Tommy and his sex doll

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Tommy Johnson heard the doorbell ring few minutes after he'd settled down to watch the rerun of a baseball game and wondered who could be calling at that time.Despite the fact that it was his birthday night, he wasn't really expecting anyone.

He'd celebrated at the office with his colleagues earlier in the day, and had gotten calls from his friends and family.It was a work week, so there had been no time to go out celebrating at the club.He really did miss going to the club, and seeing all the pretty women who wanted nothing but to have a grand old time.

There was no one there when he answered the door, until he turned and found her leaning by the wall.Tall, fair and curvaceous; she looked like something that stepped out of the summer edition of Playboy magazine.

Her red dress clung tightly to her frame and stopped mid thigh, accentuating her full luscious curves. The bodice of the dress was low and showed off a smooth creamy cleavage, that begged to be massaged, and caressed.Her thighs were firm and smooth and she had legs that went on forever, complimented by silver sparkling heels.

She was indeed a full package; with an exotic look, pert nose and full lips stained with red lipstick.She was beautiful, hot and lifelike; except she was a sex doll.

A sex doll!

Tommy couldn't help the grin that appeared on his face right then as he remembered.

He'd been drinking with his best friend Lukas two nights ago, and Lukas had teased him about getting a bbw sex doll since he had no girlfriend yet.

Tommy had laughed it off. He couldn't get a sex doll. He was a very shy conservative person, and wouldn't know how to go about being with a doll.

Getting a sex doll was the type of thing his best friend Lukas would do, not him.

Tommy looked through the hallway. No one was coming. He quickly took the doll inside and straight to his bedroom.Holding her in his arms had aroused him, and when he laid her on the bed, he was spotting a huge boner.

Damn! She was sexy and crazy hot.

Her aquamarine eyes seemed to call to him.Inviting him to indulge and let go for once in his life.

She looked like she wanted him right then as much as he wanted her.

Tommy thought for a second and decided to throw caution to the winds. It felt like he was staring at an attractive smoking hot girl in a red dress right then and wanted nothing more but to lose himself in the fantasies weaving in his head.

It felt so natural, reaching for her; and when he drew her close to his chest, Tommy felt different crazy sparks going off in his body.He closed his eyes and kissed her soft lips, teasing and trailing them with his tongue while his hands caressed the length of her body.

She felt so good to touch, so lifelike and soft that he almost lost himself right then. He peeled the dress off her body slowly, his fingers lingering on her dents, dips and curves.

"I'm going to call you Aquamarine because of your eyes," he said to her with a smile, as his eyes fastened on her full creamy breast.

Tommy wasted no time in bending low and taking a pink nipple in his mouth; sucking gently then harder, as he rubbed the other betweent the pad of his thumb and forefinger.He felt his dick growing harder at the softness of her body and brought himself down between her thighs, parting her legs.

She had a wonderful pussy that looked so real and pink; and just looking at it filled Tommy with an uncontrollable need to be inside her.

"Oh Aquamarine...I want you so badly right now and can't control myself. I promise I'd be slow and gentle next time."Tommy whispered in her ears as desire surged wildly in his blood. With a swift flick of his hand, he flipped her over on her knees, exposing her pink soft pussy to his full attention.

"I'm going to bust your pussy wide open, girl. I'm going to imprint my dick all over you and make you mine…" Tommy unzipped his trouser and brought out his engorged throbbing dick.

He bent and licked Aquamarine's pussy lips, making it moist before slipping straight into the tight enclave.

"Arrrrghh..." He couldn't help the raw animal like groan as he began thrusting and fucking his doll like there was no tomorrow.He fucked her wildly and roughly, bending her into many positions as he let go of every inhibition.

His sex doll's pussy was so amazing. Tommy couldn't believe how tight, wet and addictive it was as he pumped and slammed into it.When he came, it was with a climatic force.

He didn't bother withdrawing, he ejected out all his cum into her pussy; leaning on her soft warm body, as he tried to catch his breath.

Tommy couldn't believe he'd just had one of the most amazing sex of his life right then

And it had been with a sex doll.He was going to keep her, take care of her and make sure his Aquamarine never missed his company for too long.

Also, he was going to send Lukas a 'thank you' note in the morning for his amazing surprise gift….

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