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Both the stories and chapters are going through a so-called editorial workflow. You submit / update your stories through this flow path. By going through the workflow, the reviewer will be notified about new updates and readers will know if a story is the final version.


To understand the workflow, this chart will explain it.


The story or chapter is in one of the five "states" at any time. The initial state is "private". Both "private" and "pending" states are not visible to public, while the "draft", "revised" and "published" are available to all readers.

The content is transited from one state to another by certain "action". The arrows in the chart indicate the starting and ending state of the action. Actions in brackets, like "publish", "rewrite" and "reject", are available to reviewers / site admins only.

Any new content starts as "private". After author "submits" it, it is in "pending" state. If everything looks good, a reviewer will "publish" it . If any content is not appropriate to be published here, or need major changes, it will be sent back via "reject" action by a reviewer. If it needs only minor changes, it will be sent to "draft" state by "rewrite" action. The story will be available to all readers at this moment. After necessary changes, the author can "resubmit" it to "revised" state, and a reviewer can "publish" it to the final "published" state.

All the "reject" and "rewrite" actions by reviewer should be accompanied by comments about the reason. If not, please contact us.

You, as the author, can "retract" your story to the hidden "private" state if you would like to take down your story from public view. Or you ca "revise" it to "revised" state so that you can edit it, while the public and still read it as is.

Navigating the workflow

 If you are the author of the story, you can see "Status" on the edit tool bar above the story like this:


Depending on the current story status, the choices will vary. It is always recommended to use the "Advanced..." link to also leave a message for any workflow change.