Link Exchange

by Librarian last modified 2020-03-30T15:26:02-04:00

If you would like to exchange hardlinks with this site, please contact me (the form will send your message to my email address). Alternatively, you can send an email direct to me:

Please submit only quality sites with the intention for long term link trade. Your site must be clean and have actual content, preferably with active regular updates. I will not exchange links with sites of illegal content, banner / link farm, excessive popup/popunder, etc. You know the drill: no funny business. I keep this site clean, and I would rather not direct my readers to any questionable sites.

Please don't change or remove the links after we make the trade without contacting me first. Show some courtesy and send me an email.

You can request links from any of the following pages. I encourage you to pick the matching niche to my story categories for best results:

Site front page
Story update page
Anal Sex Stories
BDSM / Bondage Stories
Exhibitionism Stories
Fetish Stories
Interracial Sex Stories
Masturbation Stories & Sex Toys
Oral Sex Stories
Romance Stories

We can do either AB or ABC trade, or ABCD trade with two different category pages from my sites.