissa was directing the maids to pack things for their trip. He stood in the background and watched his wife work. His mind was on other matters, though.

He had set up evidence to point out that Julie had escaped the country with the money she had siphoned off. The offshore accounts set up using her identity already had the money which was missing from the company accounts. When the detective found both these pieces of evidences, he would have no other choice but to declare Julie a fugitive.

While the investigators searched for Julie outside the country, she would be journeying towards a new life for herself right here on the farm. Marcus smiled as his wife noticed him standing in the background. It was difficult to determine whether the smile was for his wife or for his nefarious plan.

* * *

The day after Marcus and Melissa left for their honeymoon, Julie experienced the first change in her routine. She was let out of her cage early in the morning. She waited on all fours for her handlers to introduce some sort of punishment. She was proved wrong when the female handler attached a leash to her collar and led her outside the barn. The sun was rising slowly in the east and the fresh air of the morning was refreshing for once.

The handler started leading Julie by her leash. Julie followed on her hands and knees. She noticed her mitts were getting dirty in the soil. The male handler followed behind with the cattle prod in hand. His presence made Julie comply with the pull of the leash.

Their pace was normal as they made a slow circle around the barn. The single round was enough to make Julie sweat and she was panting heavily by the time they finished the round. As a human, she was not used to walking on her hands and knees. She was starting to feel the ache near her knee and shoulder joints.

Julie’s whimpers were ignored as the female handler increased her pace for the second round. Julie had to huff and puff to make up for the speed. She even received a zap from the cattle prod when she made the mistake of trying to get up from her knees to her feet. She cried out and collapsed in the soil. The female handler kept pulling on the leash and Julie had no choice but to continue. She continued on her hands and knees out of fear of the cattle prod.

They made a third round with the same increased pace. By the end of that round, Julie had started lagging behind and even the pull of the leash couldn’t spur her on. The handler let Julie remain on her hands and knees to catch her breath. Julie was taking big gulps from her mouth which was held open by the ring gag. When the handler was sure Julie had caught her breath, she led Julie near the trees.

Julie needed no input this time and she lifted her right leg shamelessly. A stream of piss erupted and Julie sighed in relief. Julie emptied her bowels as well at the same time. Her entire body was quivering from effort. She was covered in sweat and dirt all over her body. The sweat made her bald head shine in the morning sunlight. The cold bath by the water pump cleaned all the dirt on her body. The handler produced an empty bowl and filled it with the same water that had been used to bathe her.

Julie was so thirsty that she did not even complain. When her gag was removed she started slurping the water directly from the bowl. The ring gag was put back in place once she was done and Julie was led into the barn. The male handler opened the cage door and this time Julie went into the cage willingly without any struggles. Julie’s entire body was aching as the cage door was closed and locked. The handlers left her alone in the barn with the rest of the animals.

Sitting in the cage, Julie wondered if exercising was going to be a daily occurrence. Her racing heart calmed slowly as her body relaxed in the cage. She had become very hungry because of all the exercise. She was glad to see her handlers again when the time of the food break arrived. Julie literally jumped out of the cage when the door was opened by the female handler. Julie calmed herself when the male handler made threatening motions with the cattle prod.

Julie waited patiently as her gag was removed and the food tray was placed in front of her. She was surprised to find meat balls mixed with the kibble for the day. She savoured the taste of the meat after such a long time. The kibble that she had always was tasteless as ever. The meat added an extra flavour and she cleaned up the entire bowl in no time.

Julie had a thought. She wondered if this was a reward for her good behaviour during exercise. Her mind was starting to adapt to the simplicity of her existence at the farm. The rules seemed to be simple. Good behaviour got her rewards while bad behaviour got her punishment.

The female handler smiled as Julie finished the food bowl in record time. She slurped the water from the bowl and then sat back on her haunches obediently. Julie was further rewarded when the female handler patted her bald head lovingly. Julie leaned into the touch and realized she was really starved of loving human touch. She was happy to be touched, even if that touch was in the form of petting. The handler led Julie for a short trip to the trees where she pissed herself. She was returned back to her cage. With a final pat on her bald head, the female handler left.

When she was alone, Julie wondered about her behaviour when the handlers were around. The part of Julie’s mind that contained her human personality was agitating against the more simpler part of Julie’s mind. Julie the human was disgusted by the obedience that the simpler Julie had displayed. Julie the human wanted to fight against her handlers. Julie the human wanted to show them that she would not be broken.

The simpler part of Julie was governed by her base instincts and needs. It was slowly starting to accept her life as a pet and Julie the human knew she was slowly but surely losing the battle. Julie the pet wanted nothing more than to live the simple life. When she was hungry, all she wanted was to eat the food in front of her. When the handler had caressed her head, Julie the pet had felt a different kind of good. The kind of good one felt when they pleased someone.

The internal struggle within Julie’s mind was invisible to those outside. All that thinking made her feel exhausted as she had nothing else to do inside her cage. Julie was starting to eagerly wait for the times when the handlers returned to look after her needs. Even if it was to only to provide food or take her out for toilet breaks. Julie wanted the human contact because she felt she would go crazy otherwise.

The handlers had been observing Julie’s behaviour daily. Their plan was slowly coming to fruition. They were waiting for Julie the pet to finally win over Julie the human. When that happened, Julie would be fit to be handed over to Melissa.

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