Chapter 4

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Marcus was enjoying a romantic evening with Melissa when he received a call from Harmon. He excused himself and picked up the call.

Mr. Prune, I have news on the investigation.”, Harmon said.

I am listening.”, Marcus said.

The investigating team found the money trail to the offshore account. They also found that the stolen rental car was used to cross the border by someone who looked like Julie Sinn. They have transferred the case over to a different team in hopes of tracking Julie’s whereabouts on an international level.”, Harmon said.

Keep an eye on the investigation. I want regular updates.”, Marcus said and disconnected the call.

He was smiling as he turned towards his wife. She smiled in return and beckoned him near her. They had explored each other’s bodies non-stop ever since they had arrived for their honeymoon. With the investigation focusing on Julie’s supposed foreign whereabouts, the chances of someone looking for her within the country were very slim.

Marcus was now free to keep Julie with him for as long as he wanted. No one was looking for her and she did not have any future prospects even if she was somehow found. He was eagerly looking forward to when Melissa started training her as her new pet.

* * *

After her outburst outside the barn, Julie woke up back inside the cage. Immediately she noticed her gag was not in place. Julie the human was still having the upper hand in Julie’s mind. Julie continued screaming her insults at her invisible handlers. However, as the time passed, her conviction started faltering.

The screams started alternating between insults and whimpers. Her hunger had slowly started building and her body clock indicated that the feeding time was long past. Her handlers had chosen not to entertain her. Stuck in the cage with nothing to do, the absence of her handlers was a severe blow to Julie’s morale.

Julie tried calling out to her handlers in hopes that they would return. Her voice had become hoarse from all the screaming and crying. She had pissed herself in the cage twice. The part of her mind that housed Julie the human had gone quiet. The hunger and thirst had subjugated it completely. Julie the pet had started asserting her dominance over Julie the human.

Julie the pet blamed her human personality for her current predicament. Had she obeyed her handlers like a good pet, she might have been rewarded. However, Julie the human’s foolishness had taken away her privileges and the handlers refused to even see her now. She was left to spend the rest of the day inside the cage, feeling hungry and dirty.

Julie fell asleep due to exhaustion. The sound of the barn door opening woke her up. She looked up and saw the handlers approach her cage. She was elated when the female handler came to stand near her cage. Her elation turned to dread when the handler simply stood there. She looked at the emotionless face of the female handler and felt guilty about her actions from the previous day.

You have been a bad girl, Sugar. All your progress over the past week or two is now washed away by your actions. Look at you, you pissed in your own cage. Is that how good a pet behaves?”, the female handler asked.

This was the most that the female handler had said to her during the entire time she had spent with Julie. Julie felt each word of the handler as a physical blow. Tears had started started streaming from her eyes. She lowered her eyes in shame.

You will be punished for your behaviour, Sugar. You can choose to rebel and your punishment will only get severe. Or you can improve your behaviour. Good behaviour will earn you rewards and our love.”, the female handler said.

She opened the cage and attached the leash to Julie’s collar. Julie slowly made her way out of the cage. The female handler held one object in each of her hands. Her left hand contained the ring gag and the right hand contained the cattle prod.

You have a choice to make, Sugar.”, the female handler said.

Julie knew her choice even before she moved her right paw towards the ring gag. Julie had reached the conclusion that her human side’s rebellious nature was detrimental to her while she lived her life as a pet. Julie the human had been subjugated and now onwards only Julie the pet would call the shots.

The handler accepted Julie’s choice of the ring gag. As she held the ring gag in front of Julie’s face. Julie eagerly opened her mouth wide. The ring gag was wedged between her teeth and tightened behind her head.

The female handler led Julie by the leash outside the barn. Julie had hoped that she would get to exercise. Instead, Julie was led to the trees and she took care of her business by raising her leg. Julie was given a rough bath with none of the gentleness she received in case of good behaviour. Julie was presented with a bowl of water and her gag was removed.

Julie’s conditioning made her feel guilty when the gag was removed. Removal of the gag indicated that the handlers had lost their confidence in her. It also meant that she needed to exhibit good behaviour to get back in their good graces. She slurped the water from the bowl. The handler refilled it for the second time. When Julie had finished the bowl the second time, the ring gag was replaced in her mouth.

Julie was once again secured in her cage. Her freedom was curtailed and she was only let out again during her food breaks. No toilet breaks were allowed in between. It was clear to Julie that her privileges were being withdrawn as a punishment. She whimpered towards the female handler. The female handler bent down so that she faced Julie who was kneeling inside the cage.

This is a punishment for your bad behaviour. It will ease as soon as we feel that you have learned your lesson. Be a good pet and you will have your privileges back soon.”. the female handler said.

Julie was left in her cage with a lot on her mind. She hated the cage with a passion. It was cramped and uncomfortable. She liked the freedom of the food breaks or the exercise rounds. Now that they had been withdrawn, she realized their importance. Julie the pet resolved that she would do everything in her power to prove that she was a good pet.

Julie the human, who had been reduced to a tiny corner of Julie’s mind, railed against the injustice futilely. Julie the pet had become far too strong for her now. She lamented the loss of her humanity and her transformation to this basic existence. She could not even imagine what could be worse than this.

The rest of the week was spent with limited privileges for Julie. Julie kept obeying each and every command. She showed eagerness to perform whatever tasks the handlers asked of her. It was a relief for her when on the morning that Marcus and Melissa were due to return, Julie was taken out for exercise.

The handlers were pleased when Julie did not balk at the extra rounds they made her walk. She was exhausted by the end of five rounds around the barn. Her thighs and arms were quivering because of the effort. However, she knew she was back in their good graces when she received the gentle bath from her female handler.

Julie was deposited back in the cage as the handlers returned to welcome Marcus and Melissa back from their trip.

* * *

Marcus and Melissa greeted the handlers when they had settled in after their long journey. The handlers were actually a husband wife duo and specialized in training human pets. They had been paid handsomely for becoming a part of the plan that Marcus had concocted.

How is our pet doing, guys? Do you think she is in a position to be trained by Melissa?”, Marcus asked, when everybody was seated.

We think her mind is in a delicate balance between human and pet. I think she will accept the care of Mrs. Prune.”, the male handler said.

Our only request would be to go ahead slowly. She might revert to her human personality if she is suddenly thrown under the care of Mrs. Prune. I suggest that Mrs. Prune start visiting Sugar daily in an effort to create a bond and get Sugar to trust Mrs. Prune.”, the female handler said.

I like your idea. You are after all the experts. We will defer to your suggestions.”, Marcus said.

How soon will I be able to meet her?”, Melissa asked, clearly excited.

There is no better time than now. I would ask Mr. Prune to remain behind. We don’t want to trigger any relapse in her.”, the male handler said.

If it helps getting her to accept Melissa, I think I can remain behind.”, Marcus said.

Marcus would have loved to rub Julie’s humiliation in. However, he had promised Melissa a good human pet. Breaking Julie would not bode well for him.

Mrs. Prune, would you mind following me?”, the female handler said.

Call me Melissa. It sounds much better than Mrs. Prune.”, Melissa said and kissed her husband on his cheeks.

Marcus watched his wife follow the female handler outside. He picked up his phone and did a quick transaction. A corresponding ping on the handler’s phone indicated that the money had been transferred. The handler verified the transaction once and shook hands with Marcus.

Thank you for your generous donation to our pet shelter, Mr. Marcus. It will really help me in trying to find good homes for the poor souls. My wife will be available to help your wife train Sugar from now onwards. Feel free to reach out to me if you require further assistance.”, the male handler said.

The men relaxed as they waited for their wives to return from their quick trip.

* * *

Julie was surprised when the female handler returned a short time later. Along with her was Melissa, Marcus’s wife. At the sight of Melissa, Julie the human tried to break free of her bonds. Julie the pet was vigilant this time and suppressed any possible outburst.

The handler led Melissa towards Julie’s cage and both of them bent down to be at the same level as Julie.

Sugar, look who is back. Aren’t you excited to see your Mistress?”, the female handler said.

Julie was struggling inside her mind. The human personality was trying very hard to overcome the pet personality in a last ditch effort. The pet personality was aware that if the human personality overcame her, there would be no going back. The future looked dark if Sugar lost control to Julie.

Unaware of the mental struggles of Julie/Sugar, Melissa reached out with her hand towards the small gap in the cage. Her fingers passed through the bars and caressed her pet’s cheeks. The human touch of Melissa fulfilled a subconscious need for human touch and love inside Sugar. A wave of happiness that coursed through her. This wave helped her subjugate Julie completely and embrace her personality as Sugar, the pet.

Sugar leaned into Melissa’s touch and licked her fingers with her tongue. Melissa was encouraged by Sugar’s licking and rubbed her hands over her pet’s bald head. Sugar closed her eyes in delight. The human touch made her feel loved and wanted. She whimpered as Melissa kept caressing her bald head.

“Well, it seems Sugar has accepted you, Melissa. I am sure you will have a very good time with each other.”, the female handler said, genuinely.

Sugar had finally accepted her life as a pet. Julie had been buried somewhere deep within her. Melissa was looking forward to spending more time with her pet.

THE END (for now)

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