The Young Neighbor

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  Pulling back the curtain and looking down into the fenced backyard, seeing the young girl/woman lounging alongside the pool. My neighbor and young friend, a lovely "Lolita", actually named Alana. The reference to Lolita intentional, as she is in her teens in high school and I am a matronly forty plus in age. And yes, recently she has been more then the young woman next door to me.

  Watching her from above, the lithe body, not even covered by her bikini now as she sun baths naked in my backyard. Well, at least that was what she was doing short minutes ago. Now she is entertaining some young boy/man who is clasped by her legs as he rises and falls, shoving his penis into her hairless pubes.

  Nervously watching them as the rut like animals. My hand absently rubbing against my crotch, massaging the swollen lips of my pussy as they fuck hard and noisly. Their grunts and groans and the rattle of the chaise lounge, rising to my ears. Feeling prickles of jealousy as I watch the nymphet being screwed by her boyfriend.

  A soft moan as my eyes watch the scene below me, and my mind "eye." Remembering two wee back when she was using my pool and received a phone call on her cell from her boyfriend. Sipping my brandy manhatten as I look over my book to Alana. Seeing the tears welling up in her eyes and slowly the clear liquid running down each cheek. Putting down my book and standing up and walking to her, sitting alongside of her on the chaise and rubbing my hand on her back as she sobs and talks into the phone.

  Then looking into her grief stricken eyes as she puts the phone down and with a sob, leans against me. The ragged sound of her weeping, pulling at my heart as I continue to massage her back as I hold her to my chest and kiss the side of her neck and whisper soothing words in her ear. Feeling her breath on my chest and her tears, and also feeling the thickening and swelling of my nipples as she leans into me.

  Feeling heat in my cheeks as I feel her lips on my upper breast. One of her hand pushing down the strap of my top and exposing the small mound, hard tipped to her mouth. Moaning as I feel her lips suckle the sensitive nipple. My body tensing as I feel the swelling between my legs as she pulls and sucks and nibbles. Then her hand pulling down the other strap and treating my left breast to the same loving treatment.

  Seeing the shy smile as she release the turgid nipple and looks up into my face. Her short blonde hair framing her face, blue eyes glistening with tears. Holding her with my arms on hers and kissing the tears from her cheeks and chin, then kissing her slightly parted lips. And from there well, a mother/daughter friendship had turned into more, much more.

  Stroking my hand over my breast, pulling on the hard tip as my hand squeezes the spongy flesh of my swollen pubes. Her youth and innocence and the taste of her pussy intoxicating and drawing me into a relationship that should never have been started. Now, I long for her hands and mouth on my body. Bringing me to a delicious release, as she has done so often in the past few weeks.

  Seeing her look up past her boyfriend's body as he drives his fleshy spike into her tunnel. Seeing her eyes holding mine for a few seconds, her lips forming a kiss, blowing it to the second floor of my house, to the window I am standing at aching and needing her so badly.

  Watching her hand lift and finger curl in a beckoning motion, shaking my head, but continuing to watch her curl the finger in invitation. Another kiss in the air, and then her ankles locking on the young man's hips, pulling him deeper into her body.

  Mesmerized as I watch him lift up and drive hard, again and again and seeing her lay back, taking his hard cock and finally milking it of his seed. His perfunctory kiss to her lips and then sliding off of her lovely body and sitting down in a sand chair, drinking from his bottle of beer.

  Catching her eyes again as I look down, then scanning her open body. Looking at the soft smooth skin, the hard tipped breasts, the smooth tummy and the bare pubes, spread wide and glistening from his seed and her arousal.

  Letting the curtain fall back into place and throwing on my terry cloth coverup. My lemon bikini a nice contrast to my dark tanned skin. Padding down to the den and pouring myself a long glass of single malt scotch and putting in and ice cube as I pass to the kitchen. Then taking a long sip as I look out the kitchen window to the pool and deck around it. Alana, still lying spread wide, her labia a bright red from the pounding I suspect. The fat lips curled back to expose the pink walls of her hairless pussy.

  Moaning again and squeezing my thighs on my swollen lips. Another long sip and taking the glass out to the patio. Trying not to notice the young man sans his swim trunks, his cock still semihard lolling in a tangle of dark hair. Alana, not even bothering to close her legs as I draw closer. Trying to smile, but my eyes drawn to her open legs and the white cream oozing from her partly open pussy.

  Losing a step as I look for a moment, and then back to her eyes. Putting a smile on my face as I stop fifteen feet from her and look from her to the young man and back. "I don't think nude sun bathing is a good idea in my yard, even if it is fenced in." Trying to make the statement non accusing.

  A soft giggle and then laugh from her lips as she sits up in the lounge, pulling the back up into a sitting position. Reaching down and taking sip of her Captain and Coke. "Ms Raven, I mean Patrice. I think we have done a little bit more then lay nude in your yard." Her eyes holding mine as she squeezes her legs closed just a little and then lets them fall wide again. Her movement forcing out a bubbly froth of cream from her tunnel. My eyes looking down and then back. Another giggle as she notes my response.

  "I think Mommy Patrice, you can take your coverup off. Show George what a lovely body you have for an older woman." Her stare fixing me, she has taken control of our relationship. To be more specific, her videos on her cell phone and pictures, have taken control. Control is one word, sexual blackmail another one. Her veiled threats to let it be known that an older woman has been taking advantage of little old underaged Alana.

  Waiting a few seconds and then slipping the terrycloth short robe off, standing in my two piece, hearing a wolf whistle and blushing as my eyes move to the young man and then back to Alana.

  Biting my lower lip, as I try to think of a way to take back control of this situation. "Oh, Patrice you may take off your swinsuit also."

  "No. I can't. I think you both should cover yourselves." My words coming out sharply as I look from one to the other.

  "NO, Patrice you will take off that swim suit and right now." Seeing Alana's eyes slitting for a moment.  "NOW." The one word a shout, that makes me tremble. Then meekly reaching behind and undoing the clasp on my bra. Shrugging my shoulders the small patches exposing the darkened nipples and areolas, as I let it slip down my arms to fall in front of me on the deck. Then hooking my thumbs in my bottoms and taking a deep breath as I tug the bikini cut bottoms over my ass cheeks and then tug them down my thighs to let them puddle around my ankles.

  Not looking to George, as I stand naked facing Alana. My cheeks burning with embarrassment as I shiver, small breasts jiggling. Wondering why I am allowing her to humiliate me in front of this young man.

  "Aren't her small boobies so cute George? Such long legs, and look where they end. Fat juicy pussy lips. And an ass made for slapping."  Her laugh and his joining in, causing tears to well in my eyes as I stand still.

  "Now come to me Mommy Patrice. Crawl over here and I will give you a surprise." Her fingers beckoning, pointing to the deck and then curling back to her. Beckoning me.

  Taking a deep breath and then another, my chest filling with oxygen, as my heart is racing. Then slowly kneeling on the deck, and then leaning forward. Crawling to the young vixen. My ass obscenely wiggling in the air as I feel each movement of my hands and knees as I approach the young woman.

  Seeing the smile of triumph on her face, as I stop next to the chaise. The nymphet leaning over and touching her warm lips to mine. Feeling a tingle of sensation as her tongue pushes into my mouth. My core quivering as the impulses of sensation course through my lower body. Mewling against her hand, as she leans forward and runs her open palm along my swollen pubes. My eyes closing and feeling my ass twitch as she squeezes the hot spongy lips. Her middle finger dipping between my labia a dabbing at the wet walls as they squeeze against her small finger.

  A low moan of need escaping my lips as she licks at her finger and then dabs it across my upper lip. The scent of my arousal wafting into my flaring nostrils.

  "Now my Mommy Patrice, since you are so aroused and I promised you a gift, you can lick my pussy girl." Her words registering and my eyes shifting to her mound and the still swollen lips, oozing male seed. "Yes, Patrice that is a bonus for you. You will love the taste." The laugher from the young man burning my ears as I look into her eyes.

  Watching as she swings her legs over the side of the chaise lounge. Her warmed flesh and scent filling the air with an erotic musk. My head feeling the sides of the velvety thighs as she reaches forward and pulls my head to her pussy.

  Whimpering as I taste her swollen lips and that creamy seed laced with her pussy juices. My tentative licks becoming more aggressive as I pull at her labia with my lips and teeth. Tongue sliding over slick flesh of her well fucked cunt. My face becoming coated with the sticky moistness of her folds

  My body trembling, as my thighs squeeze on my fat and leaky pussy lips. Nipples rubbing against her legs the long thick nipples alive with sensation. My ass moving side to side as I lap at her pussy like a kitten at a bowl of cream.

  "You are so good at this Mommy. And you deserve something more." Her hand tugging at my hair and raising my head and then turning it to her boyfriend. Seeing his cock hard in his hand as he is stroking it slowly.

  "Yes, Mommy Patrice, I am going to let him have some of your pussy." Feeling my head pushed back between her legs, and feeling the young male behind me, urging my legs apart and then him kneeling behind me. His hand touching the fevered lips of my cunt, sawing the fat needy lips and then his warm cock quickly finding the wet warmth of my greasy cunt.

  Groaning as he pushes it deep into my tunnel, feeling his pubic hair scratching the back of my thighs and ass cheeks as I feel his hand lifting my ass higher and gripping my hips as he pumps in and out of my pussy.

  His loud grunts announcing each thrust, of his body driving into my pussy and my face into Alana's cunt. Grasping her legs as I push back to his cock feeling my cunt clenching on his cock and milking at his prick.

  Alana's body spasming against my face as she forces more of his spent spunk into my mouth. Swallowing the thick globs of goo, warmed by her pussy, as he continues to pound against my labia. My head trapped by her thighs, as she tilts my head up and smiles down, as she strokes my cheeks. His loud grunts and more frantic thrusts letting me know that he is going to ejaculate. Feeling the glan swelling against my cunt walls and his jerks spurting his cum deep into me. Seeding me with his second load of semen.

  My cunt still squeezing at his cock as I feel him pull out and wipe his nasty cock on my ass cheeks. Moaning in loss as I find I am not at the point of my release. Hearing him moving from behind me. Looking up as Alana releases my head. The young man sipping a beer again as he look over at me.

  Her face close to mine, showing mock concern. "You didn't cum, did you Patrice? You do need to cum for us don't you girl?" Nodding dumbly, speechless as I look into her eyes.

  A smile breaking her lips apart. "Sit down on the deck here girl and masturbate for us." Looking from Alana to George and then back to Alana.

  Feeling her lifting me up to my knees and then pointing to a spot with an unobstructed view for both of them. Crawling to it, and sitting down legs spread wide and bend as I lean back with one arm to support myself and touch the warm folds of my pussy. Mewling in need as my fingers caress the small smooth pearl. Eyes closing as I finger the button and the sloppy wet lips of my cunt. Using two fingers to curl and fuck myself as my thumb rubs the throbbing surface of my engorged clit.

  "Look at me girl." Her words pulling my eyes open, feeling drool slipping from my lips as I moan open mouthed as hips buck to meet my fingers. Feeling the slick seed dripping from my hot cunt lips as my clenching walls push the frothy cream from between my buried fingers. My head pounding with a each beat of my heart. My thighs tensing,and with a low keen or release lift my ass off the deck and spasm around my fingers in a strong release. The contractions hard and fast. Breathe whistling noisily from my open mouth.

  Finally the contractions and my insides quieting as I lay back, totally spent and listless. My whole body relaxing as I take measured breaths. Finally looking up as I feel the heat and see the mottling of red on my chest.

  Looking at Alana and feeling so helpless and humiliated as she smiles sweetly. "You did real good Patrice girl. Now lick clean George's cock and fix us some lunch.........."

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