Chapter Three - Drive to the Diner

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Alan drives his slavegirl, Belinda, to the Diner

After returning the horse to the stable, Alan went to install Belinda into his vehicle. When he blindfolded her and tighten all the straps to secure her, she gave a little desperate whimper. He decided that she needed the straps tightened that much more. Having her secured firmly in place, her limbs and head locked into place, he scolded her, and gave her several hard lashes with a whip until he heard her crying.

"You must never protest," he repeated. "Not with sound, not with gesture. Only your tears may show your Master what you feel, and never think that he does not wish to know what you feel. Now, answer me."

"Yes Master," Belinda whimpered softly.

He thrilled at the sound of her submission. He closed the panel and got into the vehicle. He then selected oral mode with low clit stim, and set the auto-cruise. Belinda was slid forward and she smelled his cock before she felt it press against her lips. She opened her mouth to take his cock in. The hot, throbbing hardness of Alan's fat cock was comforting to her. Her tongue went to work on his cock-head. He began pumping in and out of her mouth. Then the clitoris stimulation began.

Jolted, she tried not to spit out Alan's cock. She knew it would really be her ass if she did that. She tried to concentrate on pleasing him with her mouth. Her lips and tongue worked expertly, better than they had ever done before as she tried to please him. His cock was getting bigger and bigger in her mouth. "Say, you are sucking good, Belinda! You know, you love being treated like this." Alan turned up the clit stim to medium, watching his slavegirls's helpless body jerk as her clitoris was jolted even more.

Alan was fucking her mouth, working from side to side. Belinda's lips bulged obscenely, her mouth full of hard cock. He held her head, manipulating his cock from side to side. Her lips were drawing in and out. The sight made his balls tighten. He knew it wouldn't take much more for him to cum.

Saliva drooled out of Belinda's fuckhole as he fed her mouthful after mouthful of cock. Her oral lips were wide apart as she tried to eat as much of his prick as she could. Her head was strapped in place to make a straight line down her throat. Alan began thrusting deeper. She could feel his large penis glans spread open the length of her throat.

Belinda groaned again and again. Her clit swelled, hot pussy juice filling another of her fuckholes. Thick, creamy juice was seeping past her cunt lips. Belinda's breath came quicker. She began moaning louder.

Her clit engorged. Her clit quivered with anticipation as the stimulation grew. Throbbing as it swelled, her clit was burning with the need to explode in orgasm. Belinda felt the pleasure build up inside her to almost unbearable levels. "I have to let it out! I have to explode!" she thought as her body shook with spasms.

Her toes curled up tightly. Her legs tightened, the muscles bulging obscenely. Goose bumps flashed over her slender body. Her nipples stood straight out, swollen and puckered. Her jaw clenched as the muffled groans were squeezed from her throat by the force of her climax.

She felt Alan's grip tighten on her head. He thrust more wildly into her mouth as he got ready to shoot his cum load down her throat.

"Oh, that's good sucking," he grunted, his eyes rolling up. "Get ready... here I cum!"

Belinda gobbled and sucked Alan's cock for all she was worth. Her tongue swirled around his erupting cock-head. Her mouth was flooded with gushes of thick, warm fuckcream. Some of his cum slid down her throat. Some stuck to her tongue. Some slid down along his pumping cock-shaft. The smell of cum was in Belinda's nostrils as he fucked her mouth with his cock leaping and throbbing.

She liked it. His foaming jizz kept spurting like it would never end. Her tongue raced around and into his bubbling piss-hole as she nursed on his cock, hungry for cum. There was enough jism to please her taste buds by the time his cock began draining. As he pulled out of her mouth, she sucked more strongly. She wanted it all, and she got it, too.

Alan's eyes were closed as he enjoyed the afterglow of his orgasm. He pulled his cock back, opening his eyes to watch Belinda's lips bulge. Her lips grasped at his prick-knob, and he paused to let her suck up the last drops of his load. She sucked so hard it made him wince. His balls were completely drained by the time he removed his cock from her mouth.

They drove until they came to a small town. Alan decide to stop to have lunch. He pulled in at a diner, The Suckling Pig. "We'll stop only for food and drink," Alan said.

During the time it took to undo all the straps securing Belinda, Alan looked around Main Street. He saw groups of housewives socializing while doing their shopping. There were men walking their slavegirls during their lunch break. The old fashion scene on the street brought a smile to Alan's face. It was quaint to see all the slavegirls naked, collared, and leashed. Their asses, breasts, and cunts on display unadorned. He didn't see any of various fetish outfits, common in the city, that accented the view of the tits and asses.

Alan stood Belinda on her feet and watched with admiration as her hair fell down around her. And he turned her around twice, pleased to see she kept her hands clasped behind her neck and her eyes down as he looked at her. He decided to collar her and walk her with a leash. People nearby stopped to look over Belinda's luscious body when they walked by.

"Do you see how they all looking at you?" he said.

Then Alan drew up her leash so she arched her back and was standing on tiptoe. Her body grew more tense and lovely, breasts upward and ass sticking out, her calf muscles flexed, her chin and throat a perfect line down to her swaying breasts.

"That's all. We must go in now," said Alan to the small crowd.

The small crowd continued to watch as Alan led Belinda to the diner entrance. They couldn't take their eyes off her lovely vulnerable body.

"Don't you see, if you think only of pleasing me, and pleasing those to whom I show you, it will be simple for you. You should always asked yourself, 'Am I pleasing my Master? '"

"Yes Master," Belinda said meekly.

"You are mine, Belinda," Alan said more sternly. "And there is no command that you must shrink from obeying ever."

"Yes Master," she said, but she was in great distress. He stroked her breasts, pinching them firmly, and begun to feel her nipples growing hard. It seemed she wanted to speak.

"What is it, Belinda?"

"Pleasing you Master, pleasing you..." she whispered, as though her thoughts had spread into a delirium.

"Yes, pleasing me, that is your life now. I will tell you exactly how to please me,"

"Yes Master," she said as a tear rolled down her cheek.