Chapter Five - Drive to the Cuntry Club

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Alan drives to the Cuntry Club with his slavegirl, Belinda.

Belinda was securely installed into Alan's vehicle a few hours earlier, her ass throbbing with a hot pain that felt so much better now than the spanking she received at lunch that it was almost pleasure. Alan had left off the blindfold this time.

She had for the moment stopped crying. She waited for further commands, trying to figure out what he would want next from her. She was relieved to be alone with him. The spanking in front of all the others in the diner had been such an agony to her, and even though he might punish her at any time, she was so glad to be alone with him. She was afraid, however, that she hadn't pleased him.

She searched her mind for faults. She had obeyed all his commands, except when that slut at the diner was loving on him. That bitch had gotten off easy for what she had tried to do. Belinda could not help but wonder if she could have tried harder to please her Master.

Did he want her to cry out more when she was spanked? She was uncertain. Just thinking of Alan spanking her in front of everyone made her cry again. This is my life, she told herself, trying to calm herself. He had taken ownership of me and now he possesses me. I belong to him in every way.

Every time she thought of Alan she felt a tingling in her pussy that seemed to make her sore and throbbing ass feel suddenly warmer. The pain made her so aware of that part of her body that he loved to fuck and spank. Her swelling breasts and hard nipples made her feel that same awareness of herself there too, just as if he'd slapped her breasts which he hadn't done in a while, and she felt bewildered.

She could hear Alan in contact with someone at a place called the Clitty Cuntry Club. He was confirming he would arrive tonight and was going over his schedule for the training facilities.

Alan selected the oral mode to slid Belinda forward to his cock. She opened her mouth take him in but Alan held his cock just out of reach of her mouth. She could see his penis. It was hard and she suddenly wanted to kiss it, but she couldn't reach it and was shocked at her impulse.

She thought of it between her legs, filling her cunt and then her ass, and she knew she was blushing furiously.

"Now, do you know what I want of you?" Alan said gently. His hand lovingly stroked her cheek, lifting her hair back. She ached to look at him. She wished so much he would loosen her straps so she could look into his eyes.

"No, Master, anything you..." she started.

"Take me into your mouth, please me with your tongue and your lips."

He moved his cock forward to within reach of her lips. She closed her eyes and took it into her mouth, feeling its huge size, its hardness. It nudged at the back of her throat, and she nibbled and licked it as Alan guided her.

The taste of it was delicious; and a salty liquid in tiny droplets came out of it into her mouth, and then she stopped because he had said it was enough.

She opened her eyes.

"Good, Belinda, very good," said Alan.

And she could tell he was filled with need. It made her feel proud, and there was in her, even in her helplessness, a sense of power.

She was rotated around when Alan selected cunt mode. His hands slid to her pussy. She wept as his hands began teasing her cunt lips.

Her pussy was swollen and aroused. The straps holding her had put her legs in a position that pressed her cunt lips tightly together, leaving only the slightest hint of pink cunt slit in between them.

Sometimes his fingers slid over her pussy slit. At other times, they brushed over her clit. At still other times, his fingers teasingly brushed her inner thighs before caressing her pussy lips again.

While he played with her cunt, he could feel how tightly closed her cunt lips were. Forcing his cock into her tight cunt was an idea he relished.

She felt the thick, hot knob of her Master's penis tease her sensitive cunt-slit. His cock was huge. His cock-knob began pressing more firmly. Her cunt was being pulled opened by Alan's fingers.

"Okay, Belinda. I'm gonna fuck you. And I mean right now."

Belinda shivered, feeling so vulnerable being naked and secured for his pleasure. She knew this would be quite the ride.

Alan's cock was throbbing. Swollen, it pressed between her cunt lips. He loved the way her soft, velvety cunt lips separated to fit over his cock-head.

"Oh, you got a sweet cunt!" He sighed, pulling open her cunt more with his fingers.

Her soft, pink cunt meat looked smooth and inviting. He knew how tight her fuckhole was. He couldn't wait to get balls deep in it. He pressed more firmly. Groaning, he worked his cock back and forth, working her pussy juice on his prick tip to ease the way.

Alan looked at her pretty ass. It was the same glowing color as the rest of her body. Her pretty asshole was pink, always begging to be fucked. And her cunt lips. Her cunt lips were luscious. Now, with his cock pushing against those heated juicy cunt lips, Alan could wait no longer to fuck her.

Slowly increasing the pressure, his cock-head sank between her cunt lips. His hot, slicked While he was loving the gripping, sliding feel, he could tell that Belinda was enjoying the way her cunt was getting stretched.

Belinda strained against her bonds. Her face was drawn up in pleasure, and her body was tense. Her cunt lips were splitting, yawning widely to receive her Master's thick cock. Small jolts of pain shot from her stretched cunt hole until it opened wide enough to take his cock. Then the stretched sensation moved deep inside her, until she felt full, completely filled.

As his massive prick sunk into her fuckhole all the way to his balls, she slumped in her bonds, panting. For even though she had fucked his cock before, it felt like the first time to her. Her cunt throbbed.

Alan forced his way into her pussy. His thick prick opened her fuckhole deep inside. And as he slowly began working his cock in and out, the insides of her cunt were massaged thoroughly.

Alan held her hips tightly. He began fucking a little harder and a little faster. He could feel her tight fuckhole spread for him as his cock did its good work.

Her cunt was hot, tight and moist. Her velvety cunt lips grabbed at his cock, sucking like they wanted more. She held her cunt at the best angle for him to fuck, like a good slave should.

Belinda felt his cock pull back. Slowly, his prick eased out until his cock-head was all that was left inside her. Her Master worked his hips, getting his big cock-knob slide around in her wet cunt hole. Then his grip tightened. Belinda braced herself. And then it came.

"Ooohhh! Oh, Alan, aaahhh... uhhhh!" she squealed as he began pounding his cock into her.

Alan lunged. His cock drove into her cunt, not stopping until it was balls deep. He pound against her, digging his cock into her pussy. He felt the wonderful softness of her cunt lips wrapped around the root of his cock. His balls swung underneath her.

"Belinda..." Alan sighed.

Thud after thud rang out as Alan's body slammed repeatedly into his slavegirl's. The full roundness of her ass-cheeks flattened and rippled with each jolt. With each pump into her, her cunt lips spread instantly to take her Master's prick all the way to the root. Then, when he whipped his cock back, she could feel the pressure ease, and her cunt hole narrowed again. Then again, almost without warning, her sweet cunt hole was forced wide open and stretched deep inside.

Alan fucked like he as insane. He was digging and driving into her like a pile-driver, boring out her cunt without let-up. She could feel the more and more cream seep out from her cunt walls as she was fucked.

The cunt meat between her legs was burning, tingling with sensation. She was no longer in control of her mind. Her cunt was. And her cunt decided to release even more fuck cream to ease the pounding. Alan's thick, throbbing cock slid faster and easier inside her. Belinda began moaning.

"Oh, Alan... oh... oh... uuhh! Oh, mmmmm, oh, Alan... Oh! Oh!"

Cock lust had formed deep within her. Her body was shaking. Every now and then, shivers would sweep the length of her smooth, slender body.

An accustomed tingling began coming from the top of her cunt slit. Her clit had been forcibly awakened. Her clit was responding to his savage, primitive treatment. Her clit swelled and was throbbing to almost painful levels. Her body shook with an orgasm while her muscles strained at the straps holding her.

"That's it, work that cunt! Fuck me back with that pussy!" Alan urged, breathing hard. "I don't know how much more I can take!" Alan felt tremors begin deep inside his balls. His cock swelled, bloating even more thickly inside his slavegirl's fuckhole. He pulled her towards him, fucking deeply into her open cunt hole as he did. Her cunt lips wrapped snugly around his prick-root, and he dug hard.

He turned his head from side to side, pulling the helpless body close to him as he fucked her. His cock-knob expanded tremendously. Foaming gobs of cum spurted from his cock and into Belinda's grasping cunt.

She felt her Master's cock swell inside her. She felt his huge, bloated cock-knob piston like a fist inside her cunt. She felt his cock stretch the throbbing inner walls of her cunt, making fuck cream run down the sides. And she felt the spasms racing the length of Alan's cock, as it exploded in a hot, wet spray of cum.

Again and again, her Master's prick spasmed and leapt. Her cunt was a sloppy, wet mess as load after thick cum-load spurted into her cunt hole.

Sweating, Alan fucked his slavegirl's cunt until his balls released the last drops of his jizz. His cock slipped and slid with the added lube of his cunt-load. Thick slippery wads slid down the length of his prick, spreading all around and inside Belinda's cunt. As his last spasm raced the length of his cock, Alan rested, panting, with his cock still buried to the hilt inside her gripping, dripping fuckhole.

Her cunt was throbbing inside from the brutal fucking she had taken. She felt the slimy wetness of her Master's cum soak her pussy through and through. Her clit was still engorged, along with her cunt lips.

He looked at her cunt as he pulled his prick out. A little at a time, his reddened, cum-smeared cock appeared from deep inside her cunt. Her cunt lips bulged as he withdrew. He could see her swollen, inner cunt lips try to peek out into view. Her bright pink cunt meat invited him to fuck it again, but it was an invitation he had to turn down for the moment. They had arrived at the Clitty Cuntry Club.