Sighs Matter

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Author’s Note: I’m often asked (well, not really) as to why there isn’t more humour in adult fiction. After all, it’s not all just the old in-and-out. Seeking to answer this unasked question, and meet an unneeded demand, I decided to try to combine the styles of two of my favorite authors, the (probably) late and (definitely) lamented early-Porn author, Phil Phantom, and the definitely late, and surely lamented English master of prose and silliness, P. G. Wodehouse. Thus, the style of this tome borrows unashamedly from both of their milieu. There may be jokes and references which you do not understand if you are not familiar with their writings, and, regretfully, there are several pieces of artwork which can not be included with this text version, which drive home the jokes here and there.

If the dear reader would like the handsomely illustrated (from decades of picture-collecting on the internet) version of this story, just drop me a line, along with voluminous praise and a naked pic if you’re a female of legal age. :)

Rich Humus (for the Best In Dirt!)

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