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Here you will find helpful information about this site, including how to navigate and find the stories you are interested, and how to submit your own work to this site.

If you have any suggestion or comment about this site, or if you run into problem using this site, please don't hesitate contacting me. You can click the "Contact" link on the page top, or use this link to contact page, or just send an email directly to: .

 About This Site:

Story Codes explained

Most of the story codes are self-explained. But in case the meanings for some of them are not very clear, hopefully this page will clear that up.

Site navigation and story search

 This page shows you how to navigate the site and how the search works.

 For Authors:

Author Guidelines

Please read this first if you would like to post your stories on this site.

Submit your story

 This page shows you how to use the story submission system on this site.

Update your story

This page explains the workflow for story update.

How to claim your story

Besides stories submitted by authors, this site also publishes stories that are freely available on the internet. These stories are noted as non-original work. If you are the author and would like to claim your story, please first register as a user on this site. Then contact me with your username and the story title(s), I will set you as the author for the story and you will be able to update its contents.

 For Webmasters:

Link Exchange

If you are interested in exchanging links with this site, please read on.