Chapter One

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Alan buys a new slavegirl, Belinda, at a ponygirl ranch.

In the bedroom he found Belinda sleeping. Afternoon sunlight was streaming in the window. The sheet covering her in loose folds revealed her rounded breasts and wide hips. The silken sheet had fallen deep into the gap between her inner thighs so that he could see the shape of her cunt beneath it. He folded back the cloth and looked at her. Her nipples were a rosy pink as were her mouth and inner cunt lips.

He reach forward with his right hand. He slid his right thumb between her cunt lips and his index and middle fingers into her asshole. He felt hot moisture with his thumb. His fingers easily entered her anus because it had been lubricated with oil. She made no sound but her whole body shivered with excitement.

He cupped both of her breasts, and sucked on one nipple and then the other. They were plump and firm. And he bit her nipples, moving the breasts roughly so as to feel their weight, and then he slapped them back and forth, delighting in this.

His penis was still hard from the oral pleasures he received from the redheaded slavegirl in the dinning room and now it was urging him on. He started to fuck Belinda, he gripped her outer lips of her cunt with a hard pinch and pulled them apart, and thrust his cock deeply into her vagina. After he fucked her pussy hard, he lifted her hips and spread her ass cheeks exposing her little rosebud. He began anally fucking her and soon ejaculated deeply in her ass. Then her blue eyes opened.

"Belinda, you are now my slavegirl," he said to her. He pulled his large organ out of her tight ass and heard her moan beneath him. He lifted her from the bed and placed her kneeling naked before him with the sun gleaming on her blonde hair. He sat on the edge of the bed.

She watched, her eyes growing wider, as he spread his legs and positioned himself with his cock right beneath her mouth. His balls hung down, resting on the bed. She noticed his balls for the first time. They were huge! She imagined the loads of cum they could produce.

He lifted his relaxing cock to her lips. She smelled the cum and ass-juices on his cock and opened her mouth. His penis slid easily into her mouth, hardened and grew towards the back of her throat. "Lick me clean," he said to her. She sucked and licked him until his cock was clean. She finished by sucking every remaining drop of sperm from his spent organ.

The redheaded slavegirl was still kneeling in a corner of the dining room awaiting his commands. Wearing nothing but a collar, she was resting back on her heels, knees widely spread, shoulders back, breast thrust out, head up, eyes lowered, and hands place palm upward on her thighs.

"Go to your Master. Tell him that I agree to his price and that I shall spend the night here with my new slavegirl."

He shut the bedroom door and turned to look at Belinda. Her long straight golden hair, heavy and full of a great silky density, flared down to cover her breasts. She looked like those petgirls in the woods just as he bagged them in the hunt: eyes wide with fear and excitement.

Her breasts heaved with anxious breath. And now he laughed, drawing near, and lifting her hair back from her breasts to better examine them.

"I'm your Master," he said, "and that is how you will address me." He parted her cunt lips again and entered her. "Answer me!"

"Master," she said and gave a soft series of moans that were like kisses to his ear.

He went to the dining room and told the brunette slavegirl waiting there that he would have dinner now, and he would like to talk to her Master.

Returning to Belinda he ordered her to always have her asshole well-lubed and her cunt smoothly shaved. She was to also wear no articles of clothing that covered her ass, cunt, mouth, or tits. "You are to be always ready for my pleasure," he said.

He took her little wrists and tied them together behind her back and then they walked to the dining room. He ordered her to kneel before him under the table and said, "Until otherwise told, you are now on a cum-only diet. Any food has to be cum-covered for you to eat." He placed a salad with no dressing on the floor to her right and a bowl of cream to the left.

The table was also laid with a rump roast with the cuntsteak still attached and fruit in glistening silver bowls. The rump roast was of the right size and shape to have been the redhead's ass. Since she was not helping to serve the meal, she was most likely still regenerating from being butchered for meat. He picked up the carving knife and carved out the hot, succulent cuntsteak, he laid the meat on his plate. The slavegirls all about him vied with one another to place other dishes near him.

Belinda went at his cock like she hadn't been fed for days. Alan was pleased with her sucking his well-used cock back to hardness. His cock was raging in her mouth, and his balls drew up. Soon, she was rewarded with a load of cum, her cheeks ballooning as her mouth filled. She then leaned to the right and let the cum dressing pour from her mouth onto the salad. The remaining cum she drooled into the cream.

The owner of the ranch, Mr. Spear, stood in the door dressed in western wear, a Stetson atop his head and cowboy boots made from girlcow leather.

"You have exceptional livestock, Mr. Spear" said Alan as he lifted his wine glass. "Belinda is a beauty."

"Why, thank you," Mr. Spear answered. "I'm not used to selling untrained stock. My customers buy from me because they value my custom training of ponygirls."

"That is why I selected your ranch to purchase my new slavegirl. I heard of your well earned reputation of selecting the highest quality slavegirls for their suitability to be trained as prize ponygirls." Alan explained.

"I do know how to pick them."

"It's just that I prefer to train all my slavegirls myself."

"I can understand that. Nothing like training a ponygirl to your own specifications. Is there anything else you need?" Mr Spear said as he was about to leave.

Belinda had finished her jizzed up salad and started to drink her cum-filled cream. Not being used to eating on the floor with her arms tied behind her back, she was trembling slightly and her cheeks were moist with tears.

Alan answered, "I will spend the night here. Tell your slavegirls to have a horse ready in the morning. Outfit it with one of your special riding saddles."

"Will do, goodnight then."

"Goodnight." Alan placed some fruit on his plate, and other hot morsels of cooked food, and now he snapped his fingers and told Belinda to come out from the table to his side before she had finished all her drink. He instructed the closest of the serving slavegirls to place the bowl of cum-filled cream on the table and then clean the mixture of cum and cream off Belinda's chin and mouth.

The Alan turned his full attention to Belinda. She had spread her knees wide, exposing her sex, and he observed she had her shoulders back, pointing up her stiff little pink nipples.

"Have I sated your appetite?," he asked her, then slapping her breasts to make them jiggle.

"I still hunger," she said in a sweet, timid voice and then after a brief pause, "for more of your cum."

He laughed. "I'm going to punish you for that," he said to her. "But now and then just a little impertinence is amusing."

She blushed darkly, biting her lip.

"Are you hungry, my little slave?" he asked.

He could see she was afraid to answer. "When I ask you will say, 'Only if it pleases you, Master,' and I shall know the answer is yes. Or, 'Not unless it should please you, Master,' and I shall know the answer is no. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, Master," she answered. "I'm hungry only if it pleases you, Master."

"Very good," he said to her. He took a small cluster of glistening purple grapes and dipped each one in the cum flavored cream to feed her one grape at a time. He then poured the rest of the cum and cream into a glass of wine. And he watched with obvious pleasure as she drank deeply from the wine cup he held to her lips.

Her eyes were glistening. But she had stopped crying. He felt the smooth flesh of her back, and her breasts again. "Superb," he whispered. "And you have not been trained as a petgirl before?"

She was confused, blushing again, and then full of shame she nodded.

"You can answer me with many words," he coaxed, "as long as they are respectful. And never speak unless I speak to you first, and in all these things, be careful to note what pleases me. You have not been trained yet like the other slavegirls here?"

"No, Master, I have not," she said. "I've tried to be pleasing."

"You will be pleasing, or else," he said sternly and turned to his supper. He ate heartily, cuntsteak, rump roast, some fruit, and several cups of wine. Then he told the slavegirls to take it all away and leave them.

"Now," he said as he rose and stood her up before him. "We must get to sleep as we have an early start tomorrow. And I still need to punish you for your earlier impertinence."

Immediately the tears stood in her eyes; she looked frightened.

"Belinda, I shall love punishing you," he said, lifting her chin.

He used her left nipple as a leash and led her into the bedroom. New sheets and a bedspread had been laid on the bed. On the floor in front of the foot of the bed was a girlbitch bed with a steel collar laid upon it. Nearby was a chain attached to a bedpost.

Seating himself on the side of the bed, he pulled her closer and brought her naked body down over his lap so that her legs dangled over the floor helplessly.

"Very lovely," he said, his right hand moving slowly over her rounded ass cheeks, forcing them ever so apart to expose her little pink anus.

And now with his right hand he spanked her ass hard and she started to cry. It left a red mark on her. And he spanked her hard again, and he felt her writhing against him, the heat and moisture of her sex against his leg, and again he spanked her.

"I think you are sobbing more from the humiliation than the pain," he scolded her.

She was struggling not to make her cries too loud.

He flattened out his right hand, and feeling the heat of her reddened buttocks drew it up and delivered another series of hard, loud slaps, smiling as he watched her struggle.

He could have spanked her for a much longer time for his own pleasure. But he thought the better of it. He had to get up early and their were so many nights ahead of him for these delights. He untied her wrists and lifted her up so that she was standing in front of him.

"Toss your hair back," he commanded. Her tear-stained face was unspeakably beautiful, her lips trembling, her blue eyes gleaming with the dampness of the tears. She obeyed immediately.

"Clasp your hands behind your neck," he said, "under your hair. That's it. Very good."

She obeyed shyly. It seemed she felt her nakedness and her helplessness more fully now that she had been punished. Her lashes were matted and dark, and her blue eyes larger than he had thought.

He reached out, massaged her both her breasts, and then stroked her moist pussy until she sighed and trembled. He drew her closer so that her cunt was against his knee, and putting his right arm about her, he cradled her breast in his left hand. He was pleased the wet little slit between her legs was so very hot. His fingers could not keep from touching it. He'd had her cunt already today, and he would have it again before sleeping.

"You're mine. And you will find me a very thorough master. When you think night and day and every moment only of pleasing me, things will go easier for you." She struggled to stand still. "Now," he said, pushing his left fingers deep into her vagina, and drawing her close again so that she let out a little gasp before she could stop herself, "I want more of your cunt than I've had before. Do you know what I mean?" She shook her head; for this moment she was afraid of what would happen next.

He lifted her up onto the bed and laid her down. Her hair fell down on either side of the bed, and she seemed on the verge of crying out, her hands struggling to keep still at her sides. Alan bent over her. He parted her legs. Then he pinched her tender little cunt lips and forced them very wide open.

Belinda gave a terrible shudder. With his left hand he covered her mouth, and behind his hand she cried softly. It was easier for her with him covering her mouth. She would be taught everything to please him in time, she thought.

And with his right fingers, he found her clit between her tender cunt lips and he worked it back and forth until she raised her hips, arching her back, in spite of herself. Her little face under his hand was the picture of distress. He smiled to himself.

But even as he smiled, he felt her hot pussy juice. "That's it, my slave," he said. "And you mustn't resist your Master, hmmmm?"

Mounting her he let his hard, eager cock rest just inside her vagina as he continued to stroke her and work her. She was twisting from one side to the other, her hands gathering up the soft sheets at her sides into knots, and it seemed her whole body grew pink, and the nipples of her breasts looked as hard as if they were tiny stones. He could not resist them.

He bit at them with his teeth. He licked them with his tongue, and as she struggled, and blushed and moaned beneath him, he fucked her, slowly.

Again she arched her back. Her breasts were suffused with red. And as he drove his cock into her, he felt her shudder violently with unwilling pleasure.

An awful cry was muffled by the hand over her mouth; she was shuddering so violently it seemed she all but lifted him on top of her.

And then she lay still, moist, pink, with her eyes closed, breathing deeply as the tears flowed silently.

"This is only the beginning! I have made you my slavegirl. But that is only a beginning to all the things that I will make you into." He led her to the girlbitch bed and secured the steel collar around her neck. Then he locked the chain to her collar and ordered her to sleep.

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