The Missionary

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The sun sweltering hot beating down on the thick foliage of the surrounding jungle. Not a hint of a breeze as I fan myself with my hat. My outfit much too warm for this climate; but choice is not an option. The cotton underwear and linen outerwear sticking to my skin as I feel the moisture being sucked from my sweating skin.

I should be thankful that woolen is only for the cooler climate now and my clothing is lightweight even if not cooling. What would you expect as I am layered and bundled to protect my modesty. A cotton bra and panties. Then a full slip that covers me from top to bottom. My legs encased in gray stockings held up with a simple garter belt. And then a white long sleeved blouse buttoned to my neck and a long gray skirt that hangs to mid calve. A simple gray collar around my neck and a gray work apron covering my chest and wrapping around my skirt. A gray hat with a wide brim all around to protect me from the sun and sensible black leather shoes completing my outfit.

It might be comfortable in a cooler climate and not in the middle of a jungle with the sun beating down. Wiping another row of sweat beads from my brow as I take a break and lean on the hoe that I am using to weed the small garden behind the missionary house.

I have been here less then two weeks; but there is no letup on clothing for women or men of our missionary sect. The two men are hiking to a distant village and left me here to watch over the missionary house and to accommodate the needs of the villagers and native the come for nourishment and healing of body and hopefully of soul also.

My gift for languages not helping at present as I have only learned a few words and expressions from the people I have met. The minister has talked to them as I get to look on and gather what information I can.

The men have been gone two days already and will be gone for another two at least. This mission is with basic necessities and I am just learning to do many of the chores that are required. Whatever the chore you sweat during the day and often sweat at night in the unrelenting heat.

Feeling the wet rings at my armpits and around my neck where the collar and fully buttoned blouse are tight. More sweat in the small of my back, rolling down between my cheeks and again in front where my legs and lower torso meet.

I am sure I have lost weigh since coming to this godforsaken place. I feel dehydrated all the time and drink lots of water and have to urinate often which is not comfortable or easy.

I wanted to help out those unfortunates in other countries; but why did I pick this one. Brushing damp locks of my long brown hair away from my face and wondering if I should cut it short to make at least that a little more tolerable.

Turning as I hear voices or at least sounds as these voices have no meaning to me. A group of natives walking into the clearing in front of the missionary building. The first time a saw one of these groups I was shocked. The men and women wearing nothing more then a loin cloth or swath of material wrapped around them and the children wearing nothing at all. The women's breasts hanging out naked, some with a baby suckling. The children's genitals totally exposed as they frolic around chasing each other. And the men, even though wearing loin cloths, there genitals defined by the brevity and the tightness of the cloth against their genitals.

I wasn't sure where to look as my face went hot with embarrassment, blushing like a bride on her wedding night. The ministry and his assistant seeing me and laughing loudly and just adding more to the heat in my cheeks as I stand to the side as he deals with them.

I am not a prude; but my god they are all practically naked and to make matters worse they would just find a spot and squat in the women's case or pull out their penis and urinate right in front of you.

A number of groups have come to the clearing; but I still am not use to seeing the nudity and lack of modesty. I am bundled up so much that you would only know I am a woman by my wearing a skirt and not pants.

This group I don't recognize as a local village; but many of the groups are wanderers and just pass this way as a stop to get some medicine or foodstuffs or items that might make their life a little easier.

Placing my hoe against the wooden fence used to prevent the garden from being trampled. I wish there was wire to keep out the smaller animals.

Walking to the group and the woman whom seems to be the head, "what might I do to help you?" Trying out my native language hopefully as I am not good at their speech at this point.

These people are short, the men shorter then me by a number of inches and the women for the most part shorter then the men. I am a tall woman and I back up a step so that I am not looking directly down at the woman as she might take offense.

Her chatter nothing I understand as her hands move emphasizing what she needs or wants. Finally her hand moving to her mouth as if eating, nodding my head that I understand they want food. Then the woman calling out and a woman and a man step forward. The woman obviously pregnant and the man with leaves wrapped around his arm and has a wound of some type.

Signing the woman that I will give some food and then take the woman and man into the mission and see what I can find out to do for them.

Moving to the storeroom and taking out food and distributing it to the group with some sugary treats for the children. Seeing them all having something to eat, I take the woman by the hand and sign for the man to follow. The woman who seems to be the leader following us as does one of the men.

Taking the woman first and seeing that she is quite pregnant and ready to drop a little one I have he lay down on a cot as I make a fire, just what I don't need and put some water to boil.

Then as I keep an eye on the woman, noting her contractions and frequency, I unwrap the leaves from around the man's arm and find he has a deep cut that is festering. The smell of the flesh is nauseating as I use a knife that heated with the boiling water and lance the putrefying wound. Squeezing out the pus and cleaning it and then with an antiseptic wrap the wound with a clean bandage.

The woman being assisted by the lead woman and I join her and thankful that it is an easy birth. Cleaning up babe and mother and making them comfortable.

Walking back outside with the woman and two men and seeing that they are trying to break into the storehouse. Running over and tugging at one of the men and feeling myself flung through the air to fall on the ground as he turns on me. Smaller then me in height and weight; but all wiry muscles. The man walks over to me and looks down as I sit on the ground. Gathering my skirt around me as I prepare to stand; but the man pushing me back down as the others force the store room door open and they fill sacks with food throwing what they don't desire on the dirt floor.

Attempting to stand again and slapped hard and forced down to sit on the dirt as I watch them not only raid the storeroom; but now are going through the mission building and sheds and making a pile of items that they will take. Women having joined in the pillage and watching as my clothing is taken out and placed in a pile on the ground.

Tears in my eyes as I am helpless to stop this plundering. Rubbing my cheek where the man had slapped me hard, feeling it swelling. Looking to the woman who I thought was the leader of this group; but seeing that she looks down at me and then spits on my face.

Fear filling me now as I am sure they are not friendly and that I have no Idea what is going to happen. The woman chattering at me and then the man who went into the mission with me walks over.

"Woman with the light skin. You have helped our people and for that we will not kill you. You will come." Tears slipping down my cheeks as realize they are not going to steal supplies; but they are going to take me also.

The man turning to the woman, who signs for me to stand up. Then yelling a word at me again and again. Finally as she pulls at my clothing I realize she wants me to take off my clothing.

I am not a prude and I am not a virgin; but I have joined this order of missionaries so that I might forget about the pleasures of the body.

The woman punching me in the stomach as I stand hesitating and then again. Coughing as I fight for breath. Then the woman taking a knife and threatening to either stab me or cut my clothing off of me.

"Take off," The man speaking words I understand. Looking into his eyes and feeling my head jerking to the side as his hand contacts my cheek once again. Falling backwards onto the ground and listening to a titter of sound from those watching.

Pushing myself up and standing. Then reaching behind me and undoing my apron and dropping it to the ground in front of me. The man nodding approval as I drop my hat and then with trembling fingers take off my collar and then fumble with the buttons of my blouse. Dropping each item onto the growing pile of my clothing. Slipping off the blouse and then reaching to my waist and unbuttoning my skirt and sliding it over my hips and stepping out of it, another item added to the pile.

Standing in my slip and hose as I listen to the women giggling at the amount of clothing this stupid woman is wearing.

"Take off." The command loud and I bend down grasping the hem of my slip, lifting it over my head to now stand in my panties and bra and hose.

Trembling as all of this clan are watching me and pointing and chattering about I know not what. Half naked now as I wait a moment and as I see the man's hand flex, I lean over and undo my shoes and then my garter belt. Bending to roll down the stockings.

Fighting back tears as I sob silently, my hand reaching to undo my bra and the thin band of material slips down as I place and arms across my breasts. My skin white compared to those around me.

"Take off." The two words again as he points to my panties. Slipping them down and trying to cover my groin at the same time as the slip down around my ankles.

Totally naked now in a circle of natives staring at me as if I am something they have never seen before.

The woman reaching down and touching under my hand. Fingers brushing my hand aside to expose the bare pubes. I would be a shameless woman in society for shaving my privates and it is a sin.

The leader now grabbing my arms and pulling them away from my body so he can look at me. Slowly turning me around as a slave being shown on a block. The woman and him exchanging words, undoubtedly assessing me as a possession.

Grunting as the woman uses tow fingers that she inserts into my vagina. The man holding me as she feels around squeezing the fat lips and then reaching to my breasts and pulling and tugging them as if she was going to buy a prize heifer. My nipples hard tips and my breasts small mounds of flesh.

The woman hands on each of my hip as if judging it I am suitable for breeding. Not able to look at other then my feet as those around me are also sizing me up. My body heaving with sobs as I stand on shaky legs. Displayed to the whole clan. The woman finally lifting my feet and looking at them and saying something that is not pleasant. Then reaching down and throwing the shoes at me feet.

My clothing is picked up by a woman and the other woman are exams it as the woman points to the shoes and indicates I should put them on my feet.

Bending over and placing them on my feet, all too aware that everyone is still watching me.

Packs being made of the clothing and food and other items that they are taking. Watching as torches are lit and then all of the building are set on fire. The heat of the day and a warm wind fanning the flames as they lift to the sky. The buildings quickly being consumed.

Finding my hands being tied behind my back and another rope tied around my neck and then with a jerk, led away like one would farm stock. The group moving quickly and I understand why they let me have my shoes as I can't keep up with them and they have bare feet.

The pace fast and winding into the jungle. Bugs and barbed plants and leafs cutting at my body. My legs aching and feeling them ready to cramp as they finally stop for a break that entails everyone relieving themselves and then have some water and food.

Squatting in front of all of these people and teetering as I am not use to peeing in the middle of the jungle. There fingers pointing again as I pee on my leg and shoe.

My thirst intense as my body is coating in a fine sheen sweat. My chest heaving from the exertion and willing myself to continue and not falter. I don't know if they will just kill me or leave me if I can't keep up.

My legs hard knot of woods as I stiff leg the last part of our journey. Tears again slipping down my face to fall on my body.

Sleep escaping me as I worry on what my fate will be. The morning coming quickly and again at a fast pace deeper into the jungle. The third day I am totally exhausted and stumble into the village of straw huts and more villagers. Children and dogs running around lose barking and screaming.

Everyone looking at me as I am lead into the center of the village. My body covered with bites and scratches Welts on my back and backside and legs from that woman beating me with a stick to move faster, keep up. Some sun burning my white skin; but saved from the worst of that by being in the jungle most of the time.

An older man who must be the headman of the clan coming out of one of the huts and walking to where I am standing. The other man speaking, explaining why I am here.

Trying not to show the fear that is quaking my insides as I stand naked, being appraised. My modesty has long passed as the only partially privacy I have had is when I needed to defecate, only then did they untie my hands.

Seeing the man looking me from head to toe. My face is plain and unmarked unlike the faces of the men and women who all have tattoos etched into the lines of their cheeks. More designs cover their bodies. The men having scars from self mutilation on their bodies as part of their ritual of manhood.

In my world I would be the most beautiful person in this village; but I am not in my world. I don't know what they are saying; but I feel a push in the back and I stumble to the ground. That woman reaching down and pulling me up so I am kneeling in front of the men as they talk. Her hand pulling my hair taut as she pulls my head back so I am looking up at the headsman.

Wondering as I kneel if they will try to ransom me as obviously I am not one of them and can not survive this jungle life. A shiver of fear again as I think that maybe they will make me the wife of one of these men. I am older and barren and not able to give them children; but they may not know this.

In spite of the heat a cold chill comes over my body. Goose bumps raising on my arms and legs and breasts. My nipples swelling and becoming hard tips.

The men must be discussing the trip to the mission as I am sure there is not that much to say about me. My hair released and I lower my head to look down and my eyes see the loin cloths of the men speaking and the bulge in each of them. I have seen these men urinating and they have long dark penis'. Longer when not aroused then I remember men having or maybe they just look longer with the smaller stature of these men.

Feeling a flush as I realize I am staring at their groins and look down to there feet as the discussion continues. The ground hard on my knees, though I should be use to this position as it is often part of my daily routine. Kneeling and praying. Maybe that is what I should do now. Pray that they will have the wisdom to release me. To give me back my clothes. To let me return......I don't know where I would return to as they have destroyed the mission.

The woman moving beside, barely taller then me as I kneel and she stands. Her hands moving to my breasts once again. Inspecting them with her eyes and her hands and then as she kneels beside me she has me open my legs as I kneel and she again inspects my vulva and vagina. Inserting her fingers into my body once again.

Feeling the mortification of everyone watching as her fingers move inside of me her thumb finding my clitoris and moving over it slowly, arousing my body and causing my moisture to flow in my tunnel. Whimpering as she pushes me on my back and as two women hold my legs apart, she inserts her fingers and then small hand into my opening.

In spite of the humiliation of this public defilement, my nipples have stiffened into thick nubs of flesh, jutting proudly from the small mounds of my breasts.

Grunting as the woman's hand moves in my vagina and another whimper as her fingertips are at the entrance to my womb.

My eyes tight closed to shut out the view of the circle of people standing above me. Also to help fight off the arousal of my body by this woman's touch. My legs shaking as she has slipped fingers into my womb. The discomfort real as I try to block out in my mind what is happening.

Publicly displayed like this being internally inspected in front of the whole village, treated like an animal, rather then as a person.

The woman slipping her hand and forearm out of my body. I am amazed and thankful at how slender her arm is as I gasp in relief as the women release my legs and I close them tight to protect my womanhood as best I can from the sight.

A woman grabbing my hair and pulling me back into a kneeling position as the woman that inspected me speaks with the headsman and other man. I don't know what she found, whether she has skills as a midwife or what you would call a woman like that in this tribe.

Still in shock from this impromptu inspection and humiliation. Tears again slipping down my cheeks as I try to pull myself together. Not able to believe that what just happened, actually happened. Shuddering as I clamp my thighs closed.

The conversation ending and everyone looking at me. Some decision has been made, as my arms are held and I am dragged over to a log that is lying to the side of the village center.

The tree trunk a foot and a half in diameter and about six feet long. The bark rough as I am dragged over to it knees on the ground on one side and my stomach resting on the top of the log. My arms pulled forward and with vine rope they are tied to pegs driven into the ground. Then feeling ropes placed around m ankles that are pulled apart and also held to the ground with pegs.

Draped helpless over the log that has my lower body lifted off the ground. Trying to steel myself as I know that in the position that I am now placed there is a good likelihood that I am going to be sexually assaulted in some way.

Crying out; but realizing that none probably can understand my words and none care. Lying over the log, the rough bark digging into my soft flesh as I wait. Arms pulled tight and legs splayed wide, forming an "X" with my body and limbs. My breasts hanging loose jiggling beneath me. I can feel my labia spread apart by the extreme separation of my legs.

Feeling the movement behind me and not surprised as I feel a stiff penis between my legs and then being inserted into my greasy opening. Gasping loudly as it is buried in my body. Spreading my vagina walls as the cock fills me.

Raising my head to voice my protest; but seeing a half circle of faces looking down at me as the man begins to stroke his cock into my pussy. HIs thrusts pushing my lower body into the rough bark with each push of his body.

His grunting the only sound in the village as even the children are not yelling and screaming. My own groans adding to the sound as my skin is being rubbed raw from the wood beneath my belly. Then a loud moan as the man thrusts hard and I assume he is now ejaculating inside of me. Feeling him pressed tight to me from behind and then feeling his cock slip out of my pussy and feeling the wetness of his sperm leaking unto my labia.

Lowering my head as it is confirmed that I was just not kidnapped for a ransom; but rape is to be part of my capture. Not able to think long in this as I feel another man behind me and he enters my leaking hole quickly again filling me with a hard cock. The man finishing and then another taking me as I lay helpless over the log.

I can hear voices; but not nearby as the villagers are going back to their chores. The novelty of my rape gone and now it is just the men emptying their seed into my body. I don't know if they expect that will make me with child; but I am sure that will not happen. And I suspect the woman told them that as there was no attempt to sexually abuse me before that conversation.

The frequency of the men decreasing as I lay my lower body now bruised and sore and my back feel the rays of the sun. The number of men I lost count of at some point as I feel the sun drain moisture from my body and I feel faint and dehydrated.

The woman who has been my tormentor kneeling in front of me and lifting my head and pouring water from a skin into my mouth. Slowly dripping drops of tepid water on my parched lips and then a little more till my thirst is quenched for the moment.

The feeling the woman rubbing something on the back of my body and I assume that is is something to protect my skin from the sun.

The afternoon now turning to evening as the sun is no longer shining in the clearing. I have been laying here for hours and helplessly add my urine to the puddle of semen that must be below my crotch. A few more availing themselves of my body as I smell the scent of cook fires as they prepare for an evening meal.

The woman returning again, this time to feed me some mixture that passes for food and more water. The woman then sitting in front of me legs spread apart and scooting closer, as she lift my head and then lowers it to her crotch.

The scent of her body a strong musk and the unmistakable scent of a woman's wet pussy. Taking my head and rubbing it against her labia. Then lifting my head and slapping my face and mimicking licking and then lowering my face against her pussy again. Twice more she slaps my face and mimicking licking and I understood the first time; but give in and use my tongue to lick between her slit and to suck on her labia. Using my nose to bump her fat clit as I push my tongue as deep as I can between her labia. The woman holding my head and I feel her jerking under me and having an orgasm as she moans her pleasure above me head.

The woman quickly leaving me having received her release and as darkness settles into the village, I still am staked over the log and more men have come and fucked me, the worse being the man who fucked me in the ass. A feeling I never felt before and never ope to again as the pain was intense and very little moisture to lube my tight hole. My cries of pain not bringing me any help or ceasing the anal assault.

Falling in and out of sleep as the pain of my stomach rubbed raw by the rough bark and the occasional cock being thrust into my body wakening me with the least movement. My throat raw from trying to groan and moan silently as my early evening vocals resorted in being slapped and beat with a wooden rod to silence me.

The dawn just breaking and the black of the jungle turning to a deep green and then the sun bursting over the tops of the trees. Cook fires started and the scent of food being heated up and some bark tea being made.

A few more availing themselves of my body and then raising my head weakly as I look up at the headman for the village. The woman kneeling by me and holding my hair as the man begins to speak and finishes and another voice then speaks, telling me in my language what was just said. The words halting and sentences half formed; but I understand the basics of what is being said.

I am their slave and property. I have been found to be unable to bear the village children and thus no man will have me as his woman. I am able to copulate and that I will be used to help the village in that capacity. I will be the village slut. My body will be used to satisfy the men young and old who have no woman to satisfy their needs. As was showed to me this past evening and night, I will spread myself and allow whoever wants to fuck my body. That is how I will live and survive as long as I am in this village.

My arms and legs freed and as I try to stand, a am weak and wobbly. Looking down at my lower body, my stomach is blistered and raw, skin torn from the bark and lower my labia is bright red and swollen. The insides of my thighs bruised. Crusty semen coating my lower lips and thighs.

Two women, half dragging me to a hut and placing me in the structure. My arms tied behind me and my neck rope is tied high on a pole so that I can not leave the hut.

Sitting resting against the pole when the first woman I met brings me a bowl of gruel of some type and hand feeds me and then pours water into my mouth. I sit dumbly looking at her as she has a gourd of water and she washes my body and rubs a nasty smelling paste on my belly.

She seems to be my caretaker. And she charges the price of my mouth for her services as she pulls her loin cloth aside and standing rubs her groin on my face. Not protesting this time as they have broken me of all resistance. My tongue swiping out of my lips and touching her labia. My upper lips sucking on her lower ones and my tongue flicking and darting into her folds and sliding over her clitoris which is a large smooth mound of flesh.

Her grinding on my face wetting it with her juices and my spittle and finally she cums hard against my face. Her musk a strong scent of arousal as she coats me with a film of her wet lust.

The woman crouching down and looking in my face. Saying words I don't understand; but I think she means she enjoyed her orgasm and that will be the payment for her kindness or care taking. Whether she has a man or not I don't know; but she does seem to like that she can use a woman for her pleasure.

The rest of my day I am allowed to doze in the hot hut as it sucks more moisture out of my body. The village, men and women going about their chores and I am left alone unless someone needs a body for sex.

Much too much time to think on my situation and thankful that I am barren and will remain that state.

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