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Redfeather was broke and unless she could raise some money, she'll have to go back to the 'Res'. But 'The Pit' was holding their monthly fuck orgy that very night, where the girls could earn '000's in one night. She had to go....It was her last chance.

Redfeather (MF, MMF, MMMF, BBC, drugs, nipple rings, slavery, scalping, revenge)


Redfeather was broke and unless she could raise some money, she'll have to go back to the 'Res'. But 'The Pit' was holding their monthly fuck orgy that very night, where the girls could earn '000's in one night. She had to go....It was her last chance.


My life is a mess! I can't win for losing. No job and I'm 2 months late in my rent and the landlord says I'm out next Friday if I don't cough up some money. I can't moving in with my best friend Amonute as her BF thinks I'm a slut, which leaves me with packing up and going home to my mum and my step-dad with my tail between my legs. OR, making some quick cash.

And no BF. Well, I did have one but I got really down when I lost my job and he jumped ship. Fuck him! I treated him really well and that's what I get in return. We always fucked. I never said no to him. If he woke up with a hardon I would suck him a bit then climb on. He really liked that. If I was on the rags, it was a BJ or even anal. Every night we would fuck. Sometimes twice. He didn't always get me off (to be truthfully, rarely), but that's ok. He took me out partying and paid for everything. But I do miss getting fucked. You get kinda addicted to it after a while. I was using a IUD, so I just had to cleanup after him. He wasn't into cleaning my pussy with his tongue as he thought it was disgusting! He didn't like the taste of his own cum! Go figure!

I did once have a guy who would lick my clit 'til I came, fuck me until I came again and cleaned me up afterwards with his tongue. WOW, he was amazing but otherwise, a total jerk. I wouldn't see him for weeks and then on a Friday he's banging on my door and didn't leave until Monday. Most of the time spent fucking. He once brought along a friend. Took me a week to wipe the grin of my face!

Just thinking about him made my pussy wet! I didn't want to but I started playing with my clit, then a natural progression to playing with my pussy. I always make myself come. It helps me in the moment, but an hour later I'm left wanting more. Like chinese food! I was hungry for the real thing. Cock.

There's plenty of cock out there. It's not like it is in short supply. Just have to find one to support me until I find a job, and no cheap bastard. There's plenty of those. They fuck you and leave you. You're lucky to get a couple of meals out of them. Maybe I should turn lesbo. At least another woman would treat me better.

$50 cash, $20 in the bank and $2,000 owing on my Visa. Better make myself presentable (and fuckable) and head out dancing and maybe catch the eye of some gorgeous hulk of a man. My last chance really before heading home to mum. The Pit is always a good place on a Friday night. So I had a real good shower, shaved my legs and pubes, applied my best makeup, earrings, my Blackstone necklace, and the piece-de-resistance, my red sleeveless halter-top dress, matching g-string and some nice red dancing shoes. I was ready to kill. Gotta get somebody before Monday and tap him for at least one month's rent.


The Pit was humming and I was soon dancing. The first few guys were scambags, but I got a few drinks out of them. A fat guy asked me to dance. No way!

After awhile, I started dancing by myself and a few guys would join me. None of them made the grade, but it was fun, and without a doubt, I knew I looked HOT. The best I've ever been. I knew the right guy was out there, somewhere. Just had to catch his eye. I really hope he liked red!

I took a break and was talking with this guy why just bought me a drink, and he mentioned in passing "upstairs". Seems there's the very special party room for invited guests. Booze, drugs and sex for the taking, but it cost guys $500 to get in! Girls had to prove they had what it takes, but they were paid super well. It sounded interesting and to get in, you had to be vetted by these two black guys in the opposite corner.

So I wandered over to these guys and asked them about "upstairs". Was I a cop? Did I have a BF? How many people did I come with? Were there other girls with me that want to go "upstairs" too? No, I'm alone, I said. Then I asked them, "what's in it for the girls?"

"$500 per dance?"
"$500 per fuck, $100 per blowjob, and all the booze, blow, tabs, etc to keep you going! You keep all the tips."

OMG, it's that kind of party! My panties were getting wet just at the thought of it. Pretty much an orgy. My heart was beating faster and my stomach was churning. 5 fucks and I'm caught up with my rent. Mmmmmm. With change.

"Some girls come in once a month and walk out with $5,000"

"So who is the typical guy?"

"Married older gents in their 30's & 40's with plenty of cash. They are out to have big time fun. Plenty of fun! The party goes on forever for them! There's the odd young guy, mainly brokers. They work out and are overflowing in testosterone!"

"Like you guys?"

"We're not brokers; yet!" they grinned.

"Some of these guys come with $10,000 in their pockets." Let's see. Fuck a few rich brokers and catch up with my rent, or go home to mummy? No contest.

"OK, l'm in!"

"Not so fast. We only let in those that live up to their side of the bargain. To get in, you'll have to fuck one of us. We'll draw the curtains for you."

Oh shit. It is for real. They drew a few lines of blow on the table and dropped a few tabs for me.

"No rush. Take a hit and order a drink and think about it. We only want party girls."

We made small talk until the booze, blow and the tab started working. Then I stood up and leaned over the table. I needed the money. And a good fuck. They took the hint. He hiked up my dress, pulled my g-string down, and started licking my pussy and rubbing my clit. I could see people dancing only few feet away from me on the other side of the curtain, some even bumping the table I was leaning over, and here I was, moments away from getting fucked by a BBC. I opened the curtain a bit. Enough for the girl dancing in front of me to see the cock enter me and start fucking. She just stared. Her BF just had to look and his jaw dropped. Bet he had an instant hardon and wishing it was him pumping me. But they kept watching.

But this BBC's cock was distracting. And it was big! Banging my cervix on every thrust. I tried to grab hold of it as it was pumping me, but it was too thick for my tiny hands to go around it. He couldn't get it all in, but what was in, my pussy loved. Within a minute, I felt my legs starting to quiver and I was coming moments later. Oh god, it was good! I had an orgasm in front of this couple. They loved it. The guy started fingering her right there on the dance floor. All the loud music, people shouting, the drugs in my bloodstream, and this big cock inside me. It was surreal. He started to come and that threw me over the edge and I was coming again. He kept on pumping for what seems like an eternity and his cum was oozing out and down my leg. That was the best fuck I've eve had. I wanted more!

But my initiation was over.

He cleaned me up the best he could and I pulled up my g-string. I saw that couple again, this time against the wall no more than 5 metres away, fucking. I must have really turned them on! On the way up, the black guy pulled up my dress and kissed my butt, saying how wonderful I was and how much I was go to enjoy myself. I was the best he's seen. Wow, half naked bodies dancing on the dance floor and a lot of fucking and sucking going on in the cubicles. I got a drink, did a few lines and downed a couple of tabs. Last thing I wanted was to be uptight and the tabs eased any inhibitions I would have. Well, usually they make me super horny and I was already super horny!

I was soon dancing with this cute naked guy. Well, he had defined abs and a large dick. That spells cute for me. He got close to me, so I rested my hands on his cock and felt his hands raise my dress, to my butt, then my hips, waist and then up and over my breasts, and all of a sudden, my dress disappeared! I was left dancing in my g-sting, in front of now, three naked guys. I really needed another tab or two to cope. Soon I was having the best of times, dancing in my g-string and being groped by these guys. In for a dime, in for a dollar, my mother would always say, so I took my g-string off, and grabbed the cock of the guy in front of me. We all danced in a huddle, with hands, fingers and tongues all over me. It felt super good. Someone's finger was in my pussy and another one in my ass. And two mouth's on my tits, alternating between sucking and twisting them.

The guy in front of me told me to hold onto his neck and he picked me up by my thighs and lowered me onto his waiting cock. $500. And then I felt another cock pressing into my ass and it slowly entered. My first DP in a long time.

Another $500.

And then they started pounding me. This was all too much for me and my legs started shaking wildly, and my orgasm started to flood my whole body. I fainted for awhile, but they continued fucking me, and I came another 3 times before any of them came. That's what these drugs did. With enough tabs, they can fuck all night long without losing their hardons.

The third guy cleaned me out a bit before giving my tits a real workout. twisting, sucking and pinching my nips. Then I was on my hands and knees and he slipping his cock inside me. Another $500.

He was bigger than the others and I was soon coming. Those tabs were working a treat. He made me come 3 times before turning me over and unloading on my face. It was so good, I licked up every drop up.

And then he was back inside me, driving his cock all the way. Nothing left outside. A couple of guys joined us and started playing on my tits. And then the long strokes where its head nearly plopped out to banging on my cervix. If his cock was any longer, it would slip through my cervix and be bouncing about in my uterus, ramming my IUD!!! But I was at the point of no return. It was all so good.

After a bathroom cleanup and a few more tabs, lines and another drink, I was up dancing again. Naked. ALL the guys liked my body. They kept running their hands all over me. One even started licking my tits while another girl was giving him a blowjob. I was on FIRE tonight!

Then these hands came from behind and started playing my my tits and nipples and he was kissing the back of my neck and all the way down my backbone. It felt good. Soon I was on my hands and knees and he was fucking me in my ass. He gave me a good pounding but I never saw his face, but when he came, he deposited a big load of cum ever and then he was gone. It took a lot of cleaning up and I never did learn who fucked me. But it was another $500.

The other black guy from downstairs started seriously playing with my nips. Got me pretty wet. "Your nips are so good, you should get them pierced. Come over here. It's ok. You're so high that you won't feel a thing!"

Within 5 minutes, my nipples and clit had gold rings!! Just a bit of pain, but everyone was so proud of them. Everybody kept playing with them. I was paraded around the dance floor and the DJ and the lights were all focused on me. My tits looked amazing. I loved watching the rings danced as I wiggled my tits. I never loved my tits so much as I did tonight. Soon I had two guys playing with my nipple rings and another playing with my clit ring and pussy, making me cum while they held me up.

Then the DJ announced the "Now for the Main Attraction, Let's give a big welcome little miss Reddress. OK guys, lead her to the table." Nearly right. I'm Redfeather, 100% Sioux.


The black guy picked me up and carried me to a small table placed on the dance floor. My legs and head were flopping over the sides. Then both black guys from downstairs stood at either end of me, naked, playing with their monster cocks. And everyone crowded around, chanting. There were camera and lights everywhere. I've never been filmed before but they all wanted to see me get spitroasted by these guys! I was tonight's star attraction. I loved it. Camera, action, fuck.

A couple of tabs washed down with champagne got me begging for cock. But I had to wait while they played with my new rings and giving me a good pussy licking. Cameras were filming everything up close. YES, it's me. My pussy is going to make me famous. It's going to take me to places undreamed of.

A big cock started on my pussy and I realized the purpose of the clit ring was to bring my clit into close contact with this cock. It succeeded. Every movement of the cock rubbed my clit. I was coming within 30 seconds.

The other cock was working on my mouth. I thought he couldn't even get into my mouth. Guess again. As I was coming, it slipped easily in. Everybody was urging these guys on. The lights, music, cameras, the crowd all made the fucking out of this world. I never felt so wanted or desired.

Then I was coming and the cock pushed itself down my throat. OMG! I was being stuff from both ends. I was like a bow, my stomach arched like a bow about to be sprung. And my bod was a shaking from the intense orgasm. He started pumping his cock, bringing it out so only the head was inside my mouth, then plunging to the depth of my throat, all the while playing with my nip rings.

A couple of guys placed my hands on their cocks. Naturally I started jerking them off and they come all over me. They were replace with another two cocks. I think the guy fucking me finally breached my cervix and was fucking my uterus. I had to stop jerking off the guys as I was coming so much. Every part of my body was alive and coming. First time I came so intensely that my toes actually curled. I did faint a couple of times, but that didn't stop them fucking me.

Then the guys started to cum. In my pussy, In my throat. Litres of the stuff! Running out the sides of both sets of lips, onto the floor. But that didn't stop them fucking me. I remember being turned over a couple of times and a cock filling my ass. Then the finale was being lifted off the table and being DP'd by these cocks. The crowd was roaring. Two big fat cocks pounding me.

They both waited until their cocks resumed a sense of normalcy in size before withdrawing. My mouth felt so empty. I've never been so engulfed by a cock in my mouth before. The show was over and the crowd roared and showered me with money. I made $2,000 in tips in that one fuck session, it was that hot. I was so hot! After a good cleanup, I rejoined the crowd.


The black guy who fucked my downstairs told me he had a better party for me. These Arab princes were in town and would pay $25,000 for the rest of the weekend. I found my dress, shoes and g-string and followed, but not until I had a few more lines and a couple of tabs. He gave me the $4,000 I had already made and I slipped it into my hidden pocket in my dress. No need to return to the "Res" now. Can clear all my debts and any I make from now on is just for me. He said it was best if he kept my money for me and I agreed and handed it back to him plus my fake ID card. I was way underage. I didn't want that getting lost. I was feeling he was like a big brother to me, well, a big brother that fucks his sister mercilessly.

Best night ever and it wasn't over by a long shot. In the limo I did a few more lines and before I knew it, I was in a private jet, on my way to Las Vegas! There were a couple of other girls on this flight, but they were wasted. One of these girls was getting fucked by a really black guy. Looked like a real black African. They didn't look like Arabs, but for all that money, I didn't care. And then it was my turn to get truly fucked.

One of them came over to me and undid my dress strap and pulled my dress down over my breasts and pulled me forward, licking, biting, nibbling my tits and nipples until I couldn't stand it any longer and grabbed his cock through his pants. OMG, it was large. Where do they find these guys? I've been fucking since I was twelve and never come across a big dick before, and then tonight I've been fucked by three monsters, and here's my fourth. He pulled his pant down and my hand reached out for this monster. He pulled my dress up and I pulled my g-string down and he had my butt hanging over the edge of the seat. Then he started working on my pussy, licking, making me short of breath.

Then I was guiding that fuck monster into my pussy, and helping him to get all of it inside me. It was a struggle. He kept on pushing, and then, pop, it was in, banging on my cervix, and there was still four inches to go!

I joined the mile high club a few times on that flight, riding those big mother fucking monster cocks and lost count of the number of times I came. They tried my ass but those cocks were just too big for me. But those big cocks were so good at making me come, I didn't want it to end, but I was totally exhausted and collapsed into a heap.

Next thing I knew, I was being dressed by this African women and carried off the plane into a beat up old bus with my hands tied. I caught a glimpse of the other girls and they too were tied and being hauled away. I tried to protest but they didn't understand a word of what I was saying.

Where the fuck was I? It sure wasn't Las Vegas. We drove for a long time until we came to this large house where we three girls were led inside to a waiting audience of black guys with ak47's. Holy fuck.

One of them said something to the black women and with a lot of protest from us girls, we were stripped naked, collared, and paraded in front of these guys. Some of them came out and fondled us, like we were cattle. Pinching your nipples, grabbing our butts and fingering our pussies, and playing with my new rings.

There was a lot of heated talk and shouting and finally money changed hands. One of the girls was dragged away, and then the other girl was gone. leaving only me, naked, in front of 30 guys. Everybody was throwing money around and finally someone dropped a whole shit pile of money on the table. He won.

Then the big fat ugly disgusting old man came around front and dragged me away.

My head cleared for a moment and the penny clicked.



Well, you wouldn't be reading this unless more shit happened to me. For some reason, they wanted to breed me, but with my IUD still in place, that never happened. So I was sold a couple more times. Learnt arabic, but was basically kept with the goats and children. I think it was that I wasn't as white as those Swedish girls they had. Even though they were only 15, both had a couple of blonde daughters and both were pregnant again. In 5 years time, those kids will be sold and will fetch big money if the guys had their way.

One day, after two years, the UN nurses came to town. Mainly women to see the women and children. I was now invisible to the menfolk, so I was third in line. Guess who my nurse was.

"Amonute, na-s-gi a-yv, Redfeather."


After six months, I was back home, sharping my scalping knife, relearning my Sioux warrior training and much, much more, and I got a new name - Naja Haje.

The Pit was still going and the guys were up to their usual tricks. They owed me $30,000, and I was in the mood to collect.

It was a fancy dress night, so our warrior outfit didn't standout, but we did have to sneak in through the kitchen to bring in our scalping knives and daggers. Poki drew the curtains around us, while Shee & Cori quietly ushered out all the other patrons in that area. The guys didn't know what hit them! We jumped them in a flash, and had our daggers at their throats.

"Remember me from three years ago? You owe me $30,000 plus, I figure, another $100,000 for selling me to the Africans. Time to pay the piper or get scalped."

The black guys were now surrounded by five of my warriors. Poki & Amonute gave them a shot of Naja juice to immobilize and slowly kill them. Done right, they will have seven minutes to live. Seven painful minutes.

"The sex, drugs and rock & roll was great, but stealing my money and selling me to the Africans was not cool. For that, you will pay dearly.” #2 laughed at us and tried to lunge at me but the drug had made him slow. Cori stabbed him and he fell back in his seat in shock. I carved a line, ear to ear, just under #1's hairline and blood was running down his face.

"Well, do you have the money or not?"

"Fuck you bitch."

He shouldn't have said that. I did a real clean job of the scalping. He didn't willing let me do it, but a few stabs from Cori into his stomach diverted his attention. And then on to #2. Amonute scalped him real slow. The pain must have been tremendous. I was in two minds about cutting off their dicks, but Poki just jumped in and did it. We were out of the place within four minutes. We cleaned ourselves up, dumped everything in the car and rejoined the party in our street clothes. We were having such a good time until the cops and medics showed up and closed the party down.


But we were long gone before they started interrogating people. Our training in blending into the background worked. No one ever saw us. We were totally invisible to the white eyes. We had their wallets and keys, so finding their den was easy and they were hopeless at caching their money. We found it in 30 seconds. $600,000, give or take, hidden in 5 locations about the place. No one saw us enter or leave and we left no trace of ourselves except the outlines of our moccasins.

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