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2.8 (5 votes)
Life with Alpha by A. Pseudonym — last modified 2019-12-03T09:06:49-05:00

A modern day, fairly real-world story where the creator of an intelligent computer uses technology to bring multiple fantasy women to life, using anime, cartoons and comic books as his source material.

4.0 (4 votes)
Fuck Weed by MC Size Matters — last modified 2019-10-07T00:59:41-04:00
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A woman and her luckless husband check into the Glamity Bay Island Resort for a vacation filled with sun and sand. Instead she becomes addicted to cocks as they both become addicted to a mind bending fuck drug called Sinsemilla Diablo, or Devil’s Weed.

4.16666666667 (6 votes)
The Challenge by sfmaster — last modified 2020-09-25T17:46:38-04:00

Mistress Janet is confronted by a strange woman who wants to be trained as her sex slave; and she learns the truth about her beloved Mistress Erica who trained her for her new life.

4.0 (4 votes)
Janet in Training by sfmaster — last modified 2020-06-04T20:34:45-04:00
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Janet is a sexually bored secretary when her girlfriend suggests she see a Dominatrix to enliven her sex life; but the Domme has an ulterior motive as well.

4.875 (8 votes)
Fleur 2: Wrecked by Dolor Delectatio — last modified 2020-10-18T08:22:32-04:00
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Synopsis: This is the second story about the young masochist Fleur. Between her first adventures in 'Fraulein Elsa Frisch // Fleur: A Flower Torn' and now, she's experienced several months of extreme training, use and abuse by her boyfriend/mentor as well as their shared sadistic Mistress Fraulein Elsa Frisch. She's even performed a few exciting escorting jobs after grabbing the attention of Extreme Toyland's Mistress Lisa, one of Fraulein Elsa's associates. On the table now are footage and images from a recent session for Fraulein Elsa's portfolio books and a lucrative but risky business proposal for a shady live web stream production company from Poland.

3.5 (4 votes)
Second Chances by GreyParrot — last modified 2019-12-03T09:45:37-05:00
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Brian, a recent widower, is pushed into an unwanted vacation--which becomes an opportunity for sexual rejuvenation with the attentions of Renae, a young student, and her friends.

4.42857142857 (7 votes)
Fleur III: Suffer Club by Dolor Delectatio — last modified 2021-01-14T15:16:13-04:00

Super masochist Fleur travels to Berlin to discuss business opportunities with a business associate of Fraulein Elsa's. While there, she is enchanted by a young, eccentric and extremely sadistic mistress named Dominika. This story is part of the "Fleur" series in the "Extreme Toyland" universe by writer DolorDelectatio.

5.0 (4 votes)
Extreme Toyland 10: Filthy Fun Freak Show by Dolor Delectatio — last modified 2020-09-18T17:33:22-04:00
Story Codes: , , , , , , ,

This is the tenth installment in the Extreme Toyland series written by author DolorDelectatio. The stories about Extreme Toyland and its spin-off Extreme Dolls focus on extreme acts of mostly consensual sadomasochism and genital torture by the entrepreneurial Mistress Lisa, her friends and employees. In this story, Mistress Lisa is getting her lavish mansion ready for an over-the-top party of sexual depravity and devious sadomasochism to celebrate, well, nothing special, really. It became kind of a thing in the upper bdsm scene to throw extravagant parties with exceedingly outrageous entertainment. Not to be outdone by her friends, she is aiming to provide her many guests with impressive entertainment, ranging from themed play rooms and costumed servants to freak show artists and even a three-act S&M show in her private theater for a dozen of her closest friends. With just one week to go before the big event, she is taking care of the last arrangements with her longtime associate Rick. Mistress Rachel, executive producer for the Extreme Dolls website, is running an errand in Germany. Once the party is about to start, Lisa makes a round of her mansion, inspecting several places and entertainment acts up close. Finally, she hosts her special three-act show in her private theater. Always trying to push the limits of what's accepted and expected, Lisa's show features Russian shock-bdsm duo Tiny Freaks, size queen Alyssa from Paris and as the main event an extravagant blood play spectacle by Lisa's own favorite "blood slut queens" Lesley and Elisa. Words: about 35,000 (compare: "The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe" by C.S. Lewis).