The Party From Hell

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College Girl wanting to party and getting more than she bargained for.

Story written by Ashley Schneider
December 11, 2009

One day there was a girl named Jessica. She was the typical, average looking, college student. Every morning she woke up, worked out and got ready for school. The first few days of a new school year were hard but interesting to say the least. She enjoyed her classes enough and her fellow classmates were not at all bad looking, except for a small handful of them. Her professors were easy enough to understand and the work load was fairly light.

Finally, the weekend was here and she could party it up. During the week, several people approached her to invite her to parties. At first Jessica was somewhat apprehensive of attending some of them, but then decided to give one of the hosts a chance to impress her. After her last class of the week, Jessica decided to go shopping for a new outfit. Reaching her favorite store, she noticed that it was having a sale so she raced in. Asking the sales lady for help, she picked out a few outfits. After trying on and making change’s to each outfit, Jessica finally ended up with the hottest outfit she had ever owned; racing home after paying for it.

Arriving at home, she ran to her bedroom and quickly undressed. Taking off her tight tank top, jeans, leopard print thong, matching bra and stockings, made her almost breathless. After admiring her body in the mirror, Jessica jumped into the shower. Quickly but carefully shaving her body, in case she got lucky tonight.

Rinsing out the creamy shampoo and then conditioning her long, wavy, brunette hair, she took the sweet smelling body wash and poured some on her loufa. After soaping up her entire body Jessica then rinsed herself off before wrapping herself up in a towel and plugging in her straightening iron. Jessica then went to get dressed. When her hair and make-up was finished she put on her knee high stiletto leather boots. Jessica hardly recognized herself when she looked at herself in the mirror. The dress was ravishing on her and the fact that it would even make gay men turn their heads and straight women jealous made it even better. Enjoying the way the short, tight, cleavage friendly, red velvet, halter-top dress looked on her lightly tanned, blemish free skin, made her smile to herself. Not to mention how her hair fell gracefully over her shoulders and down her back. Putting on a black leather jacket to finish it off Jessica called the cab and headed out the door.

Arriving at the destination, Jessica paid the driver and carefully stepped out of the cab. Walking up the long sidewalk to the house was a chore and a half in the boots, but they went so well with the dress that she didn’t care. Surprised that she was right on-time Jessica reached for the door bell. Before she could even touch it, the door opened. There standing in front of her was one of the best looking guys she had ever seen. He was 5’ 11 with short, wavy, dirty blond hair and sparkling blue eyes that matched the baby blue Lycra shirt that failed to hide the six pack set of abs under it, as well as the dark denim, tight assed jeans that looked like his cock could rip out of if he saw a sexy girl. He motioned for her to enter.

Stepping inside the house, Jessica slipped off the coat, hung it on the hook by the door, following him into the living room. “Hi, I’m Alex, nice to see you decided to attend”. She looked at him, smiled and said, “Hi, I’m Jessica, thanks for inviting me, usually I don’t go to parties, but decided it was time to start”. Alex smiled back and said, “Perfect newbie’s are more fun because they never know what to expect.” Jessica laughed nervously and replied, “Well your right, so let’s get this party started.”

Looking around the room expecting more people to be there, was pleasantly surprised when a few others were sitting comfortably on couches chatting and drinking amongst them selves. Quickly grabbing a drink she took a seat on one of the couches with the group and introduced herself. Enjoying the many good looking guys in the room, quickly becoming interested in a hot, petite Asian girl, who reminded her of the girl from the movie “Street Fighter”, she seemed to not be as comfortable in the situation. Jessica maneuvered herself to be able to sit beside her so that she could strike up a conversation. Before being able to do so, the room suddenly went dark and all that could be heard was screaming and the sounds of hands or feet connecting with flesh. Terrified, she screamed, “What the hell is going on?” before silence took over the room.

Minutes later the lights went back on, and to her horror, the guys that had seemed so nice were each standing behind a now naked, bound, gagged and trembling girl who all had tears streaming down their faces. Jessica was about to start screaming when Alex came up behind, grabbing her by the throat and whispered, “Don’t worry, we won’t hurt you, much, we just want to have some fun and you girls were lucky enough to be chosen”. She started to struggle, but soon realized that she was unable to because she was also naked and bound, even though was not yet gagged.

Taking a nice long look at the line of beautiful, yet helpless girls kneeling before him, he felt his cock twitch in anticipation of what was going to happen later that night. Noticing after awhile that Jessica was still by herself, he grabbed and dragged her and shoved her down at the head of the line, farthest from the door.

After dragging Jessica over to the group of girls, Alex stood in front of them with an evil grin on his face and began to speak. “Now ladies, you have a decision to make of what you will choose to do from the two choices I am about to give you”. The girls looked at each other and back at Alex trying to stay still in hopes of not being harmed. Alex continued speaking, “I have appointed Jessica to be the one to choose as I do not wish to hear screaming or complaining and I am pretty sure that she is the only one capable of answering only what I ask her and not say anything else. However if she gets too mouthy she will be gagged and then no one will be allowed to speak unless given permission, which will never happen.” Suddenly Jessica felt very nervous and knew that all the girls were looking at her as if begging her not to make the wrong choice.

A smack to the face brought Jessica back to reality and when all eyes were on him, Alex continued talking, “So listen up girls because I am only going to say this once and if Jessica does not decide in the amount of time I give her, then we will decide for her and I know that you will not enjoy our choice as it will not be one of the ones I am giving you now. Anyway, 1 is that each of the guys who were in this room while you were all chatting picks a girl, and does whatever he wants to her, and I mean anything they desire to do. The second choice is that one girl is chosen for the men in this house, which is more than are currently present, to do anything and everything they have ever wanted to do to a girl, apart from anything that would cause major or permanent damage. This also includes enslaving and making her the house pet. Although if you do pick the second choice, the girls who are not chosen will then be sold as slaves to other houses and will never be heard from or seen again. If Jessica chooses the first choice which I say is the easy way out, then all that will happen is you will be thrown out of the house naked as well as being kicked out of this school. So ladies we will let Jessica think about it and we will come back in a few minutes to hear what she has decided”.

When he was finished, Alex started leading the guys out of the room when he suddenly stopped, turned around and said, “Oh by the way, if I hear anyone other than Jessica make a sound, even a moan, every single man in this house will use and abuse every hole on all of you and then whoever we decide is the best will stay here forever. Every other girl will be sent to separate houses in separate schools and will never be heard from or seen again. Is that understood?” All eyes were on Him and no one made a sound.

Being left alone in complete darkness for what seemed like hours, Jessica looked at the floor and thought, “What have I done? what have I gotten myself into? The lives of these poor girls are in my hands, how can I choose?” Just as she was about to give up, Alex and his friends walked back in and she was blinded by light. “So Jessica, what have you decided? What is the fait of you and these other girls? Will you all become sex starved slaves for the benefit of other schools or will you all just get used and abused by this house? Either way you will always be a slave for my friends and I do not like the idea of being in jail, so I hope all of you have no problem disappearing from the outside world. But for all fairness what have you decided?” Jessica looked at the guys smiling faces in horror before she looked at Alex and said, “I have chosen that I will be the one to take whatever you assholes can dish out.” Alex laughed and replied, “As you wish my little bitch, grab her.”

Jessica was suddenly knocked to the ground, gagged, blindfolded and thrown onto the couch, out of the way. Still being able to hear, she soon heard the door open, men walking in and then the muffled screams of the girls as they were each dragged out the door, into cars, and taken away to unknown locations, never to be seen or heard from again. Wishing she would have been able to fight back to save her and the other girls made her want to scream. Feeling no fear when she sensed Alex crouching beside the couch, stayed perfectly still until he grabbed her throat and whispered, “You’re ours now bitch, get ready for hell to be unleashed on your tiny, busty body”. Alex laughed and smacked Jessica’s ass before continuing, “From now on you address us as Master. Your nipples and clit will be pierced and the name of our house will be branded onto your ass so that you never forget you belong to us. You will also be the house maid, cook and anything else we desire you to do. You will also be given rules and any infraction will be punished, but don’t worry, you will quickly learn them. Is that understood slut?” Jessica nodded. With a quick smack to the ass and a squeal from Jessica, Alex got up and walked out of the room to make preparations for a night of fun.

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