Sharon's Outcall

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“Sharon's Outcall”


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"Sharon's Outcall" by

It had been in the cavernous file room that Sharon Michaels had made her great discovery. She had gone into the large room, with its dim lighting and dusty racks to locate an old company sales contract. Sharon had entered the room silently, walking on flats, rather than the high heels that she normally wore to work. That way, she didn't make any noise while walking, which her high heels would have done.

While bending down to retrieve that file that she had been looking for, Sharon suddenly realized that two of her male colleagues were in the next aisle, unaware of her presence.

"Did you hear about the contract that Steve Anthony landed?"

"Yeah, Jeez, I'd give my goddamn right arm to get something like that."

"Well, that guy has it made. I'm sure that he'll get promoted next year to sales manager, yet I got here first!"

"Well, some guys have all the luck."

"It gets even better. I was sitting in old man Carlson's office, waiting for yet another pep talk, when I heard him get on the phone to give golden boy Anthony a bonus."

"What, tell me, I'm interested?"

"Old man Carlson called one of those outcall services, you know, rent a girl for an hour. Anthony isn't going home tonight, but instead is going to spend Friday night at the Stafford House with a bimbo. All expenses paid by Carlson."

Sharon heard the first voice emit a low, long whistle.

"Jeez, what a lucky prick he is. Last time I landed a big contract, all I got was a free dinner!"

"Well, that's why I call him golden boy."

"Have you got the number of that service?"

"Yeah, here it is. Why, you got a few extra bucks to spend on some broad?"

"No, but when I do, I'll be sure and call that one. Whatever Carlson arranged for Anthony is sure going to be a good time, and I'll try whatever he does."

"Yeah, tell me about it."

Sharon hurriedly wrote down the number when she heard it recited. Taking care to remain silent, she did not betray her presence by making a sound. Instead, she listened as the two men, who did not know that she was there, walked away.

She could hear their footsteps on the tile floor as the left the file room.

"Dave Anthony," she said to herself.

Ever since she'd come to work for Carlson Associates, all that she ever heard from the other single women in the firm was gossip about Dave Anthony. True, their paths had only crossed once in an elevator, and a designer had pointed him out to her.

Dave Anthony was just the sort of attractive man that Sharon wanted. White, mid-thirties, tan and athletic, he should have been chasing ever woman in the office. But he didn't. Nor could any of the single (or some married) women seem to get Anthony interested in them.

Constantly, she had heard her co-workers discuss how they had failed to get Anthony into bed, or just out on a date.

Sharon had been attracted to him. She liked the way he looked, and wondered just what she should do.

She hurried back to her desk, when her friend Joyce was waiting.

"Well, glad you got back. Got lost or something?" asked Joyce.

"Not exactly. What if I told you that I knew of a way to get Anthony in bed?"

"You've got to be kidding. I've tried to interest that guy in going out, and he won't even look at me. How are you going to do it, Sharon?"

Sharon was on the verge of telling her friend, then stopped short. It had suddenly occurred to her that Joyce either might blab it around the office, or else try to take advantage of the chance herself.

"That's going to be my secret. I'll bet you dinner that I get him in the sack," wagered Sharon.

"Okay, but what's the proof?"

"You know that monogrammed silk tie that he wears?" asked Janet.


"I'll steal it."

"You do, and you've got dinner. When?" asked Joyce.


Sharon got off of the hotel elevator and looked at herself in the alcove mirror. She ran a hand through her hair, making sure that it was still in place. Taking a deep breath, she again wondered if this was really such a good idea after all!

She was wearing a white silk blouse with sheer sleeves (which hinted at the tiny bra that she wore underneath; a black leather skirt and heels, a black thong with a garter belt and stockings. To complete her outfit, she had worn an attractive leather jacket. She knew that she had dressed right by the stares that people had given her in the hotel lobby. Sharon hoped that Anthony would feel that same way about her.

That afternoon she had called the service to cancel for Dave Anthony. She had disguised her voice to sound like Carlson's secretary, and had used a pay phone so that the call would not be traced to the company's phones.

Sharon had rushed to her friend's apartment where she kept some clothes, and showered and dressed for her appointment with Anthony. She had read just how women had exchanged sex for money, and Sharon hoped that she could convince him that she was the real thing.

Stafford House was located in Midtown, on Ninth Avenue up in the Fifties. Out of the way of the more expensive Manhattan hotels, it would be a convenient place for Anthony's little outcall.

Drawing her breath in and sticking her chest out to make her breasts more attractive under the leather jacket, she walked over to Anthony's room. She had gotten the number by bribing the doorman with a twenty.

Sharon knocked on the door. It was 9 PM, and she hoped that she had guessed right about what time that Anthony would want his girl.

Her heart pounding, Sharon thought that she would faint when the door opened. There he stood, still wearing his business suit, his tie still made.

"Good evening," he said, "Will you please come in?"

"Sure," Sharon answered as she entered the room.

The room was your typical Manhattan hotel room. Bed, table and chairs, dresser, and a night table. On the dresser was an ice bucket, plus two glasses and an open bottle of liquor.

"Can I take your coat?" he asked.

"Sure," answered Sharon, handing him her coat.

"You're very attractive," he said, "want a drink?"

"Thank you, to both your questions," she answered.

"Bourbon all right?"

"Fine," answered Sharon.

Quaking inside, she wanted a drink, still not really sure that she could pull this little deception off. Her handed her a drink, and she tossed back the Bourbon quickly, it's warmth seeping through her chest quickly.

"Thank you."

"Your name?" he asked, "I'm Dave."


She wondered if he might have recognized her, but neither his face not words betrayed the fact that he recognized her from the company.

"You're one of the most attractive women I've ever been with," he complimented.

"Thank you."

Was she just supposed to strip, climb into bed, and open her legs, just like that? Wham, bam, thank you, ma'am? This was little different than some dates that she had been on!

She turned around for his inspection, and saw in the mirror how he admired her stunning looks. Sharon had rarely worn this outfit, only on dates and going to dressy clubs.

"Shall we?" he asked.

"Yes...yes," Sharon answered, not really sure just what was going to happen next.

Sharon watched as he began to undress, first by removing his suit jacket, followed by his silk monogrammed tie. She noted where he placed it over a chair, and wondered just when she was going to get a chance to steal it later.

Before she undressed, she removed a box of condoms from her purse. She placed the box on the night table, in clear view.

"Glad you brought those," said Dave, "I'd forgotten."

"Well, that's why I'm a professional in this business."

Dave answered with a short happy laugh as he attacked the buttons on his shirt. Sharon walked over and drew the shades closed, then began taking her clothes off.

It had taken her plenty of time to get dressed, and to select what clothing that she had deemed correct for something like this. Now, as she stripped for Dave Anthony, she could see the signs of approval in his eyes. Every garment that she removed seemed to make his more eager.

"Do I meet with your approval?" asked Sharon when she was naked.

"Sure," he answered, as he cut the lights.

They sat down on the bed and Sharon placed his arms around Anthony. She planted a long kiss on his lips, trying to arouse him. He responded, slowly at first, as she drew him under the covers. First, he lay on her left side, and began to plant kisses on her face and lips. At the same time, his powerful hands ranged over her naked body, fondling her breasts and sex.

Sharon began to moan slowly as he aroused her to sex. She thought that Anthony was indeed good, and she was aroused at the sight of his muscled, tanned body.

He shifted in bed, and was soon on top of her. She smelled his musk, and thought that she would soon feel his erect cock probing at her sex.

She reached down between their legs, and was astonished to feel that his cock wasn't even hard. She opened her legs, hoping that it would entice him into becoming erect, but he still stayed soft.

"You're not hard," she said.

Dave was suddenly off her in a rush, and she feared that he might throw her out of the room, naked. Instead, he stared at the drawn curtains, silent.

"I'm sorry," she said, "It's the truth."

"I know," he slowly answered, "I...have to get aroused in a special way."

"I'm all ears."

"Take the belt from my pants," he said.

Sharon walked naked over to the chair where he had thrown his clothes, and did as he asked. Suddenly, Sharon was afraid, wondering just what he wanted the belt for. She sat down on the bed again, holding the belt.

"You've got to let me hit you with it, all right?" Dave asked.

He asked in such a nice way, it was all that Sharon could do to hand him the belt then lay over his knees like she was going to get spanked.

"Ever been punished before?" he asked.

"Not lately, but go ahead," coolly answered Sharon.

Sharon watched in the mirror as he doubled the belt, and raised it over her bottom. Then the belt sliced down, and impacted on her ass.

She remained silent, watched with detachment in the mirror as he smacked he behind again and again. No wonder Dave couldn't ask out any other the women at work! The fact that he couldn't have sex without spanking a woman first would have made him an article of gossip that he would never recover from!

He struck her bottom, again and again. Sharon's behind stung, and she imagined how red it must look. She felt her skin gradually heat up in response to the belt, and she found that she was becoming intensely aroused by the belt's impacts.

After several strokes, Sharon suddenly felt Dave's cock suddenly stiffen beneath her. What had been limp before was suddenly rock hard and ready for action.

Even though her bottom was still stinging from the belt, Sharon quickly got under the covers when her ceased striking her. She opened her legs and raised her hurting behind so that he would have an easier time entering her.

Sharon watched as he withdrew a condom from the package, and unrolled the latex over his erect organ. Sharon had watched men go limp when they placed a condom on, but Dave remained rock hard.

They didn't need words when he mounted her, and he plunged his erect shaft deep inside her throbbing sex.

"Ooooh!" Sharon moaned when he entered her.

She had had many men before, but none like this. His cock was long and hard, and each of his thrusts felt like a pile driver going in. She was sweating with excitement as he plunged into her again and again, with no sign of either stopping or climaxing.

"Keep it coming," moaned Sharon.

Sharon decided that it was worth the pain of a few strokes with the belt in exchange for having Dave inside her like this. She opened her legs further, allowing Dave to thrust even deeper.

After several minutes of hot exciting sex, Dave finally began to moan. He was ready to come, and he did so with a bed-shaking climax. Even with his cock inside the condom, Sharon could still feel the force of his climax as he shot his load within the latex.

"That was good," she said, breathing in ragged gasps.

"Thank you," he replied as he rolled off her onto the other side of the bed.

She watched as he got out of bed and removed the condom. He cleaned himself with a tissue, then looked at her.

"Want to do it again?" she prompted.

This time, Dave didn't need the stimulation of striking her with the belt. All it took was for Sharon to grab onto his cock with her hand, and massage and pull until he became erect. She could feel how strong and hard he was, and wanted him inside her again.

"Ready for action," she said.

He placed another condom onto his erect cock, and proceeded to mount her again. Her sex was still throbbing from her first climax, and she moaned again when she felt him enter again. Raising her ass again, she imprisoned his legs within hers, forcing his thrusts ever deeper into her. Each time that he forced his way into her, she moaned with pleasure. This was going to be one time with a man that she would not have to fake what she was feeling.

Again, he hd an earth shattering climax, and they both climaxed at the same time. The bed rocked against the wall as they quaked with pleasure. He lay next to her, stroking her pleasantly, as they both recovered from their exertions.

"Want to do it again?" he asked.

"Yes," Sharon agreed quickly.

"Ever do it doggie style?"


Sharon remembered that every other time she had asked a man to do it that way with her, they simply couldn't for some reason. But Dave Anthony was different, as she watched him become erect once more while she stood on the bed on her hands and knees.

She felt him enter her wet sex again, touching places that she had never felt a man hit before. She writhed and moaned when she felt him rouse her to a climax that came ever quicker than the first two, and it was the best one that she ever had!

"Yeow!" she cried when she finally came, responding to his ever more powerful thrusts.

They laid on the bed together, gasping for breath.

"That was good," she complimented.

"Thanks," he said as he made his way for the bathroom.

While he was out of sight, Sharon sprung for his clothes and grabbed his silk tie. Quickly, she folded it and placed it in her purse, and hoped that he would not see that it was missing. She got back into bed just in time for his return.

Then the timer in her purse beeped. She had found out that services of this kind were paid for by the hour, so she had purchased a timer in an electronics store.

"Times up," she said.

"Yeah," sighed Dave.

They both dressed, and Sharon was pleased that he handed her an envelope containing two hundred dollars! He even gave her a tip of another fifty, so it had been a profitable day for Sharon!

"Thank you," she softly said as she left the bedroom.

Next week, her friend Joyce was surprised when she produced the tie and told her how she had substituted herself for an outcall girl.

"How come you didn't want to tell me what you were planning?" Joyce demanded.

"I was afraid that you might want to take my idea."

"You know, you're right," Joyce laughed.

A few weeks later, Sharon entered the office on a Saturday to get some extra work done. Dave was seated in the chair next to her desk!

"Hello, Sharon," he greeted.

"Dave, I..."

"Nice to see you again. I thought that I recognized you from the firm, but I passed it off as coincidence. Lots of girls dress the way you did that night, and I wasn't sure it was you until you wore the same outfit again last week."

"Careless of me."

"I did some checking. Found that someone had canceled my appointment. You?"


"Have you been gossiping about me?"

"Not really. I've kept your little secret," parried Sharon.

"Thank you, may I have my tie back?"

"Sure." Janet produced the tie, which she had kept in her purse since that night.

"I guess that I'll have to get another job, now that you know my little secret," mused Dave.

"Not really," Sharon said, rubbing her behind, "just what were your plans for the weekend?"

"Nothing in particular."

"Want a second chance to redden my bottom? I'm sure that we can work something out," said Sharon, a smile forming on her lips.

"I think that we can too," he answered.


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