Author Guidelines

by Librarian last modified 2018-10-09T22:03:47-04:00

By submitting your work to this site, LibraryErotica, you certify that you are at least 18 year old and agree with the following conditions:

1. Your story does NOT contain any bestiality scene (aliens, supernatural creatures are allowed) or any sex scene with sexually immature characters. This site does NOT accept stories solely focus on scatology or snuff.

2. You grant LibraryErotica the non-exclusive right to publish your work on this site,, in any format it supports. You allow that we add, change or remove any text formats (bold, italic, font size, etc.) as we see fit. You retain the full copyright of your work and are allowed to publish it in any other media formats without any restriction enforced by LibraryErotica.

3. You have the power to revoke the non-exclusive right you granted to us at any time. By retracting your work, it will be removed from public view immediately without waiting for approval. 

3. Teaser story is allowed. But the term to obtain the full story must be explained at the very beginning of the story. (Teaser provides only part of the story and requires visiting other sites and / or purchase to read the full story.)

4. Donation story is NOT allowed. We fully support that authors are entitled to get paid for their hard work. But we don't have a secure way to verify any donation is made or not. This restriction will remain in place unless a secure method can be implemented to verify the transaction. (Donation story gives only earlier parts of a story and author requests donation, money or otherwise, to continue posting or writing future parts.)

4. LibraryErotica retains the right to refuse any new submission or remove any posted work for any reason.

5. LibraryErotica will not sell your work for monetary gain on this site or any other places without prior permission from you, the original author. On the other hand, you allow LibraryErotica to use advertisement on this site in support of the website maintenance cost.

6. LibraryErotica may change the guidelines at any time without prior notice. Rest assure that we will always maintain free access for all readers of legal age and request non-exclusive publishing right from all authors.

If you agree with above conditions, please read other support information for help on submitting story and updating story.