Chapter Two - Riding Lessons

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Alan takes his his slavegirl, Belinda, for a riding lesson.

The next morning Alan woke with a piss hard on. He unchained Belinda and ordered her to use the petgirl groomer because it would be quicker. In the bathroom she got on her hands and knees and crawled into the appliance.

He went to the bathroom and found that yesterday's dinner was now the urinal-slave. Her newly regenerated ass looked good enough to eat again. She was installed in a device that held in her motionless in a kneeling position with her head locked in a tilted back position. She was blindfolded and wearing a two inch wide ring gag.

Alan walked up and as he inserted his penis into the redhead's mouth, he remembered the pleasure he had yesterday from this plump set of lips. His piss began to flow. It streamed directly into her mouth, splashing over her tongue. Then the current was aimed right down her throat. The warm liquid bit harshly at her taste-buds as it filled her mouth and flooded down her gulping throat.

While swallowing as quick as she could to keep from drowning, the redhead thought, "At least I've never been a bidet!"

Afterward, Alan set the machine that Belinda entered to warm wash, soft scrub, depilatory application, low pressure orifice flush, and medium anal lubrication. While Alan showered, he watched various nozzles and devices inserted into her three openings to clean her insides while rotating brushes scrubbed off the depilatory soap to clean her outside.

Alan entered the dining room and saw that breakfast was ready. On the table, a slavegirl was laying on her back with her legs folded and trussed next to her sides with her ass on the edge of the table. Her cunt was cooked medium well and was stuffed to overflowing with oatmeal. He sat and started eating the oatmeal-filled cunt.

There was oatmeal and a bowl of milk under the table for Belinda. She got into her feeding position, kneeling with her arms folded behind her. Swiftly, she fitted his cock head between her opening lips. She felt his cock warm the sensitive insides of her lips. She flicked her tongue back and forth. Softly, she began nursing on his cock. She opened wider and his hot, hard cock-knob slid into her mouth. Her tongue swirled more vigorously. Belinda closed her eyes, sliding her lips farther down his thick cock-shaft.

His cock felt thick, hard, hot, and rubbery. Her lips gripped, and her tongue slithered around and around. The wetness of her mouth made her lips slide easily up and down. She sucked in more and more of his cock as her hunger got stronger. His cock was swollen. Belinda's wet, warm nibbling and sucking of his cock was getting him harder and harder.

She could feel his cock head bloat even more. Sliding her lips up his cock-shaft, she locked them behind his cock-knob. Gripping his fat cock with her lips, she began bathing his prick head with her tongue. The velvety feel of his hot, slick prick head excited her as it burned into her tongue. Again and again, she swirled her tongue around his piss-hole. Then she spiraled her tongue into the center.

Sensuously, she slid her tongue up and down the length of his piss-slit. She was rewarded with the flavor of cum. Pointing her tongue, she gently stabbed her tongue in. Thoroughly wiping out his piss-hole, she began swirling her tongue back toward the crown of his cock head.

Belinda slid her lips back down his cock-shaft. Slowly she opened her mouth. His huge throbbing cock filled her mouth. Her lips worked, her tongue swabbing its underside as his prick pulsed between her lip. She could feel his prick engorge. Her head pumped up and down, trying to pump the cum out. His big balls lay bloated and heavy between his legs.

As she slurped and sucked at Alan's organ, her cunt was burning inside. Hot slippery pussy juice was trickling out her cunt and down her thighs. Inside her cunt, the hot fuck-juice filled it to the brim. Her clit was swollen, and throbbing.

Her lips grasped at his cock. Greedily, her mouth pumped up and down his hard, thick cock. Her tongue swirled all over and around his penis. The lust sensations traveled through the soft tissues of her mouth to her brain, then to her cunt.

Alternately, she would make his cock slid deep, then back until his cock-knob touched her lips. Then again, her cheeks puffed out and his bloated cock slid in. She could feel his cock throb with lust. Her tongue swirling, she noticed his balls tighten. Soon after that, she felt Alan's prick swell fatter and harder.

She suck all she could, her lips bulging widely around the base of his cock. When his prick bloated and spurted the wads of thick, warm cum into her mouth, Belinda sucked his pulsating cock hungrily. Great, powerful spasms swept his cock. From root to expanding cock-knob, the contractions sent his load spewing out of his piss-hole. It spattered onto Belinda's tongue. Her tongue swirling, the cum was washed over her tongue, making the flavor fill her mind.

Alan had eaten most of the oatmeal and the meat dish that it came in as Belinda was finishing up her meal of cum-filled oatmeal.

Alan walked out of the ranch house with the naked Belinda walking behind him. He had commanded her to clasp her hands on the back of her neck beneath her hair, and to walk just a little to his right. Nearby Alan saw Mr. Spear waving him over to a round pen that had in it a trainer working a ponygirl.

"Good morning, your horse is ready for you over at the stable," said Mr. Spear pointing towards one of the buildings. "We didn't get to talk much yesterday because you were so insistent on seeing my latest prize prospect, your new filly there. Do you know much about training ponygirls?"

"I know how to ride them!," Alan said with a smirk.

"The trainer there is longeing a ponygirl," Mr. Spear explained.

"It is used to teach the ponygirl the voice commands you will use, such as walk, trot, canter, and whoa. This is the time to make the ponygirl understand that she is to do what you command, not what she wants to do. If the ponygirl is stuck and stops, encourage her to go on with the whip, using your voice commands to have her to walk.

"Once the ponygirl understands the basics of longeing, try transitions. Such as having the ponygirl walk, trot, walk, halt, walk, canter, trot, canter, etc. You will be teaching the ponygirl to be attentive and obedient. You will be rewarded with an improved ride and better gait transitions when you are mounted. Longeing will help build a relationship with your new ponygirl when not riding her.

"The trainer there is using a 15 ft. longe line with the ponygirl bridled with a longeing caveson. A longe whip is used as an aid in training, not for your enjoyment. You can whip her to your heart's content when you are not longeing."

"I'm sure that I will," said Alan looking at Belinda.

"If you've never longed a ponygirl before, it's better to learn with a ponygirl that already knows how to do it. It takes time to correctly coordinate the longe line, longe whip and ponygirl, simultaneously. I suggest finding someone who has a ponygirl that knows how to longe and ask them if you can learn with their ponygirl. It's usually not that difficult to find someone who'll let you longe their ponygirl. Longeing is not the most enjoyable activity you can do with your ponygirl."

"You mean like fucking her?" Alan joked.

"However, done correctly, it can be one of the most productive," Mr Spear finished explaining.

Alan thanked the ranch owner and walked with Belinda over to the stable. He place a bit gag into her mouth and buckled the leather straps to her head.

"Time for your first basic riding lesson," Alan said. He picked up Belinda and lifted her to the front of the horse's saddle. There was a leather phallus in place of the saddle horn and as he lowered Belinda upon it he felt her flinch. "Relax and try to take it all the way in. But don't worry if you couldn't take it all. After a short trot, the dildo will be buried all the way in your cunt."

Her vagina felt completely filled and was resting on the thicker base of the phallus. There was still an inch of phallus to take in before she would be properly seated. The phallus had been oiled and at its base were both a rounded knob that barely touched Belinda's clitoris and two flexible projections that framed her clitoral hood.

Alan said,"I want your ass secure during gallop," and started to buckle the straps attached to the saddle around each of her thighs and ankles. He grasped her wrists and buckled them into to the cuffs affixed to the front of the saddle.

"Gallop, Oh no!" she thought. "Not with that large thing in my pussy!"

Alan sat in the saddle and rested his penis between her ass cheeks. "Lean forward and get ready to be double penetrated." He centered his cock on her asshole and slowly pushed against Belinda's lubricated asshole. Her anus was stretching under the probing behind her. Alan's big cock head pushed, making her tight rosebud gape to fit over it. His cock-knob was sinking between her ass cheeks. Her asshole was now open and still it stretched more. His cock head slid into her, and there he stopped.

Belinda was glad he stopped to let her get used to it. Her pink anal orifice was wide open and throbbing with the stretching. She was being stuffed, and her asshole was quivering with anticipation. Alan pushed his cock deeper, looking down between her ass cheeks to watch her asshole swallow his cock.

Belinda could feel how tightly her asshole was wrapped around her Alan's cock head. As his cock sank deeper, the inner walls of her ass stretched inside. She felt every fraction of an inch of progress he made. Her anal cavity was slowly being filled up. All she could do was concentrate on the stretching in her asshole. As Alan slowly sank his cock up her ass, the stretching moved deeper and deeper inside her. Her asshole throbbed strongly as it was forced to slide down the length of his cock.

Alan looked down between her ass cheeks again. Three-fourths of his cock was inside her. Her puckering, pink orifice gripped his cock. Her asshole clutched, sucking his prick like it wanted it all. The lube made her asshole slippery and wet. Her anal opening was hot inside, the tight walls squeezing his cock all the way around.

Belinda waited. Alan's big cock stretched her asshole hugely, making it gape open obscenely. She felt full inside. Her asshole relaxed more, deeper.

Alan pushed and his cock sunk between her spread ass cheeks until his cock was balls deep.

"Uuhhhh!" grunted Belinda.

Alan paused to enjoy the feeling of a double stuffed ass. "Good girl. See how easily it slides in there. Once we start, move your cunt up and down matching the horse's gait."

As the horse began to trot, Alan started to pump in and out of Belinda's anal cavity in time with the horse's gait. The two flexible projections that framed the sides of her clit were starting to tickle and tease her. When she was able to, she moved her pussy up and down the phallus matching the horse's gait. The rounded knob was rubbing against her clit and had it throbbing with pleasure. Alan was right, she was soon taking the leather phallus all the way in her pussy.

Belinda felt the heat of his cock burning deep inside her asshole. Her asshole was pulled back, then pushed in as he pumped her. The deep throbbing inside made pleasure shoot through Belinda's mind.

"Yah! Go boy. Let's make this cunt scream with pleasure," Alan shouted while shortening his reins and squeezing the horse with his legs. The horse took off in a gallop.

Belinda cunt was a burning inferno of lust. Her clit felt like it was about to explode. "Uuummm... nnnhhh," she moaned, her asshole stretching and throbbing deep inside.

Alan groaned, pleasure filling his mind as he fucked all the way in and out of his slavegirl's ass. Her asshole fitted his cock like a second layer of skin! He was fucking an asshole that was so tight, so hot. Her ass was deep, too, taking every bit of his cock without complaint.

Her lubricated asshole slid tightly down to grab the root of his cock in its tight, wet grip. Unable to control himself any longer, he began ass fucking her harder and harder.

"Oh, Belinda... oh, fuck, your asshole's tight... feels good!" he moaned, not caring whether she could hear him or not.

She heard him. The pleasurable sensations coming from her asshole were very intense. As Alan ass-fucked her, her asshole was filled, then refilled with cock. Again and again, her asshole was pulled, then pushed in. The lube made his cock slide easily. She arched her ass higher, opening it fully to take his every deep thrust. With the leather phallus in her cunt and Alan's cock in her ass, she was glowing between the legs like she had never thought possible.

With each deep stroke, Alan's cock rubbed against the phallus in her pussy, only separated by a thin piece of flesh. She squirmed from side to side, squeezing her cunt and asshole around the two hole-filling cocks. She felt like she was on the verge of cumming. The sensation built up steadily, with each pump. Alan fucked her harder.

Alan loved the grip of her asshole, he would encased his cock all the way inside then he would pull back until only his cock head was inside her. His heavy, bloated balls were tightening. And from the way Belinda's body was trembling, he could tell she was on the brink, too.

Belinda shuddered with pleasure, her whole body tingling. Her clit as burning, her cunt juicing abundantly. She tried to clench her asshole, but Alan's cock kept it from closing. All she could do was ride the phallus with her cunt, her ass cheeks opening and flattening each time Alan hammered his cock into her.

Alan was hammering into her ass. Her asshole was quivering, loving the treatment. Her cunt was swollen and dripping. Her clit was on fire. It was too much for her to take without exploding.

"Nnn... nnnggghhh! Mmmppphhh!" Tremors raced from her cunt and asshole to her nipples and to her mind. Her body flushed, goose bumps flashing across her smooth flesh. Her cunt spasmed. Her asshole convulsed. Going wild, her hot deep asshole squeezed and massaged Alan's cock from root to knob as he ass fucked her. Pussy juice spurted out of her cunt, dripping down the saddle. A sheen of sweat shone on her body.

Belinda came explosively. She rode it out, her body spasming all over. She thought she would never stop cumming. Her asshole was quivering frantically, pinching Alan's cock tightly and wonderfully. The full sensation felt exquisite as she rode her climax out to the end. But Alan's cum was just about to begin.

The pinching, grabbing, sucking, squeezing of her wet, juicy asshole was too much. It overloaded his mind. Alan felt like his cock-head would burst as it engorged in her hot ass. His balls swung heavily against her, drawing up in their anxiety to unload. The spasms wracking the slavegirl's asshole proved to be the trigger he needed.

Spasm after powerful spasm swept the length of his cock. From his convulsing balls to the fat root of his cock to his expanding prick head, his orgasm washed over him. He howled his lust as spurt after foaming spurt of thick cum shot into Belinda's open asshole.

Belinda pumped her ass back at him. She squeezed her asshole tightly around his cock, wanting his cum deep inside her. She felt intense pleasure. The steady, deep pumping inside her ass made her feel like the happiest person in the world as Alan came in her ass. She ground back at him, wanting all of his cum-load. And her sucking, wringing asshole got just that - all of it.

The so-called riding lesson lasted the whole morning. Belinda thought to herself, "The main purpose of the lesson was training her orifices - her fuckholes. It was made clear after a whole morning that my genitals no longer belonged to me. I had no control over them. They belonged to my Master and he will keep inserting whatever he wanted in them for his pleasure."