Chapter Four - Lunch at The Suckling Pig

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Alan has lunch with his slavegirl, Belinda

The diner was in the "country kitchen" style. There was a meatgirl roasting on a spit that could be seen by all the dining customers. She was a full body roaster spitted from asshole to mouth, with a stabilizing rod in her cunt. The cook was currently basting her rump roast with lots of butter. The delicious looking body had been roasting for some time. She had already developed a light golden color.

"Welcome to The Suckling Pig. I am Sallie and I'll be your waitress-slut today. Every girl serving in this diner is available as meat or use, Master. If you don't like this cunt, a different slave will be sent to tend your table." The place was half full and Sallie took them to their table. Most of the customers were either fucking the staff or eating various

cuts of meat. A meatgirl was secured to a nearby table and an older patron was dining on her cuntsteak.

Belinda crawled under the table and knelt before Alan's cock. She began to please him with her lips and tongue.

"Would you like to see the menu now, Master?" asked Sallie.


Sallie leaned forward and held up her breast to displayed the menu written on them. "We have a good selection of appetizers, and.."

Alan reached out and cruelly pinched each of her nipples between thumb and index finger. He then pulled the waitress closer. "Wow, that is a good selection. Let me see that up close, the fonts are too small."

Oh! Yes... Of Course.. Master," Sallie said. "This will be a long shift," she thought.

"I'll have the spicy hot clit toppers. What about the main courses, Sallie?" Alan asked.

"Oh yes, the main courses Master," said Sallie as she faced away and bent over to show the menu printed on her ass cheeks. Both her cunt and asshole had been stuffed with large diameter plugs.

"Let's see, country fried cuntsteak, BBQ breast brisket, breast brisket bagel sandwich, that sounds good." Alan smacked Sallie hard on the ass and told her, "Why don't you go and bring me the bagel sandwich and a beer... and a bowl of vegetable soup for my slave."

By pleasing her Master, Belinda soon earned a bounty of Alan's ejaculate. The taste and smell of his cum flooded her senses. Waiting for the soup, she held the liquid protein in her mouth, not letting even a drop leak past her lips.

Alan saw Sallie talk to one of the meatgirls in the kitchen. The meatgirl walked over to the grill and bent forward. She arched her back and spread her legs so customers could enjoy the view of her ass while her breasts were grilling.

In a short time, Sallie was back with a fine selection of fucktoys. There were three to choose from: an olive brunette, a tanned blonde, and a fair skinned redhead. All three had their hands tied behind their back and were stuffed in their lower fuckholes with large plugs. Sallie pointed at the brunette, who was petite with shapely legs, thin waist, wide hips, and medium breasts. "Master, with your order, the head cook recommends Alicia, a sweet, tasty, full-bodied..."

"Sure, why not. I'm not in a big hurry after all."

"Would you like to try her before I open her?"

"Yes." Alan replied.

Sallie gripped Alicia by the head and bent her over so she could start sucking Alan's relaxed penis. Belinda almost spitted out Alan's cum when the brunette fucktoy started sucking Alan's penis. "What's that bitch think she's doing?" thought Belinda.

After a bit of Alicia's skillful mouth fucking, Alan was stimulated back to hardness. Sallie asked, "How do you like her, Master?"

"Good, pop her open,"Alan said.

"Yes Master," Sallie squatted down and pulled the plugs from Alicia's cunt and asshole. Two distinct popping sounds could be heard as the plugs were quickly removed.

"Aaaoooh!" moaned Alicia as her orifices were stretched by the plug removal.

"In which hole would you like to fuck her?" asked Sallie.

"The ass..." Alan answered.

After hearing this, Belinda thought, "Why does he want to fuck that slut's scraggly ass when he has my tight ass to fuck?"

Alicia turned away from Alan and started to sit in his lap. Alan cupped her buttocks and spread them, baring the tiny bronze tightness of her clenched anus. He held his cock upright as she lowered her ass on to it. She felt her asshole stretching to accommodate his massive cock. It was a bit thicker than she was used to. As his cock started slowly pumping in and out of her ass, she felt her ass relaxing and was soon able to take all of him in.

As Alicia's tight anal opening was squeezing his penis as hard as she could, Alan felt a warm, wet sensation on his right finger tips. It felt like a horny cunt. He looked down and saw that Belinda had turned around under the table and backed her cunt up to his hand. He stared at her ass and cunt as he lifted his hand to his nose. Her juices were crystal clear and sweet smelling. His cock immediately hardened and his thrusting became urgent.

Alicia worked her ass harder and thought, "Good, he will cum soon and I can go on break." At that moment, Alan's looked back at the fucktoy and his penis started to shrink. Then he stopped thrusting into her anal cavity.

Sallie was approaching the table with the appetizer, beer, and soup when she saw that the customer was not satisfied with Alicia. She placed the food and drink on the table and asked, "Is there a problem, Master?"

"Her asshole is worn out and her clench is weak." Alan said.

Alicia thought, "My ass is grass and he is the lawnmower."

"Would you like to try any of the other fucktoys, Master?" Sallie said.

"No, I want that ragged asshole carved out of her sorry ass. Then fry it up so I can eat it.

After she regenerates, shove your largest rectal tightening plug up her ass and set the electro-shock to max for a week."

"Yes, Master. I will bring you her fried anus ring shortly. Alicia will start a twenty-four seven of maximum anal clench training, largest plug, after regen is complete."

"Before you leave to get your ass cored, suck your ass juices off my cock." Alicia stood, tuned around, knelt, and began to expertly suck and lick clean Alan's penis. Alan reached

down and felt Belinda's moist plump cunt lips and sighed, thinking how beautiful she was. He could not see the smile on Belinda's face.

After Sallie took Alicia to the meat prep room, Alan started to munch on the spicy hot clit toppers and drink his beer. The older customer at the next table finished his meal, stood up,

and walked over to Alan's table.

"Hello, my name is Bill."

"Hi Bill, I'm Alan."

"That fucktoy you just had, Alicia, is one of the more popular girls here at the Suckling Pig. She will be useless while she is being constantly shocked in her ass for a week. At maximum shock, no one will be able to fuck any of her holes. She will even be useless as a meatgirl, because anyone cutting into her might get shocked themselves. Then it will take time for her to recover because she will not be able to sleep during that week"

"I see what you are saying, Bill."

"Well, have a good afternoon," and Bill left the diner.

Sallie brought the breast brisket bagel sandwich with a single fried anus ring to Alan. The grilled breast was between toasted bagel halves. The nipple was sticking up through the center opening of the bagel. Alan said, "Place the soup in front of my slave and bring me a paddle."

Belinda wondered if her Master was going to paddle the waitress for poor service. As Alan ate

his sandwich, Belinda drooled the cum into the soup. From her holding the cum so long, the cum was watery, more saliva than cum was dripping from her mouth. Soon she was lapping up the last of the cum flavored soup.

After Alan ate, he picked up the wooden paddle that Sallie brought. It very flat and smooth from years of use, with a good handle. Alan said to Belinda, "You think I forgot that you broke feeding position under the table?"

"No Master," she said.

"Now think, you are very naked and very helpless, and you are mine completely."

"Yes Master," she cried softly.

"This is your life now, and you are to think of nothing else."

"Yes Master," she said.

"Now," Alan said to Belinda, "I enjoy the sight of you, your plump ass, your sweet cunt, your lovely legs, your breasts... But I will not hesitate to mark your lovely skin when I punish you for disobedience."

Belinda was frightened. She nodded quickly as she answered "Yes Master," and then very impulsively she bent and kissed one of Alan's new cowskin boots, but then she appeared terrified.

"No, that is good, my slave," Alan, stroking her pussy, reassured her. "That is very good.

You may show me your submission in that manner."

Again Belinda pressed her lips to the leather. But she was trembling.

"I will use this opportunity to teach you that punishment will come whenever I desire to give it. You do not have to be disobedient to receive it. I will punish you when it pleases me.

There will be many times when that will be the only reason for it." Belinda couldn't keep herself from whimpering.

"Excellent," said Alan.

Belinda was crying helplessly.

"Up over my lap, Belinda," said Alan, "At once!" he said sharply.

Jolted by his voice, Belinda scurried to obey, and all those around the diner saw her tear-stained face as she was put in her place to be punished.

He brought the paddle down hard on Belinda's naked buttocks. Belinda couldn't keep still. She struggled to keep quiet, but whimpers and moans escaped her.

Alan spanked her harder and harder and quite enjoyed it, savoring it far more than the spanking he had given her the night before. Belinda's breasts were heaving and tears were spilling down her face. The harder he spanked her, the wetter her cunt became.

Finally, when her ass cheeks were very red but not bruised, he stopped. Alan placed Belinda kneeling at his feet, her hair framing her red, tear covered face, and her raw and stinging ass was pressed against her ankles.

Alan gave Belinda a drink of beer. He was not sure he was entirely satisfied with her. He was thinking of many things he could do to her.

He called the waitress to him, told her that she had given good service, and that he had reconsidered his orders for the fucktoy. She is instead to have a moderate two inch wide rectal tightening plug with the electro-shock set to medium for three days. The ass clench training is to be suspended during her sleeping period.

Finally it was time to go. Driving Belinda before him, he gave her a few sharp spanks on her tender ass with his hand to hurry her out of the diner.