Chapter Six - Training Begins

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Alan begins Belinda's, his slavegirl, training.

As they were pulling in the driveway of the Clitty Cuntry Club, Alan was pulling his cock out of Belinda's well fucked cunt. He rotated her forward to lick him clean. He freshen up Belinda for the cuntry club by programming into the cunt cleaner: warm wash, soft scrub, depilatory application, medium pressure orifices flush, heavy anal lubrication.

After Alan uninstalled Belinda from the vehicle, he collared and leashed her. He ordered her down on her hands and knees and told her to heel on his left side. She was petrified, her face burning, but she fell quickly to obey, glimpsing Alan's boots to her right as she struggled to keep up with him as they headed to the entrance of the cuntry club.

She was led into the large clubhouse. It was decorated with various objectgirls being used as furniture and artwork. It looked like a cocktail party was going on. There were mostly Masters standing around drinking and socializing plus a number of housewives in attendance.

Alan was looking at the pretty petgirls, mostly girlbitches and pussycatgirls. The petgirls had ass plugs, deep in their rectums, with fur tails attached, They were wearing various sexy skintight costumes that were designed to draw attention to their exposed cunts and tits. It was working.

Belinda was the only completely naked slavegirl here. She looked just like one of those naked petgirls she saw being walked in town where they had lunch.

In one corner, Nicole was holding court with the other housewives. She was exquisitely dressed and had her hair in an elaborate braided bun. She was wearing the most expensive jewelry and more of it than anyone else in the room.

"Who's that?" Nicole asked.

"That's the new member, Alan Jarnhand," answered Jessica.

"And what a huge member!" exclaimed Ashley.

"What are you..." Nicole started to ask.

"I was in the garden when he was getting the tour. After he stepped up to the Wall and pulled out his penis, my heart was aflutter. He had the largest penis I had ever seen. I could have fainted." said Ashley.

"How large was he?" asked Jessica.

"So large that I was actually feeling sorry for that poor wallflower about to get fucked in the ass with that monster. But when I peeked around the Wall to see her face, the bitch was cumming. What a slut."

"Speaking of bitches, who's that hussy he's walking?" asked Nicole.

"Never seen her before. She looks like a fresh piece of meat just off the farm," answered Jessica.

"In that case, this place will chew her up and spit her out in no time." said Nicole.

Alan was heading towards a group of men. Garret, one of the club trainers, was enthralling a group of men about the time he won the ponygirl harness race when he and Sandra were far behind the others most of the race.

"It was then I knew it was time to make my move. I laid my whip into her as hard as I could, she took off like I was carving meat off her ass. By the time we crossed the line for the win, I had flayed all the skin off her ass. Sandra's ass was so torn up, the grooms had to use a regen hood with oral injection to get her presentable for the Winner's Circle.

Upon first hearing Garret's rich baritone voice, Belinda looked up at him and saw that he was tall, black haired, and had a lean build. Garret noticing her staring at him, winked back and smirked.

"Here she is, my first ponygirl," Alan said to the group. "She was Mr. Spear's prize prospect before I got her."

"Has she trained with Mr. Spear like Sandra?" asked Garret.

"No, I wanted her untrained," said Alan. "But I do want to start getting her ready for her first competition.

"Didn't Sandra win Best in Class in the last three Ponygirl Competitions?" asked one of the men.

"Yes, the first within a year of buying her," said Garret proudly.

"How were you able to do that so quickly?" asked another.

"First I had to make her really want to win a competition. You can't just beat that into a ponygirl's heart, but it helps. What you have to do is take something that she greatly desires back.

"What did you take?" asked Alan.

Garret pulled a device out of his training bag. "To motivate her to win the first time, I completely denied access to her clit and vagina. That way she could not use cunt or clit to release the constant sexual tension." He held up the device to show Alan and the others.

"Press here and the cunt guard will key to you. No one else will be able to remove it from your ponygirl. This part will fill her vagina and this other part acts as a clit shield by covering her pubic mound and top third of her cunt. It allows her to urinate and it has a port so that a cunt cleaner can flush her out." Garret handed the cunt guard to Alan.

Looking down at Belinda, Garret smiled warmly. "She is a beauty. Let me give you my professional opinion. She is well proportioned, but needs to lose five or more pounds. Looks like she has a point six nine waist to hip ratio. That will be worth more points during judging. She has full lips with a slight pout. She has white creamy skin, long golden blonde hair, blue eyes, and pink lips and nipples. That color combination will be worth points with some judges. She has the potential to be Best in Class. It will all depend on how well she takes to her training."

"Is she ready to get started tonight with some serious training?" asked Garret.

"Yes, the harder the better." Alan said.

Alan walked Belinda to a spanking bench that stood in a nearby training room. She got up from being on her hands and knees and laid upon the padded bench ass up. Alan and Garret secured her wrists and ankles with the leather cuffs attached to the bench.

Garret picked up a slave hood from his bag and handed it to Alan. The black leather hood would cover Belinda's entire head, with the exception of her nose, which stuck through the only hole. A zipper closed the mouth tightly. It could be opened so the wearer could be mouth fucked. From what Alan could tell, the hood was going to be a skin-tight fit over Belinda's head, once he laced it up.

Belinda shook with fear as Alan pulled the hood over her head. She was blinded. She couldn't see Garret anymore. Her hearing was almost cut off, too. She tried to moan, but her jaw could hardly move. Only her nose stuck out by the time he laced up the back of it, pulling it snug.

She had never been this helpless as she was now. She was too conscious of her naked, exposed tits that were throbbing, and her dripping cunt.

Alan thought for a moment, keyed the cunt guard, and installed it deep into Belinda's vagina. She felt it pressing up against her cervix and it expanded to cunt stuffing proportions. After the cunt guard was installed, it felt like every nerve in her clit and vagina was on fire for a few seconds. She tried to scream, but only a few muffled moans of pain got out. Then it felt like she was on the edge of an orgasm, but she could not make it over the edge. The cunt guard was strongly stimulating her clit and pussy, but not quite enough for her to cum. She was so close to an orgasm she could taste it.

"What now, Garret?" Alan asked.

"Lessons in pain, lessons in pleasure, and lessons in control. Pain will make her more malleable. Pleasure will make her remember her training. Control will focus her on pleasing her trainer during her lessons."

His words floated into Belinda's ears, making her tremble more. Her legs were secured to the back bench legs, her arms to the front bench legs. She was naked and helpless, able to do nothing, not even plead with them not to hurt her. She trembled all over as she awaited their pleasure.

Garret handed Alan a polished, wooden paddle, about three-feet long and four-inches wide. It was time to use her ass for pain and pleasure. Garret smiled as Alan tapped the ponygirl's ass with it a few times.

Belinda knew what was coming when she felt the paddle tap her. But she wasn't prepared for the first jarring blow. And then she felt the first hit of the paddle and heard the smack of her ass meat ring with the impact. It was an explosion of stinging pain on the hot surface of her ass, and the second spank came much more swiftly than she had thought possible and then there was the third and the fourth, and in spite of herself she was crying.

Her body jerked. She writhed, trying to get loose, but the cuffs held her fast. Pain overwhelmed her. Then Alan began paddling her for real. Again and again, pausing between blows, his arm pulled far back. He watched her ass cheeks turn from white to pink to red to bright crimson. The crimson spread out until her whole ass was bright and swollen. Alan delighted to hear the smacks. It was quite the sight to see her writhe helplessly while she was punished. They could hear her helpless, agonized sobs muffled in the hood.

Belinda was crying now, her ass cheeks burning. She felt them throb and still Alan spanked her. It was so humiliating. The cunt guard was keeping her close to an orgasm as she took the spanking, but the juices flooding from her cunt did nothing to ease the pain. By the time her ass cheeks started numbing, she was heaving with dry sobs. The spanking stopped. Her mouth zipper was opened.

"How do you feel?" Garret asked.

"Aaahhh... uuhh... oohh," she sobbed.

"Oh, you don't wanna answer, huh? Some more training will help fix your lack of enthusiasm," said Garret.

Alan added, "Yeah, and Garret's prick in your mouth will probably help too."

Belinda smelled Garret's cock before she felt it press against her lips. His masculine scent made her open her mouth to take his cock all the way in. The hot, throbbing hardness of Garret's cock was comforting to her. Her tongue went to work on his delightful cock. He began pumping in and out of her mouth. She started to feel a deep throbbing in her pelvis. Then the spanking began again.

The sensation of being mouth fucked by Garret was just the thing she needed to fall over the edge into an orgasm. Jolted, she tried not to bite Garret's cock. She knew her ass would be cooked if she did that. She concentrated on pleasing Garret with her mouth while waves of her orgasm washed over her. Her lips and tongue worked expertly as she tried to please him, better than they had ever done before. His cock was getting bigger and bigger in her mouth.

Garret looked at Alan. "Say, she's sucking good, Alan. You know, she likes being treated like this." Alan swung again, watching the ponygirl's helpless body jerk as her cheeks flattened.

"Yeah, I know. She gets off on it. Go ahead, fuck her mouth hard and deep." Alan said while watching her asshole contracting and relaxing in time with her orgasm.

Garret began fucking her mouth harder, working deeper and deeper. Belinda's lips bulged obscenely, her mouth full of hard cock. He held her head, manipulating his cock down her throat. Her lips were drawing in and out. The sight made his balls tighten. He knew it wouldn't take much more for him to cum.

Belinda was in heaven as she sucked Garret's cock. Her lips were as tightly gripped around his prick as she could make them. Her head was pulled higher, making a straighter line down her throat. Garret began thrusting deeper. She could feel his cock fucking far into her throat.

Meanwhile, Alan put down the paddle. His cock was raging. He stared between the swollen ass cheeks, liking the way her ass crack deepened down between her legs. His hands went to her ass cheeks, stroking them to increase the burning feeling. Then he spread them, looking with intense desire at her pink, puckered asshole. Her grunts of pleasure rang in his ears as Garret fed her mouthful after mouthful of cock.

Belinda was glad the spanking had stopped. Then the touch of Alan's hands burned her. Before she knew it, she felt his giant cock-knob slide between her ass cheeks.

"Uuuhhh... ohh... ohhhh!" she whimpered, feeling his burning cock centering on her asshole. He painfully forced open her asshole. Her attention was now divided. Garret was fucking her mouth with greater lust. She could feel his cock bloat, and could tell he was close to cumming.

She was not able to relax her ass while Alan's cock-knob was sinking between her ass cheeks. Her asshole stopped opening, and pain began to ripple up her back. Pain radiated out from her throbbing asshole, but at the same time she was still cumming from Garret fucking her mouth.

Garret thrust more deeply into her mouth as he shot his load down her throat. Belinda sucked and swallowed all of his delicious cum as fast as it filled her mouth. She was loving every drop of it. After she sucked him clean, he zipped the mask closed again. As the mask was being zipped shut, she felt the last wave of her orgasm.

"I gonna sit down and watch her ass in action," Garret said

Garret took up a position right beside Belinda so he could watch her shapely ass being fucked.

Belinda's face was restricted once again after Garret zipped up the front of the mask. She could not see, hear or talk, and all she could do was concentrate on the pain from the stretching in her asshole. As Alan sank his cock up her ass, the stretching moved deeper and deeper inside her. Her asshole already felt completely full, but still his large cock kept sliding deeper. Her asshole throbbed with pain as it was forced to slide down the length of Alan's cock.

Alan leaned forward, resting most of his weight on her back. His hands slid around her, grabbing her bulging tits. He began pinching and mauling her tits, slowly working his cock-head out of her asshole a few inches each way. After a few strokes, he pushed. He groaned as his cock sunk between her spread ass cheeks until his cock was balls deep.

"Uuhhhh!" grunted Belinda in pain.

Her grunts were muffled in the hood. His cock was burning deep inside her asshole. His hands were twisting and pinching her nipples. Her asshole was pulled back, then pushed in as he pumped her.

A long, low moan of agony shot from her lips as her Alan hunched between her ass cheeks, his stiff prick buried to the root. Her asshole had never been so stretched. The deep throbbing pain shot through Belinda's mind. After just a moment's rest, Alan's ass-plugging cock drew back.

Alan groaned again, pleasure filling his mind as he fucked all the way up Belinda's ass. Her asshole fitted his cock like a second layer of skin! He had never fucked in an asshole so tight, so hot. Her ass was deep, too, taking every bit of his cock without complaint as far as he could tell.

Slowly, he drew his cock back about halfway. Then he reversed direction, groaning again. Her rubbery asshole slid tightly down to grab the root of his cock in its tight, wet grip. Unable to control himself any longer, he began slowly ass-fucking her, groaning with pleasure.

As Alan ass fucked her, her asshole was filled, then refilled with cock. Each time he pulled back, her asshole felt like it was emptying. But then when he fucked into her, the filling-up sensation made her whimper in pain.

Again and again, her asshole was pulled, then pushed in. He began fucking her harder, she felt like this would never end. Her asshole felt stretched full, like a taut water balloon. She arched her ass higher, opening it wider to help take his every deep thrust. With Alan's cock in her anal cavity, she was suffering like she had never thought possible.

With each deep stroke, Alan's cock rubbed against cunt guard in her pussy. She squirmed from side to side, squeezing her cunt and asshole around the two hole-filling shafts. The cunt guard made her feel like she was on the verge of cumming.

Alan's hands were roaming over her tits. Her tits were firm. He loved pinching them. And he loved the grip of her asshole, too, each time he encased his cock all the way inside. He began pulling back until only his cock-head was inside her. Then he braced his legs.

Driving deep into her asshole, he ground against her, trying to get even his balls up her ass. Then he slowly pulled back. Again, he firmly sunk his balls deep into her ass, grinding against her hard as his head began swimming. It felt so good he knew he couldn't last long, not as long as he would have liked. Already, his heavy, bloated balls were tightening.

Belinda tried to clench her asshole, but Alan's cock kept it from closing. All she could do was lie across the spanking bench, her ass cheeks opening and flattening each time Alan hammered his cock into her. Belinda didn't know how much more she could take, then Garret unzipped her mouth zipper to her relief. Automatically, hungry for his love, her lips grasped for the cock-head she knew to be there. His prick was hot and hard as she sucked it into her mouth. She shuddered with pleasure, her whole body tingling. Her clit was throbbing, her cunt juicing abundantly.

Garret groaned. He never tired of getting his cock sucked off. His cock was stiff and aching from watching such a beautiful ass being fuck. He wanted to bury his own cock in her luscious ass, but he settled for her sweet mouth right now. Belinda eagerly licked and sucked his penis.

As Belinda sucked him, Alan was hammering into her ass. She was almost lifted off the bench each time he got his cock all into her and rooted from side to side. Her asshole was cringing. Her cunt was swollen and dripping. Her mouth was full of horny cock, the heat and lust burning straight to her mind. It was too much for her to take without exploding.

"Ahhh... oh... mmmnnnhhh!" she mumbled around Garret's cock. "Nnn... nnnggghhh! Mmmppphhh!" Tremors raced from her cunt and clit to her toes and to her mind. Her body flushed, goose bumps flashing across her smooth flesh. Her cunt spasmed. Her asshole convulsed. Going wild, her puckering, pink asshole squeezed and massaged her Alan's cock from root to knob as he ass-fucked her. Fuck-juice spurted out of her cunt, dripping down her thighs. Her breath came in gasps between thrusts of Garret's cock in her mouth. A thin sheen of sweat shone on her body.

Belinda came explosively. She rode it out, her body spasming all over. She thought she would never stop cumming. Her asshole was quivering frantically, pinching Alan's cock tightly and wonderfully. The Garret's cock felt exquisite as she rode her climax out to the end.

The pinching, grabbing, sucking, squeezing of her wet, juicy asshole was too much. It overloaded Alan's mind. His cock had never felt so good. He felt like his cock-head would burst as it engorged in her hot anal cavity. His balls swung heavily against her, drawing up in their anxiety to unload. The spasms wracking the Belinda's asshole proved to be the detonator he needed. Massaged and stroked so his cock had to explode. He thrust into her ass with all his power, lifting her feet off the floor.

Spasm after powerful spasm swept the length of his cock. From his convulsing balls to the fat root of his cock to his expanding prick-head, his orgasm washed over him. His toes were curling, his legs tightening as he came. His face was beet red, sweat dripping down his brow. His eyes tightly closed, he howled his lust as spurt after foaming spurt of thick cum shot into Belinda's open asshole. The wet, pistoning action drove him crazy. His mind blacked out, swamped by the intense fuck pleasure.

Belinda sucked Garret cock even harder. She squeezed her mouth tightly around his cock, wanting his cum deep inside her. She felt intense pleasure. The steady, deep pumping of his cock inside her throat made her feel like the happiest person in the world.

Alan lay on top of her, his cock still twitching in her sweet asshole. He didn't want to ever get up. His cock and balls were empty, never having been so satisfied. He had always sworn that there was nothing as good as a hot, deep asshole, and he would never be able to say otherwise.

"Garret, Alan said. "This is a great piece of ass. You should have some." Garret looked at her ass, his cock throbbing in anticipation as Belinda eagerly sucked. He wanted some of that ass.

"Yeah? I'll have some, then," Garret said, pulling his cock out of the woman's mouth. Her lips sucked at his cock until it was all the way out.

Then she felt Alan's cock pull out of her asshole. She was draining, emptying of the painful sensations she had been having. When his cock-head was almost out, her asshole was triggered. Her anus clamped shut, expelling Alan's draining prick-knob.

Alan stood up straight, a satisfied expression on his face. "All right. Let's trade places." Both men's cocks were shiny and wet from juices. Her inviting asshole was ready for him. Alan's cock was smeared with gobs of cum and the juices from Belinda's ass. He waved his cock in front of her nose.

"Suck it clean." he ordered, feeling satisfied after having fucked her asshole good.

Belinda groaned again, feeling the two cocks press against her. She smelled ass and cum mixed on Alan's cock. Reluctantly, she sucked his cock into her mouth. At the same time, Garret's slick cock was pressing at her asshole. Her asshole was going to be in heaven. If Garret's cock felt as good as she thought, she was in for the time of her life, she knew. She was loving it as Garret pushed his cock-head into her.

Her mouth worked automatically. The flavor of Alan's cock worked on her taste buds, leaving a foul taste in her mouth. She began nursing on his cock, sucking and licking it clean as Alan had ordered.

Belinda's mouth wouldn't allow his cock to go limp, and that was just fine with Alan. Her mouth worked even better as her asshole opened all the way to take Garret's cock-head into it. She felt tingles when Garret's cock popped in. Belinda felt like her asshole was sucking Garret's cock deeper inside. It felt good. So good that chills rushed up and down her body.

"Mmm... nnnhhh," she mewled, ripples of heat and fuck-need spreading out from her ass.

Garret stared between her ass cheeks, watching how her asshole bulged and swayed open to take his cock. Her asshole slipped over his cock-head, tighter than any fuck-hole he had ever been in. Slowly, he began pushing more cock into her. Belinda was feeling the greatest pleasure she had ever known. Her asshole was wide open to take Garret's cock. Slowly, she filled up, moaning with the sensation. The stretching, plugging sensation made her shudder with desire.

Garret pushed his cock into her ass with one long, slow stroke. When he pushed his balls against her ass, Belinda moaned deeply. She had never been so pleasantly stuffed. When he began slowly ass fucking her, she began an almost hysterical, uncontrollable moaning. With each deep pump, chills radiated out from her asshole to fill her entire body.

Her mouth hardly knew what it was doing as she sucked Alan's cock. Alan's cock stiffened fully again, revived by her cock-sucking. Soon he was holding the sides of her head, guiding her head from side to side. He slowly pumped his hips, moving his cock all around in her mouth. Her mouth wasn't as good as it was during lunch, but it was good enough. His cock swelled with pleasure, his balls readying themselves to deliver another load.

Garret was pounding her ass. She pumped back at Garret, working her asshole as best she could around his cock. The motions weren't lost on Garret, either.

He bent over and laid his weight on her back. Reaching for her tits, he began squeezing them. Shivers rushed through Belinda's ass fucked body all that much more, her nipples as hard as rocks. Garret massaged and pulled her nips while he fucked. Her ass cheeks were repeatedly flattened by his hard, deep fuck-thrusts. Garret liked watching her ass flatten as he hammered into her asshole.

The wet, juicy feel of her ass was making Garret go crazy. His cock was throbbing deep inside her, the walls of her asshole grabbing for his prick and squeezing its entire length. He fucked faster and harder each time he drove deeply into her.

As Belinda received the fuck thrusts up her ass, she was moaning, grunting with pleasure. Her asshole had a hot itch inside that was being most satisfactorily rubbed. Garret's cock made her feel so good. The constant hammering filled her body with pleasure. Her asshole narrowed just behind his cock-head each time he pulled back, then yawned wide open to take his cock to the root. Again and again, her asshole expanded and narrowed, expanded and narrowed. She felt the tremors beginning once again in her pelvis.

Alan started climaxing. Cum poured out of Alan's cock-head, splashing wetly into her mouth. Spurts of the warm, quivering wads streamed out of his cum-hole seemingly without end. She had a mouthful by the time his cock stopped spurting. Alan pulled his cock out of her mouth and sat down. He left a bitter taste in her mouth so she spit out his cum.

The deep hammering in her asshole drove her over the edge. "Oh," she mumbled, drops of cum streaming down her chin. "Mmmmmmnnnnnn... uugghhh... ah... ah!" Every muscle in her body spasmed. Her mouth was open as she gasped. Sweat was all over her body. And Garret was behind her, fucking her asshole good as she came.

Her asshole went wild. Fluttering madly, her asshole worked in time with the convulsions wracking her through and through. Fuck-juice was pouring out of her cunt guard stuffed pussy. The glowing sensation she felt between her legs washed through her whole body. And as her asshole throbbed, squeezing and massaging Garret's pistoning cock, she thought she felt his cock get harder. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew that Garret was about to flood her insides with cum.

Garret had tried to hold back as long as possible. But he had found the sucking, clenching grip of her slippery asshole to be too much for his cock to resist. Her clutching asshole pinched his cock up and down its length, sucking it, wanting to extract its load of cum. His balls tightened in response. Hunching into her with all the power at his command, his body shuddered with the force of his release.

Belinda's asshole slipped and slid the length of his cock, wringing the cum out of him. Hot, wet spurts shot deep up her ass. Garret's prick leaped again and again, his cock expanding and contracting as the spasms wracked him. Her asshole was wet and open as he came deep inside. He kept ass-fucking her as deep as he could as the spasms came farther and farther apart. Grunting, he fucked her ass hard until his cock stopped spurting. By the time he slumped onto her back, both of them were spent.

Belinda rested on the spanking bench, her asshole throbbing in contentment. Her asshole had been well fucked.

Garret reeled back, a dazed expression on his face. His mind was reeling. But not too much to get back in front of Belinda. He lifted his sagging cock to her lips. She smelled the cum and ass juices on his cock and opened her mouth. She needed no urging as she adoringly sucked and licked him until his cock was clean.