The Goddess-Queens of Pudendor: The Abducted

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Pudendor! The female counterpart to the infamous planet Gor, where women are in charge, all men and most women are slaves, and the mysterious Goddess-Queens impose a low-tech civilization. Taryn and her boyfriend, Stanley, have been kidnapped and stranded on Pudendor. If they're ever to return to earth Taryn must use all her skills, mental and physical, and sometimes sexual, to work her way up the perverse social ladder to find the Goddess-Queens.
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The planet Gor, the Counter-Earth, circles the sun on the same orbit as Earth, shielded from detection by the Sun itself and alien technology. Gor’s less well-known sister planet, Pudendor, follows the same orbit and hosts a society crafted by alien beings known as the Goddess-Queens. Presented here are the first ten chapters of the tale of our heroine, Taryn, and her boyfriend, Stanley, and how they came to find themselves stranded on Pudendor. The full novel may be found at Amazon Books, in both paperback and Kindle editions.

You can also read these first ten chapters in either Word format or PDF format.

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