Story Codes

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Explanation of the story codes used for this site.

A main feature of site is the story codes. A story can have multiple codes and you can search or filter the codes using the search page. You can find stories contain some codes but not others. For every code picked, you can see the updated numbers for the remaining codes: that's how many stories satisfied your current selection also containing that code.

Story codes are organized into groups for easy finding. Here are there meanings:

Character Genders
Sexual Activities


Character Genders (top)
M f: A man having sex with a woman. The capital letter indicates the person(s) who initiates the sexual encounter. In a dominance setting, the person(s) is the dominant in this relationship.
M ff: A man having sex with two or more women.
MM f: Two or more men having sex with a woman.
MM ff: Two or more men having sex with two or more women. An orgy.
F m: A woman having sex with a man.
F mm: A woman having sex with two or more men.
FF m: Two or more women having sex with a man.
FF mm: Two or more men having sex with two or more men. An orgy started by women. If the initiating sex is not specific or not important, use "MM ff" code.
MF m: Men and women (couples) having sex with men.
MF f: Men and women (couples) having sex with women.
MF mf: Men and women having sex with both men and women, implying bisexual.
F f: A woman having sex with another woman.
F ff: A woman having sex with two or more women.
FF ff: Two or more women having sex with two or more women. A lesbian orgy.
M m: A man having sex with another man.
M mm: A man having sex with two or more men.
MM mm: Two or more men having sex with two or more men. A gay orgy.
teen: Sexually mature teenagers. (Please note, I do NOT welcome stories with sexually immature characters involving in sexual encounters.)
robot: A robot, designed to give sexual pleasure.
alien: An alien involved in sexual activities, playing either a male or female role.


Relationships (top)
M solo: A man masturbation.
F solo: A woman masturbation.
wedded: Sex within the marital relationship.
interracial: Interracial, sex between characters of different races.
bisexual: Bisexuality of one or more characters.
gay: Sex between gay men.
lesbian: Sex between lesbian women.
cheat: Married or committed people cheating on their partner, as distinct from swinging.
cuckold: Humiliated husband knowing that another man had replaced him in his wife's bed.
wife: Wife watching while husband having sex with another person.
incest: Incest.
swing: Swinging, mutually consensual adultery.

Story Themes
1st: First time, hetero, gay or lesbian sexual activity.
bible: Bible, based on biblical setting.
celebrity: Story about celebrity.
college: College theme.
dream: Sexual activity during a dream (daydream or sleep).
fan fiction: Fan fiction, fiction about characters or settings from an original work of fiction.
fantasy: Fantasy worlds, demons, magic, etc.
goth: Gothic (dark) setting
history: Historical theme.
horror: Horror theme.
humor: Humor, intended to be funny.
parody: Imitation of a style or a particular story with the intention to amuse.
real: Supposedly true story.
SciFi: Science fiction.
slut: Slutty, horny character(s) in the story.
tragic: Story ended sadly.
work: Story in a work place, or office setting.


Sexual Activities (top)
anal: Anal sex.
creampie: Ejaculation inside vagina / anus, and sometime with view of cum dripping out. May also refer to sucking the ejaculation out of vagina / anus.
DP: Double penetration. Both the vagina and anus are penetrated.
enema: Enema.
exhibition: Exhibitionism.
fist: Fisting. The insertion of the entire hand into anus or vagina.
gangbang: Multiple partners, usually three or more, having intercourse with one willing partner.
masturbation: Masturbation. Combined with "M solo" or "F solo".
oral: Oral-genital contact.
orgy: Sex party involving multiple partners in both sexes.
rim: Oral-anal contact.
toys: Vibrators or other adult toys.
voyeur: Voyeurism, peeking.


Dominance (top)
BD: Bondage and discipline.
Ds: Dominance and submission.
SM: Sadism and masochism.
Mdom: Male dominance over female. For same sex domination, just use "BD" in combination with "Gay" or "Lesbian", or gender codes.
Fdom: Female dominance.
humiliation: Humiliation. May give pleasure to either the humiliated and the humiliating one.
verbal: Verbal abuse with abusive / dirty language.
rough: Consensually rough sex, not always "SM".
spank: Spanking, mild SM.
slavery: Slave / master or mistress role play.
CBT: Cock and Ball Torture.
torture: Torture, usually gives sexual (or not) pleasure to the torturer.
violence: Violence, not necessarily sexual activity.


Fetish (top)
BBW: Big and Beautiful Women. The appreciation of fat women.
breast: Obsessed with (usually) abnormally large breasts.
feet: Foot or shoe fetish story.
hairy: Hair fetish. Obsessed with armpit and pubic hairs.
lactation: Lactation. Human milk.
menstruation: Sex during women's menstruation.
MILF: Mother I'd Like to Fuck. Having sex with (sometime slightly) older women.
pregnant: Pregnancy. Either impregnation or having sex with a pregnant woman.
size: Overdeveloped body parts.
transgender: Transgender. Men being changed into women, or vice versa.
transvestite: Transvestite, (usually) men dressing as women.
water sport: Water Sport. Pissing.
veggie: Vegetable. Sex with food.


Willingness (top)
romance: Romantic. Generally consensual sex activity with love among the characters.
consensual: Consensual sex.
mind control: Mind Control.
blackmail: Blackmail. Gaining sex through threat of exposure.
forced: Having sex by use of force.
reluctant: First no no no, then yes yes yes. Or character enjoys being raped.
non consensual: Non-Consensual. This is rape in the eye of the law. But the story setting may be different.
rape: Rape.