Short Film Audition Turns into Sex Audition

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How producer, Director and the Teen artist used me while having my audition for short film
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Hi my name is Sheetal, I am a house wife, my Body stats (34dd-30-36) my husband stays in Netherland as he worked in MNC so he visits India once in year or twice In year, I have a kid from him but I don’t confirm that it’s from his sperm or others sperm as after his fucking in Netherlands when I was with him I enjoyed his English friend and he had also cummed inside my pussy. After that incident I got pregnant so my husband has sent me back to my in-laws home where my in-laws Father in law, Mother in law, and his elder brother stays, as per the information I could collect due to physical matter his elder brother's wife left him.

             I was very much interested in acting, I had participated in many activities in school and college and there also I was been used at some extend, When I delivered my kid after 16 months I got a opportunity to be in a short movie, I took the permission with my hubby he first rejected but I any how convinced him by saying baby will be with my in-laws and the audition was in our city only if got selected then need to go to Kerala, I said I will just try once at last after 2 days he accepted but at one condition this is last time he is allowing, I agreed and was very happy.

             And regarding the audition I was informed by one of my friend who was studying with me in my collage, he told me regarding the role and what needs to be done as I was going to play the role for mother in the movie if I get selected, actually it was a sort of adult movie where the mother is widow and he satisfies her needs by her son who is just 19 years.

             First I heard the story and got very much tempted as my husband was in other country, so I was unable to fuck daily I used my friends to satisfy some times like monthly 4-5 times, when one of my friend told me regarding this I was very much interested in that as he knows I have fucked many members so I would not have any objection, then finally the day comes for the audition.

             First I had all my manicure and pedicure, and I removed all the hairs from my body and private parts, I took a bath and came out nude from bathroom and checked myself in the mirror, I fell in love for myself like for 15-20 mins I was caressing my body, after that I came to conscious and remembered that I have a audition today, then I got ready I was wearing a Black Chiffon saree with sleeveless blouse and black panty with no petticoat inside that and with no bra, I had very bold makeup, when  went out of my room my Brother in law was just shocked to see me like this, then he enquired regarding why am I dressed so much today, I said drop me then I will let u know very soon he took the car keys and said let's go.

             I said him about the short movie and if selected I would play a mother role in that he appreciated that and said best of luck to me, after some time we reached at a hotel where the interview was scheduled he said he will be waiting I said he can leave once its completed if required I will call him, he then accepted and left from there, I went to reception and enquired regarding the audition he was shocked to see me for that audition and guided me to the place.

             It was in 2nd floor I reached to the room and knocked the door, there was a sound to get in I went inside there was a table and sofa set at end of room and three chairs with 1 camera was set  I was asked to sit on sofa, I went there and sat on sofa then I had a look at three of them, “Producer (Giriraj) around 50’s, Director (shekhar) he was around 30,and at last was the one who will act as son in the movie his name is Sahil 19years, then I had given my into to them, then shekhar said that do you know what is this movie about and what will be your role  I agreed

Shekhar: The movie is about how a widow will have sex with his son

Me: I know my friend had said all regarding it

Shekhar: But it seems you’re from a good family and you have your own family

Me: Yes, I am married and I have a child of 16 months

Shekhar: does your husband agree to this role to u

Me: I informed him just about the audition not the role

Shekhar: Do u mind any of us touching your body anywhere

Me: was quite for some time…..No

Shekhar: The movie might be off 30 mins you have to sleep by this boy are you ok

Me: I just saw at the boy and said ok

Shekhar: Oki... Let’s start, you can sleep on the dining table and think it’s a bed and He said to make you comfortable you can remove your sari and be in your Bra and Petticoat

Me: I said as I have not worn any Bra and Petticoat, I have just worn Blouse sari and panty. All were shocked to listen this

             He asked me to remove my sari and to be in panty and blouse so it would be comfortable to sleep and would be easy for the scene, I agreed and was removing my sari I just checked all 3 where having lust in their eyes, Then the boy and shekhar took the table to center of room and asked me to lay down on that and start seducing, then I slept their and turn to right side where the camera was set and started rubbing my thighs and pressing my boobs by closing eyes, then the boy came and slept back to me and had put on leg on me and his cock was touching to me from his boxers

             Then I turned to him and I started to touch his body as he was only in boxers, then I slowly started kissing him. Then I saw both the director and producer standing near the table and watching us. Then one of them said seduce us too then I sat on table and pulled director to me and started kissing him then the boy untied the knot of my blouse and opened it by seeing this the producer got hard on and removed his cock out of his pant and was rubbing in front of me, while I was kissing to the director I started to press producer cock and both the boy and the producer started pressing my boobs.

I then was in full mood so I got down of the table and started sucking the producer cock he started moaning loudly aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…hhhmmhmhmhhhhhmmmm then the director removed his cock and asked me to suck I was sucking one cock and stroking another meanwhile the producer left his cum on my boobs and sat on the sofa. Then I started enjoying the director. He was deep throating me and cummed inside my mouth. Then I stroked the boy and he cummed on my boobs and sucked my boobs for some time, then I got dressed and they said they will call me later for confirmation of the role.

To know how they fucked me on next time please reply to my mail id

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