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Before you decide to upload any of your stories on to this site, please first read the Author Guidelines. Thank you!


Everyone can be an author. Here is how to upload yours.

1. Register and become a user, simply use the "Register" link and then log in.

2. Go to the "Stories" page, and you should notice a new navigation bar appears which allows you to add new story.

New Author

3. Select "Story" to add one. Title is required, obviously. Please also pick several story codes to give readers some idea about your story. You can also add new code (one at a time). I am trying to limit the number of codes. So your suggestion may not be added or may be merged with other code.

New Story

4. If you are reposting other people's story, please get original author's permission first. You should uncheck the "I am the author" box. Make sure search the site and confirm the original author isn't already registered. We will remove story upon original author's request or transfer the ownership to original author after he / she is registered.

Not Author

5. After save the story, you should add all the chapters before submit it.

New Chapter

6. Feel free to change / update story and chapters. When ready, choose "submit for publication". You can always "retract" if you want to modify it again. If you would like to leave a comment for reviewer, please choose "Advanced ..." link for submission. You will get a chance to add a comment.

To submit all the chapters at once, choose "Advanced ..." and you can check to box "Include contained items" to submit the story along with all its chapters.


7. When the story is reviewed and approved, it will be marked as "Published" and is available for all readers to read.

8. If your story was return for revision, its status will become "Draft". Usually it only needs some minor adjustment since the story is still available to public. You can update it and "re-submit for publication". Please click on the "History" link to see what is the reason for the revision.


9. If your story was rejected, its status will be changed back to "private". It is no longer available to public and probably need some major change or was determined not fitted for publishing on this site. Please click on the "History" link to see why it is rejected. You can choose to "Submit for publication" again if you feel you addressed all the issues.

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